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No Name Breakfast Catering Service for Students – Business Plan

Executive Summary

Our project aims to provide a No Name breakfast catering service for students and drive them towards attending campus events and visiting local no-frills stores. Breakfast catering events are an essential part of campus life. They bring people together to socialize, network, and enjoy a delicious breakfast. However, organizing such events can be challenging. There are many factors to consider, including event location, crowd management, publicity, guest experience, and staffing needs. This business plan outlines a strategy for addressing these factors to ensure flawless breakfast catering events. Our team will work closely with the breakfast catering team and HR department to ensure the seamless execution of the project. Therefore, this business plan will outline the goals, objectives, and strategies of a breakfast catering service and discuss how to ensure that the service is successful.

Goals and Objectives

The primary goal of the breakfast catering service is to provide a high-quality experience for guests at corporate events. The service should accommodate a variety of dietary needs and preferences and should be able to provide a memorable experience for all guests. Additionally, the service should provide various meal options that are affordable and appealing to guests. The project’s ultimate goal is to drive students to campus events and local no-frills stores.

To achieve this goal, the following objectives must be met:

  • Develop a comprehensive menu that offers a variety of breakfast options for guests.
  • Ensure that all meals are prepared and served efficiently and professionally.
  • Develop a system to help manage the crowd and ensure that guests are served promptly.
  • Develop a system to publicize the event and ensure that the service is well-known in the local community.
  • Develop a system to track customer feedback and make necessary service adjustments.


To achieve the goals, the following strategies should be implemented:

  • Menu Development: The menu should offer various breakfast options that are affordable and appealing to guests and include both hot and cold items, as well as vegetarian and vegan options.
  • Service Efficiency: The service should be able to accommodate many guests promptly. The service staff should be well-trained and clearly understand the service goals and objectives.
  • Customer Feedback: The service should have a system to track customer feedback and make any necessary adjustments to the service. The feedback should be collected after each event and used to improve the service.
  • Event Location: Event location is a critical factor in the success of breakfast catering events. It should be easily accessible to attendees and have sufficient space to accommodate the expected number of guests (Allen, 2008). The ideal location is suitable facilities for preparing and serving breakfast, such as a kitchen and dining area. In choosing a location, we will consider factors such as convenience, accessibility, cost, and availability.
  • Crowd Management: Effective crowd management ensures a smooth and enjoyable breakfast catering experience. We will develop a plan for managing the flow of guests, minimizing wait times, and ensuring that everyone is served promptly. This will include setting up a registration table to check attendees in, using a numbering system to manage the order of service, and ensuring adequate staffing to manage the crowd.
  • Publicity: We will develop a comprehensive publicity plan to drive attendance to our breakfast catering events. This will include social media campaigns, email newsletters, flyers, and posters around campus (Allen et al.,2022). We will also partner with local no-frills stores to advertise our events and promote our mission to support local businesses. We aim to create buzz and excitement around our events, driving student attendance and engagement.

Market Analysis

According to Bladen et al.(2022), the breakfast catering industry is a growing market that has seen a significant increase in demand in recent years. More and more people are looking for unique and memorable breakfast experiences catering to their needs. With our service, we aim to meet this demand by providing a customized breakfast catering service that meets the needs of our customers.

Marketing and Sales

To market our service, we will utilize social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote our events and generate interest. We will also create flyers, posters, and other promotional materials to distribute on campus and in the local community. Our sales team will contact local businesses to generate interest in our service and promote our events (Allen et al.,2022).

The Project Charter

Furthermore, the project charter will outline the project’s scope, including the project objectives, deliverables, timeline, budget, and stakeholders. The executive sponsor and project manager will approve the project charter before any work can begin.

Project Charter

Project Title: No Name Breakfast Catering Service

Project Manager: Mr ABC

Project Sponsor: XYZ Solutions

Project Objectives: To plan and execute a breakfast event that meets the breakfast catering team’s and guests’ expectations.

Project Scope: Identifying the best location, managing crowds, promoting the event, and ensuring guests have a memorable experience.

Assumptions: The breakfast catering team will provide the necessary resources and support for the event.

Project Timeline: The project will commence on 3/04/2023 and will conclude on 29/06/2023/ The project timeline is as follows:

  • Venue selection and booking – [4/04/2023] to [9/4/2023]
  • Crowd management and logistics – [7/04/2023] to [15/04/2023]
  • Marketing and promotion of the event – [16/4/2023] to [1/05/2023]
  • Staffing and coordination with HR department – [25/04/2023] to [4/04/2023]
  • Guest experience management and feedback collection – [17/04/2023] to [25/5/2023]

Communication and Stakeholder Plan

The communication and stakeholder plan will identify all stakeholders involved and outline how the project team will communicate with them. The plan will include the following:

  1. Regular team meetings with the breakfast catering team and HR department.
  2. Timely updates to all stakeholders on the progress of the project.
  3. Clear and concise communication of roles and responsibilities.
  4. Open lines of communication for feedback and concerns

The following plan outlines how communication will be managed with various stakeholders:

Stakeholder Communication Method Frequency
Project Sponsor Email, Phone Weekly
Catering Team In-person meetings, Email As needed
HR Team In-person meetings, Email As needed
Guests Flyers, Posters, Social Media Posts Before and during the event

Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

The work breakdown structure will break the project into manageable tasks and sub-tasks. The WBS will include the following component.

Work Breakdown Structure

Operations and Management

Effective operations and management strategies must be implemented to ensure the success of the breakfast catering business. Our team will be responsible for all aspects of the breakfast catering service. We will work closely with the breakfast catering team to ensure that all aspects of the service are executed flawlessly.

Cost Management Plan

The cost management plan will outline the budget for the project and how the project team will manage costs. One of the most critical aspects of an event planner is the budget, which outlines the costs associated with organizing the event (Venkataraman & Pinto, 2023). The budget includes all the expenses associated with the event, such as venue rental, catering, staffing, marketing, and other miscellaneous expenses. It is crucial to determine the budget early in the planning process to avoid overspending and to ensure that the event remains financially viable.

For instance, venue rental is a significant cost in organizing an event and choosing the right venue that meets the event’s requirements is essential. Food and beverage costs are also substantial in event planning (Allen et al.,2022). For example, the type of food and drinks served at an event should be appropriate for the occasion and should consider the attendees’ dietary requirements.

Moreover, Staffing costs also need to be considered in event planning. The staff required for an event depends on the type and size of the event. It is essential to ensure that the staff is well-trained and experienced to provide high-quality services to attendees.


Our revenue will come from catering fees and sponsorship agreements with local businesses. We will work with the HR team to minimize staffing costs and maximize efficiency. Our cost management plan will include a detailed budget that outlines all expenses related to the service. This approach will combine the catering fees and sponsorship agreements (Allen, 2010). This type of income is typically consistent, as it does not depend on external factors like the economy or customer preferences. In order to ensure a successful financial strategy, it is vital to ensure that staffing resources are adequate. For example, if there is not enough staff to meet customer demands, catering fees may decrease due to decreased customer satisfaction. Therefore, our project will mainly operate with the HR team to determine the riht staffing resources and ensure that employees are properly.

Risk Management Plan

We will identify potential risks to the project and develop a risk management plan to mitigate those risks. Key risks include low attendance, unexpected costs, and staffing issues. We will regularly review our risk management plan and adjust as needed to ensure the project’s success.


To conclude, our breakfast catering service will primarily focus on offering our guests a unique and memorable experience while driving foot traffic to local businesses. We will work closely with the breakfast catering and HR teams to ensure that all aspects of the service are executed flawlessly. Our marketing and sales strategy aims to generate interest and create a loyal customer base. Our cost management plan will ensure that we operate efficiently and effectively, maximizing profits while minimizing costs.


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