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Music Composers and Promoters


The spiritual world of people is shown by the National Traditions, which are formed as values that were created by our ancestors and have usually been passed down from generation to generation. Despite their knowledge and abilities, women in society are less valued than men. Fanny and Felix were musically gifted and became prominent music composers. During their time, Felix and her sister Fanny faced societal restrictions and imperfections that were applied to women. Upon noticing his sister’s talent, Felix encouraged and supported her, and they worked together in music.


Fanny Hensel is considered creative and musically gifted but was only known as a sister of a famous brother (Rodgers, 2021). During their time, women were not allowed to travel, perform in public or collect money on any occasion, and this was the biggest hurdle for female composers because societal and traditional norms were terming them as lesser people who were supposed to be homemakers. Piano playing and singing are leisure activities for women; they helped Fanny develop her talent and explore more creatively in the genre. Those activities gave female artists and other creators experience a sense of community, and Fanny became one of the best pianists.

Felix and her sister Fanny acquired and shared similar education in music from their family, but Fanny was restricted from becoming a professional musician because of her gender. She is more talented in music composition than her brother Felix who relied heavily on her composition opinions (Kumagai de Oliveira, 2021). Fanny was discouraged by the limitations imposed by societal norms; her brother Felix was publicly recognized because of her work, which their family only enjoyed privately because they never wanted to go against their culture. Fanny’s music is not well published despite having the best compositional quality; this was affected by her gender. Felix encouraged her sister to continue composing and playing privately, thus boosting her self-confidence. (Kumagai de Oliveira, 2021). He later started publishing some of her pieces to promote his sister.

In addition, Fanny collaborated well with other composers and managed to translate her music into different languages like Germany, French, and English, which she had learned in Italy. Her tonal and subdominant pairings were an obsession that led her music to be at the top (Rodgers, 2021). In those days, due to cultural norms, women would compose songs for themselves to be played in salons. According to Compton (2023), Fanny Hensel’s music stands shoulder to shoulder with the music of composers. Her compositional strategies, which were inventive, provided life and meaning that shaped their compositional language and relation with other composers (Compton, 2023). Being allowed to travel to other countries and learn new languages was of great help to Fanny.


Collaboration and support between Felix and her sister Fanny have led to their legacy in the music industry. Some cultural practices can lead to the wastage of genius and talent in women. Felix went beyond the traditional norms and supported and encouraged her sister until she succeeded. Society should not look down upon women, for they have their talents and abilities in music; they should be given the opportunities to explore and develop them. When composers come together, they share their knowledge of music and produce the best pieces.


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