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Lightweight White Paper for a Fictitious Initial Coin Offering (ICO)


The white paper provides a current problem and describes a solution to the problem effectively. It highlights the main goal of the project and the technology of the new program that would provide the best choices of bitcoin technology. Blockchain technology is employed to protect the first coin offering project. It tracks and configures the company’s transactions and those of the digital coin users. The main objective of ICO is to offer new investment ideas to digital currency customers and explain how they can invest a small amount of money in purchasing Blockchain tokens. These arrangements allow the developers to make huge profits from small business financing. However, the goal of this project will be to create a new digital currency that will enable customers to invest more in new items and tokens. Also, the white paper is presented for the interested buyers of bitcoin currency, and it describes ICO as a technical and dynamic product.


The low value of bitcoin is the main challenge facing the users of Bitcoin currency. ZTECH has released a new bitcoin tool, ICO, which can help investors, put in a new digital crypto-currency process. The ICO provides a greater opportunity for users to purchase consumer assets and make huge profits from bitcoin. It is usually connected to the Bancor network to enable citizens to purchase the assets without the fear of cryptocurrencies at lower rates. The network plays a critical role in the creation and the use of digital currencies. Most of the currencies are lenient, although ZTECH has created a swift network to solve the challenges involved in purchasing the coins. The main objective of this white paper is to provide digital currency users with the best solution for purchasing digital currencies. The ICO presents the best features that enable customers to buy token coins through the network. The solution to these challenges will be presented in the technological dimension. It will involve media that promotes awareness of ICO and make people more active and successful in trading digital coins. Besides, the use of telegram and slack application will assist the creators and users of digital currencies in connecting when they need help. The users will use Blockchain technology to get answers to the queries relating to digital coins, while the ICO will assist them in refunding the money in the event of theft. A block will record, monitor and verify the most recent bitcoin transactions not recorded in the previous blocks.

Problem/Market consideration

Most websites have constantly presented difficulties to the users, especially when paying high taxes. The ICO Blockchain will help them maximize profits by discounting their payments. This means that they will not incur charges on Blockchain transactions. However, it has always been a challenge for most internet users to read online materials because most sites require them to pay large sums for them to access. For this reason, Blockchain activities would foster macroeconomic balance through monetary policy to help internet users to access online materials at lower costs. It will provide them with an average money prince in the portfolio by integrating the regulations that govern the use of bitcoin currency. Blockchain will, therefore, offer free unlocks to online books as the ICO has been set at a lower cost of $5, which is favorable to most users.

Asset-backed cryptocurrencies may also provide the best approaches to maintain the highest levels of asset liquidity throughout the crisis. The use of ICO enables people to deal with the challenges of obtaining digital coins. It employs various technologies that help users purchase shares and invest them in a company. The ICO expresses its main aim to the users through a full framework. However, people tend to have some trust issues with spending their digital currencies, but the ICO project ensures that they invest low amounts. Blockchain technology comprises a scheme that provides free exchanges of currency; thus, customers can easily buy coins from any organization. Another market challenge of digital coins is that users experience some difficulties with selling taxes. Besides, online companies are exposed to the risk of losing revenues. However, ICO has presented the most effective security measures to protect users’ transactions.


The project offers several discounts on different items. For example, the Visa cards issued by the ICO system to the burger customers offer them a discount of 35% of the purchase price. The following are the main solutions to the market consideration problems:

  1. Encoded Blockchain technology: The project presents an encrypted network to protect customers’ or company’s money from hackers. Also, encoding the Blockchain technology enables the easy trading of cash.
  2. The database is a Blockchain: A database refers to electronic information maintained in a computing system. It organizes data or information in a table format to easily search and sort data variables. When the system is fed with new information, a new block is created and chained to the last block that sequentially chains the information together.

Although Blockchain records only the materialistic meaning in token formats, it also stores medical documents and addresses. Moreover, it stores records of history and tax records securely. As a result, Blockchain technology has become so immense; thus, it does not state the decentralization of data.


The project enables customers to invest in companies dealing with digital coins. It also allows people to obtain cryptocurrencies for other purposes, such as maintaining the highest level of asset liquidity. People can deal in bitcoin through an exchange or Forex trader rather than investing in a fund. People directly purchase and sell bitcoin to an exchange market. However, the project is secured by a network that only allows authorized people to access it. Besides, the project offers free processing fees for all money transfers, visa cards, and debit cards. Also, the project provides low-cost tokens that can be exchanged for higher profits with full trade opportunities. Investors can purchase retail items and resell them when the value of the token increases to make profits. The ICO project networks are very secure from cybersecurity criminals. Any investor interested in ICO is first acquainted with space for cryptocurrencies. This means that such an investor needs a crypto-currency wallet to buy bitcoin currency. However, the wallet must contain money and the token the investor wishes to purchase.


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