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My Point of Continuous Thoughts and Wonders


Thoughts and wonder must always be based on something that tickles the mind or keeps raising some issues in an individual’s life. These things make one sometimes find themselves basing their thoughts on these ideas or wondering about the occurrences. Similarly, what I always find myself thinking or wondering about is the reason why racism and inequality are extreme on African American people. For this reason, this paper focuses on instances, gaps and examples of racial practices in the country against African Americans. It is what forms the origin of my wonders and unending thoughts.

Racial discrimination and inequalities in service production have been a question that needs answers in many white countries. African Americans have experienced discrimination and exclusion when effective national services are offered. This happens in areas like government institutions like healthcare centers and offices. Many people and elites have tried to raise issues as some of the top leaders are coming up with initiatives to control this vice. This issue burns and makes me wonder about concluding that racial discrimination is part and parcel of the American community, which can be challenged (Taylor 40). When I have a little rest at a cool place, I see a picture of American black citizens seeking healthcare services in American hospitals and figure out the kind of treatment they always receive in return. It is unfair that the American healthcare system gets beset with inequalities that bring about disproportionate results for people of color and even marginalized groups. Due to these inequalities, gaps keep adjusting in health insurance coverage, disproportionate access to services and poor outcomes among the affected populations.

When African Americans face such issues, these healthcare challenges keep hitting them massively. These issues bringing about inequalities still show that Black Population is not shown honor and value in the country. Regarding education and job opportunities l, African Americans may get access to jobs and education services but in terms of salary payment, thereby another default. The African Americans doing the same job in the same institution as the whites get paid less than the white citizen. This makes them still lag when it comes to wealth accumulation. Due to this, only forty percent of the population owns a home (Taylor 60-65). There is still evidence that less care is granted to the minority and the marginalized in America, especially African Americans. This is evident because most of them have secured some health insurance coverage. However, African Americans still face extreme illness and infirmity at high rates with lower life expectancy than other ethnic groups. Actually, in the country, the Demographic Population has the greatest economic disadvantage, which is unfair.

Every individual will have a reason to think and wonder why this keeps happening. Additionally, more questions arise when the government initiates mechanisms to be implemented to control racial discrimination with minor success. When the police brutalities are even more severe for African Americans and the population of the detainees is more dominated by African Americans, it shows no functional step has been made to control this vice. Blacks are more likely to be arrested by police as victims, even if innocent, compared to whites. Furthermore, in police custody, African American population doubles the white citizens’ population. This indicates that Africans are still treated as enslaved people and as people who have no reason to benefit from equal rights (Thomas 25). Every attentive individual or concerned leader can figure out a sense in mobilizing for every citizen’s rights and equal distribution of resources and services as stated in the constitution. If this is accounted for, then the fairness of the state judicial system is also classified under the corrupt bodies. When thinking about this, I continue getting worried because, countless times, the African American elites have tried to raise these issues to be included in the reforms with no success. My wonders keep me thinking deeper about whether this unfair practice would be given better attention with function interventions or mechanisms to end it.


I still know it is essential to take a severe move when everyone thinks and feels like I do. Thoughts are always driven by wonders and racial discrimination, especially against marginalized groups like African Americans, should make the state consider ending it. They seem to have an inhuman mentality if this issue does not tickle any part of their worries. My brain will never stop thinking about this, which is why I chose to address it and any other compassionate individual will feel touched to address the same issue.

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