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McGoldrick-Gerson Study – Genogram



One of the primary things that reveal itself in the genogram is that I seem to pick most from my father’s side compared to my mother’s. This is especially when it comes to relationships and character traits. One of the things that I noticed first was the relationships. When it comes to relationships, most relationships do not last. Firstly my grandfather and mother legally separated while my parent divorced also. This is revealed in my current relationship, where I have not officiated my relationship as dating, although we have been seeing each other for at least one and a half years.

Relationships have also played a significant role in the shaping of most of the behaviours that I have. Due to his military background, my father was strict and away most of the time; hence we did not see each other more often. Subsequently, this led to a different hostile relationship from each other. However, due to this and the hostile relationship between my father and mother, I have been frequently diagnosed with depressive symptoms. Depression was not a significant issue until I entered my teen years, and this has spiked more into my young adulthood, making me depend more on therapy.

On the other hand, the relationship between my mother and me was very close. She was the one that showed me affection most of the time hence leading me to have a bit of care. My career in social work was also greatly influenced by her caring nature and how she cared for her patients as a nurse. Hence I aspired also to be a social worker to help others. I also think my father and grandfather working in the government was an outstanding contribution to this.

PSTD has been a major issue on my father’s side. Due to being in world war 11, my grandfather experienced a lot of PSTD issues due to the war. This led him to take it on his family, especially my father. In turn, my father was also diagnosed with depressive symptoms, which led him to behave with a short temper and emotional outbursts. ( Alarcon,2012). This was worse for his brother, who turned to drug addiction and has somehow mental issues. Nonetheless, I did not pick the drug addiction trait, and I have been sober, but I think this is mainly due to my mother’s Christian background, which has encouraged me to remain in Christianity.

Traumatic events that seem to be in my family include PSTD on my father’s side. His grandfather had PSTD. Depression and short temper due to abusive and hostile relationships have primarily affected the family. Mental illness has also been in the family, leading to many harmful influences like drug addiction, but it has not been that serious. Although there are several traumatic events, the one that I have experienced personally is abusive and hostile relationships leading me to behave have depression. This led to a lot of diagnoses throughout my life. (Majhi,2018).

Reflection Paper

In the making of the genogram, I have come to understand how different things are related. A genogram explains more of our character than we can know. Traumatic events can be very impactful in our daily lives, leading to some of our current behaviour. Looking at the completion, some behaviour, like short temper, resulted from previous traits that my former family had. A genogram is vital since it helps explain more about a person’s personality; hence better intervention can be taken to improve their character. (Huss, 2021).

Ethical considerations are also important since they can also be used to evaluate how a person is and the belief that they stand for. In case your parents were Christians, there is a massive chance that even you will be a Christian as an influence of your parents. A genogram also can depict the kind of professional career a person might take depending on the specific history of their parents. Hence in evaluating a genogram, the following can be known. One is a person’s moral behaviour, traumatic behaviour, ethics and beliefs, and the profession one follows.

The way that a relationship is can also have a significant effect on you. Evaluation of how you behave in a relationship can be tracked through your relationship profiles. For instance, the separation in most of the marriages in my genogram made me scared to enter into any relationship. ( MAC,2018). I believe a genogram also makes you understand more about your heritage. The genogram’s identification of family members’ decent can be better understood through the formation of the genogram. This makes people feel more attached and belong to a family.

Generally, everyone should have a genogram. Not only does it improve connection, but it also is educative on different character traits. It can also explain why specific traumas haunt someone, and the prescribed medical condition can be found more easily. A genogram is helpful in the psychiatric community since it helps identify people with psychiatric conditions like mental, and through tracing in the genogram, they can better understand the problem and give out the best solution. ( Altawil,2018).


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