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Metrotown Mall and Public Space


This research is located at Burnaby in the province of B.C. Canada. Several factors occur in human beings. One of the essential activities that occur in the cycle of the human being is the act of socialization. Once the beings are born, they are found to move from one area to the next (Chellew, 2019). This is attributed mainly to human taste and preferences based on various places of interest from where they feel like visiting.

In most cases, beings are found to meet in the urban centres where they socialize. As it is well known, human beings are fond of being social beings. This means that for the beings to carry out various activities, they, therefore, need to come together with one another on a daily bases. Therefore, some factors lead to the act of socialization between and among the beings per unit of time. These factors involve the availability of unique places, especially in urban centers. When it comes to most of the towns across the global world, some of the places form the basics from where human beings can create an atmosphere of socialization.

In some rural areas, humans are busy, especially when carrying out various activities. This denies the beings a humble time from which they can socialize at any given time. In most cases, beings are therefore fond of socializing in towns where we have special places that offer the best place and, more so, the conducive environment from which the beings can socialize effectively. This guides as to the main topic of the research. Therefore, some of the houses are built in towns, giving individuals at any given time room for them to socialize.

In most cases, the beings are found to meet in these places (Fayyaz, 2022). The places mentioned above are referred to as the mall. Malls are mainly built in towns where they form a large building with all accommodations necessary for human basics and more so for enjoyment. When individuals carry out their daily activities in rural areas, they find their way to the malls in town from where they socialize. The main research questions driving this research are how the malls are public spaces and how they form human relations at any given time.


The central theme of the research is based on how malls are becoming more of a public space and how they encourage human relations at any given time. This forms the basics from where we had come up with the appropriate method from where we could get the final results. Remember, the research question revolves around the main reason that facilitates human relations in towns and how malls are becoming more public (Sahito, 2020). In order to gather this information, we have to carry out the interviewing method. On most of days, we were found of sampling a given crowd of individuals who were found within the malls. We had a random set of questions based on the main topic of our research, from which the individuals were to answer appropriately.

In most cases, there was positive feedback from the sampled questions that were actually asked the sampled crowd. Also, to support the point that many individuals are attending the Malls, especially in the evening hours, we took some pictures to support this. This was recorded, which clearly indicates the human socialization process as said in the introductory part. More so, some of the individuals within the research group were found of taking notes from any given point. This involves writing down what has been said by the individuals experiencing real life in the Malls. Points they give out directing to the main research focus were noted down for future analysis.


Some of the theories were utilized in our research process, which greatly supported the main research question. In most cases, some of the basics are supposed to be explained theoretically. Pleasure-arousal-dominance theory was used to explain the theme of socialization between and among beings. When it comes to this theory, there is a clear point out that three major dimensions are used to dictate the theme of socialization between and among human beings (Villanueva, 2020). This has been so since the theory is based on the fact that human beings are fond of socializing, especially in areas that are calmer and more so free from external interruptions. From this, one can learn that, in most cases, humans are found of socializing in the Malls.


From the statistics provided from the data given out, a great number of individuals are fond of vesting the Malls in towns. The pictures taken during the case study indicate a huge crowd of individuals revolving around the malls. This clearly shows that great interest is growing among individuals, especially regarding visiting malls in towns. Also, the notes noted in the case study per the research process were read. From the feedback and more so the statistics that were showed up, the majority of the individuals are the food of supporting that malls are public places and that there is a great chance that individuals come to these places with the aim of socialism with one another and also with the aim of enjoyed themselves.

Analysis and Discussions

From the results provided, there is a great diversion of the individuals found in towns at any given time. The main area that this particular person finds their way to is in the town Malls. As indicated by the results, most of the malls are governmentally bounded. This means they are operating and being guided by the rules and, more so, the government’s regulations. Most individuals are therefore found moving to the malls to socialize and, more so, to enjoy themselves at any given time (Yi, 2019). Some of the facilities are equipped in the malls, which makes the individuals gather and socialize at any given time. This includes the soft music played at any given time and, more so, the nice foods offered to the individuals per unit of time. This makes the individuals feel more attracted therefore moving to the malls. Therefore malls are the ones that enhance human relations. Most individuals from diverse communities can meet and make great new friendships.


Human beings are fond of socialism from one given time to the other. Because humans engage themselves to the day to day activities, there is an idea that they will therefore socialize at any given time. The majority of the beings are found of socialists in the urban areas where we have the malls. Malls provide a suitable and conducive environment where individuals can socialize at any given time. The socialization process creates a new friendship environment between and among the beings per unit of time, enhancing human relations.


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