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Performance Management System

Executive Summary

A performance management system helps managers within an organization to keep the soundtrack of their files and data. Using a performance management system is an easy way of helping reduce much work done while using manual methods. Manual practices can lead to loss of data and could be more reliable. The traditional way of managing performance could lead to the loss of documents in a speedy manner. Dr. Abuelnaga, the CEO children’s cancer hospital in Egypt, improvised using a performance management system to keep a soundtrack of data within the organization (Solima et al.,2020). His main aim was to eliminate manual methods, but he feared that people within the hospital might fail to adapt. He put much effort with hope to see how people would react to it and how it would help the organization’s development. Besides using this system, several activities will be done to help monitor performance management. In an organization, you have to know some of the challenges you face and which cause issues in performance and do enough research on the solution required to overcome these challenges. There should be an excellent organizational structure with willing leaders ready to bring change to an organization.

Performance Management Issues in an Organization.

Some organizations use systems that require new technology. Technology has specific ways of being used, and some people still need to appreciate new technological inventions. They take a long to adapt, and others go away. Trying to encourage people to adapt to new ways of performance management within an organization is always a struggle—issues with insufficient funds and competition from other organizations. Lack of enough funds leads to slow performance (Armstrong et al.,2021). .when in Egypt, many private clinics were built by unemployed physicals and the NGOs’ invention, there was low funding compared to other days in the children’s cancer hospitals (Kamal et al., 2022). Many challenges were faced during that period, which was a risk since it could also lead to loss of life. Leadership skills determine the success of an organization. In the article, Dr. Abuelnaga stated that being a great leader in helping develop an organization or institution and ensure activities are running well is not just possessing the title of leader but also the change you make in the position you are in. It would be best if a person always aimed at attaining more outstanding achievements. Human resource managers should work well with staff and do a follow-up to ensure that every daily activity is to be done well. Good tracking of information will help towards mastering the daily p[performance in an organization and ensure activities are going well. There should be a great goal alignment. Cultural beliefs from specific communities affect the performance of an organization. For example, in the case of hospitals and diseases, some people do not believe in medical treatment to get good health. They use traditional medicines, and others have religious beliefs that there is healing in prayer.

There are considerable challenges in time management within an organization. Human resource managers should master the way workers perform their assigned duties daily. Most workers tend to relax in their job areas, especially if they know the management within an area is not good. Managers should also focus on targets and the objective they need to achieve. Organizations fail to have developments because people working within them do not aim at reaching the missions they have set as a company. There are also negative employees. These employees need to work more passionately and comply with the company rules. Some employees work just for money and need help to do what is necessary for a company’s future. Negative employees should be eliminated.

Organizations face many challenges in beating deadlines with the dates set for tax payments and paying the huge amount expected from them. Government institutions set high amounts of tax that are sometimes difficult for CEOs to manage, especially if the company needs better profit or when starting organizations. They may need to pay taxes and insurance at the right time. Political activities affect the performance of companies. Some activities, such as election and post-election violence, affect how organizations do activities. Another challenge faced is market instability.

Lack of cooperation from the groups within the company could lead to a fall. Cooperation involves working together and sharing ideas. It also helps people to get skills from one another. It is suitable for people to embrace togetherness within an organization.


Human resource managers in an organization should always ensure that information is well protected from unauthorized access by using passwords and patterns .whenever they choose to use a performance management system, they should be familiar with some of the outstanding issues in technology that affect data. Security is essential to consider if you do not work with leakages. A good strategic plan should ensure that the organization has unique goals and a promising future. In ensuring there is good performance management, you should ensure that people draw away from their beliefs. As a leader who is ready to work, you should help those who do not have knowledge about whatever you are doing and help them create interest in the new things you are doing. That way, you bring more people to your institution, encouraging development.

In performance management, people should work with people and help them keep important information without exposure. People need privacy in their work .when they are dealing with sick people in a hospital, it is always encouraged that they maintain a high level of confidentiality required in any other institution. Sometimes people with some illnesses fail to accept their condition. They always want the information to be kept a secret within certain boundaries. Some prefer that information be kept secret between the doctor and the patient.

Organization leaders should always have a reasonable budgeting plan. Using management systems, they can be able to master how much amount they have spent and make a plan for the amount they have. With a good plan, one knows where a certain amount is required to help with company requirements. A budget plan also helps concerning workers’ payments (Kaydos et al., 2020). There should be good workforce management. Someone should invest in people and ensure they give them motivation. Motivation can be through reasonable payments, taking workers to seminars for training, and others.

Managers should be keen on identifying the skills of workers. They should use what they have estimated according to how they apply skills and give them different ranks within the organization. Giving ranks will encourage others to put more effort into qualifying for upgrading. The workers should work with teamwork to help the organization meet clients’ needs and achieve any goal they have set. Teamwork encourages unity and sharing of great ideas, which can be used to help towards development work. Human resource managers must ensure that everybody within the organization maintains work ethics. Work ethics involve any rules and regulations set to follow within the organization.

Managers should measure the company’s performance from time to time and know if there is a good flow of activities like it is supposed to be. They ensure they work on the missing objective if something needs to be added. One should discover more opportunities that are good for the organization. This opportunity allows you to interact with people in the same field as the one you are working with and know where improvements could be required in your institution. For transparency within the organization, always ensure any information given is valid and reliable.


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