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Leading Health Indicator Essay

A comprehensive set of 10-year national objectives and goals to improve the health of all America has been provided by the healthy people of 2020. Healthy People 2020 has more than 1200 objectives sink it has more than 42 areas of concern. Leading Health Indicators (LHIs), a smaller set of Healthy People 2020 objectives, has been chosen in the first case to address issues related to health in the United States (Avenevol et al., 2013). It communicates high-priority issues related to health that should be takes addressed.

For the last decades, Great strides have been made. The rate of death has increased coronary heart diseases and, due to stroke decrease. However, significant health disparities persist, and public health challenges remain. Healthy People 2020 LHIs have placed a renewed emphasis on overcoming such challenges as they truck records and see progress over the course decade. The health of the Nation will be accessed by the indicator, motivate action at the state, Nation, and community, and facilitate collaboration across sectors to improve the health of the U.S. population.

One of the leading indicators in the U.S. is mental illness. Mental illness has been a challenge in the United States; thus, it is among the highest among all diseases in the United States. It is among the most disability in the United States (Avenevol et al., 2013). Data collected in 2014 indicates that one has mental illness in every four people in the United States. This shows that 25% of the total population in the U.S. suffers from mental health illnesses. Most of them had depression and anxiety.

From such collected data, one out seventeen victims suffered serious mental illness. Children and adolescents are also affected by mental health illness at a very increasingly alarming rate. One child out of five suffered mental health disorder in 2010 in the United States. Most commonly, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Either adults or children have more than one mental health disorder. It is not an unusual thing.

To a person’s well-being, the ability to live a full and productive life and mental health is crucial for healthy family and interpersonal relationships (Avenevol et al., 2013). People, including adolescents and children with untreated mental health issues, are highly risky for many unsaved and unhealthy behaviors, including drug abuse like alcohol abuse, suicide, self-destructive behavior, or violence. These are among the leading cause of death United States and second-leading among people between 25 and 35 years.

On physical health, mental health disorders also have a serious impact associated with the progression, prevalence, and outcome of some chronic diseases, including cancer, diabetes, and heart diseases (Keyes, 2005). Mental health illness can have long-lasting and harmful effects; it causes psychosocial and financial challenges to themselves and their family members and their friends. In school, workplaces, and theory communities.

Unfortunately, mental health disorders can be treated effectively, and mental health illness prevention is quite growing at a high rate. Treatment and early diagnosis can decrease the rate of mental health disorders as well as chronic diseases. Addressing such issues has remained the main topic in LHI to ensure people in the United States remain healthy.

These mental health lines have to lead to suicide in cases in the United States. The data which shows the suicide case is indicated below. In 2007, the suicide cases in the United States due to mental illness was 11.3% cases in every 100,000. They target 10.2 suicides case in every 100000. The data collected in 2009 indicates that suicide cases decreased to 1.9 suicides per 100000. They then get a target of 1.7.

Health impact on mental health

LHI indicates that physical health and mental health are linked up inextricably. Data shows that depression in most people is due to mental health illness. Depression is strongly associated with management, risk, and occurrence. Depression can create a cycle of poor health. The circle will lead to the disability of a person to be treated and recover from chronic diseases. Health people are working hard to ensure death due to chronic debases reduced for better health care in the United States.

Mental health illness is caused by different causes, including poor eating habits, lack of physical activities, and drug consumption. Leading health Indicators address food nutrition and physical activity indicators to cater to good health. Physical activity and good nutrition are required for the essential parts of a person’s overall mental health and well-being. This reduces cases of health risk-related issues to people.

Most Americans suffer mental health due to a lack of good neutrino and physical activity. Adults in the United States take vegetable computation approximately 1.6 times a day and consume fruits approximately 1.1 times a day (Keyes, 2005). Adolescent shows less intake as compared to adults. The people do not meet the intake recommendation from healthy people on fruit and vegetable consumption. Also, on the other side, 81.1% of adolescents and 81.6% of adults do not meet the required amount of physical activity.

As a result of such data, the country’s mental illness cases increased. Also, the healthy people said that illness was due to substance abuse, which involved drugs like cocaine and alcohol. In 2015, 14.2 percent of people aged 12 to 17 used alcohol and other illicit drugs harmful to the human body. This led to the increase of mental illness, and most people were taken to reverberation centers. The use of drugs like MDMA, cocaine, steroids, and amphetamines are linked to abnormal cardiovascular functioning and mental disorder. This may lead to deadly diseases as well suicide cases.

Mostly, most AIDS transfer is due to unconsciousness in people to drug intake or mental illness. Due to such health issues experienced in the United States, the listed leading health indicators are not enough to manage United States health issues. The committee thus suggests new indicators for future development to address such issues (Keyes, 2005). Traditional channels of communication, such as radio, television, and print media, are highly relied on by federal health initiatives to develop new leading health indicators. However, the cost of using such a channel sometimes is offset, thus causing a challenge in the health field. Such channels are not reachable to everyone at any point. The most reliable channel is radio and television since it reaches more people at a time.


Avenevoli, S., Baio, J., Bitsko, R. H., Blumberg, S. J., Brody, D. J., Crosby, A., … & Visser, S. N. (2013). Mental health surveillance among children–United States, 2005-2011.

Keyes, C. L. (2005). Mental illness and/or mental health? Investigating axioms of the complete state model of health. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology73(3), 539.


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