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MW Inc. Leadership in Flux

By not listening to his coworkers when they raised a quality control issue, Tom is allegedly not using his leadership skills to foster a positive work environment but rather one that is toxic. Even though the crew had already stated that someone would be let go during the half-hour meeting for the production schedule, Tom became upset with the staff once again and threatened that someone would be let go. Listening to the meeting, Tom sat back and did not respond to any further questions or concerns. Tom is a naive and arrogant boss. Because he is in charge of the manufacturing process, he believes he is better than everyone else. They do not respect and honor him, so he is not doing an excellent job. The employee feels as if he is not being heard because of his demeanor. There is a possibility that she will feel like she has no place in the company and that she is of no service to anyone.

As a result, the company suffers from a reduction in output and revenue. The employee may leave the company if the work environment is toxic and damaging. Helena decides to report to HR about her manager’s lack of knowledge in this area. Tom is a tyrant with a totalitarian style of leadership. As presented by Maseti & Gumede (2011) when a leader instructs his employees what to do and expects them to follow through, they are known as an autocrat. No guidance is given, and only praise from higher-ups is expected for the timely completion of tasks. People that follow a leader in this manner are often not heard or communicated with properly. In order to have a successful partnership, some areas of communication were disregarded.

Communication necessitates the ability to pay attention to what the other person has to say (Cherry, 2006). Awareness is raised when people listen. If the employer had listened to the objections of the customers and Helena, the staff, this entire problem and monster could have been avoided. Unless he changes his methods, Tom will be fired, in my opinion. The next step, receiving the employee’s message, was ignored. Because Helena had failed to provide any information, Tom was powerless to intervene. Helena contributed since she provided the information. The rest of the gearbox had been smashed to pieces. Many aspects of leadership were overlooked by the manager. Tom and Helena’s lack of communication is the first problem. Tom ignored Helena’s pleas for help. What if Helena had approached someone in a higher position? Nicolas’ reluctance to address the problem just made it worse.

In conclusion, Tom’s Acknowledgement of what was going on would have saved his life. Tom might provide a prize to someone who noticed the problem early enough to report it before it got out of hand. He should also take action in order to remedy the situation. Tom may be able to accomplish this by becoming more involved and collaborating with the staff to successfully handle problems. Even though Helena raised a concern, Tom definitely was not being a good leader in this circumstance. Their methods of exchanging information and exercising authority were deficient. Taking care of these issues would ensure the company’s long-term viability and boost morale and productivity.


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