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IT System Recommendation

Globalization, technological advances, and political influencers in the last decade led to a dramatic increase in competitiveness in today’s economic world. The market is evolving at a lightning pace. A successful business cannot function without wireless connectivity. The discovery of wireless communication has facilitated quicker information transfer. This all-encompassing term (wireless communication) refers to any method through which two or more devices may establish a connection and exchange data via a wireless signal. As a result, businesses have several benefits, including adaptability, network planning, location, portability, and cost. One corporation that has made excellent use of wireless technology is Amazon. This dissertation evaluates Amazon Company based on its products, services, and information systems. Secondly, it will provide concrete suggestions for improving Amazon’s IT infrastructure. Similarly, the document will detail the information system’s dangers and the necessary security measures. Finally, it will explore the influence of diversity on the IT system’s creation and administration and review the social and political challenges generated by the proposed information system.

Amazon Background and Information Systems

As Amazon grew, it marked a watershed moment in the development of commerce globally. Amazon, the massive online retailer, was started by Jeff Bezos in his Seattle garage back in 1994. He named the business after the South Amazon River so that it would be seen as formidable, much like the river itself (Mercadal, 2020). It started as a worldwide bookseller and expanded into many other fields, including publishing, manufacturing, distributing media, creating original content, and being a tech powerhouse. The word “Amazon” is now recognized all over the globe because of the company’s large selection, innovative spirit, and plethora of available services. Bezos has stated his goal to make Amazon the most customer-focused business on the planet (Gupta, Mittal & Mufti, 2021). Amazon Prime members may take advantage of two-day delivery offers on a large selection of items.

Jeff Bezos devised plans that ultimately resulted in the corporation launching many large initiatives. Numerous people all around the globe have witnessed the results of some of those efforts in their homes. This includes Amazon Prime, Amazon Fire phone, and the Amazon Echo. In the age of digital media, customers may now instantaneously download their purchased books, music, and movies onto their electronic devices (Mercadal, 2020). The company’s ability to expand into new markets outside the already-dominant e-commerce sector, such as streaming video and cloud computing, has been a major factor in the company’s rise to prominence. Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) was released in 2006 as part of Amazon’s foray into cutting-edge technology. It is a web service that allows individuals and businesses to rent computing resources. It was the first public cloud computing platform (Ali, Zubair & Riasat, 2021). With the launch of the Kindle, Bezos once again showed his commitment to delivering cutting-edge technology. This led to the company dominating 90% of the e-book industry. Amazon also began offering cheaper items under its brand (branded Amazon Basics) (Ali, Zubair & Riasat, 2021). The Great Value brand sold at Wal-Mart is comparable to this one. In 2017, Bezos’s Amazon announced that it had bought the Whole Foods grocery chain and has entered the food delivery market (Fink, Fuhrmann & Zhang, 2019). Amazon has been a major player in the e-commerce industry, hosting thousands of independent vendors.

The move by Amazon to offer a two-hour offer on in-store groceries was highly welcomed by its customers. Based on Biography (2021), this led to other companies like Wal-Mart and Kroger entering the market. Amazon is the undisputed leader in cutting-edge innovation and technology. They sift through tons of customer data to identify the newest, most sought-after goods to offer to their clientele. By releasing Amazon Web Service in 2006, Amazon founded the public cloud business (Data Center, 2021). The company has expanded AWS into a $6 billion annual revenue operation. There are presently 38 AWS data centers located in different parts of the globe (Singh et al., 2020). Based on the 2021 data reports of the company, there are a total of 34 cloud nodes and 26 colocation facilities. It is here that Amazon keeps tabs on any data or services provided by other parties. Amazon now has at least 30 data centers worldwide, with plans for an additional 10 to 15 more (Miller, 2016). Amazon’s data center network in the United States is estimated to have an IT capacity of around 600 megawatts. This is one of the main reasons Amazon can meet so many people’s needs. When Amazon was a $7 billion per year business, “every day Amazon installs enough new server capacity to sustain all of Amazon’s worldwide infrastructure” (Miller, 2016). A competitive edge is achieved through the use of such infrastructure. The success of the firm is directly tied to the efficiency of its management information system (Alshmrani, 2021). Amazon now employs nearly 200,000 people throughout the globe. Part of Amazon’s success in the e-commerce sector is due to the company’s marketing department, business intelligence, human resource, customer service, manufacturing and production, and accounting, among other departments.

The term “business intelligence” (BI) is used to describe a class of programs that transform raw data into relevant and usable information for business usage. The term is used to describe the framework of systems and procedures in place. The goal is to improve the company’s standing compared to the competition. Second, Amazon is committed to providing exceptional customer service. The organization understands that happy customers are essential to its success. Customers dissatisfied with a service or commodity may voice their disapproval in the form of a negative review. With Amazon’s round-the-clock support, users can get answers to their questions whenever they arise. It’s a natural progression from there to manage databases. They are responsible for assisting in the data storage and management processes. This includes checking on the status of hardware and software, setting up servers and databases, and dealing with sensitive information responsibly. They are also able to assist with the implementation of security protocols. Amazon’s success relies heavily on accounting and financing as well. Everything monetary is within the purview of this division. Accounting is the process of keeping track of, analyzing, and reporting a business’s many transactions in order to provide an accurate picture of the company’s financial health. No consideration is given to future changes; instead, it focuses only on the past. When it comes to money, it’s essential to have precise figures. Eventually, you’ll arrive at Human Resources. Their responsibility is to locate a qualified candidate who is a good match for the role. Human resource departments may advertise open positions on job boards or trade magazines to attract candidates.

Modern e-readers, tablets, and laptops owe their existence to the efforts of the hardware and software development industries, which are also responsible for creating cutting-edge platforms, features, and services. These engineers develop cutting-edge innovations that help Amazon stay ahead of the competition. IT and Support Engineering at Amazon are responsible for the upkeep and troubleshooting of the company’s massive infrastructure. Moreover, there is the management of both supplies and routes. This division handles the logistics of getting goods from A to B. There are cases when a customer discovers that a third party is handling the sale of their goods but that Amazon will be handling the fulfillment of the order. The logistics team must coordinate with the shipping firms to ensure the timely arrival of these products.

Technological information system recommendation

A successful business does not need to implement everyone’s suggestions. Customers are the reason businesses exist. Thus good managers focus on them. Any suggestions for a large company should focus on strengthening the company’s client relationships. Keeping existing consumers costs very nothing. When compared to the cost of acquisition, the return on investment (ROI) from maintenance is often much larger (Walch, 2019). Repeat clients are worth more to a business than new ones. Old customers are more likely to return since they trust the company’s products and services. Similarly, customers will be more likely to recommend a product or service if they had a positive experience purchasing it.

Amazon may employ AI to aid with service calls to customers. The AI might free up human workers to handle more complex customer inquiries. Businesses now have more tools at their disposal than ever to provide superior service to their clientele, all thanks to technological advancements. Artificial intelligence (AI) aids businesses by enhancing customer service, boosting customer loyalty and brand reputation, and freeing workers’ time to concentrate on other profitable activities. These AIs may troubleshoot, engage with consumers, and answer financial queries. If a person is required, these chatbots may transfer the caller to a service agent. The AI can provide details like tracking data, business hours, and refund policies. The customer’s time and satisfaction may be greatly improved if the routine inquiries can be answered by the AI system instead of a human agent. In order to avoid having to move consumers to a different division, many AI systems can gather data from a variety of sources. Having happy consumers is a byproduct of this.

One advantage of the AI system is that calls no longer have to be handled by people who may feel emotional about the situation. Many employees may feel frustrated, angry, or sad about a client influencing their choice. The AI is able to make rational and accurate decisions since it lacks these emotions. Since the AI system is available around-the-clock, it would also speed up the resolution of customer complaints. In spite of the many advantages of the I system, the final decision as to whether a consumer interacts with the AI or a person should be left to the client. All new ideas go through an iteration of trial and error, and there is no such thing as a foolproof method. The technological world is dynamic and fast-moving. The advent of this cutting-edge technology has introduced some fresh complications.

Security Threats of AI

As is the case with any new technology, there will be test runs and potential vulnerabilities. Large companies like Amazon are always concerned about the possibility of being attacked online. The information technology teams are always working hard to ensure that these massive infrastructures continue to operate without incident and in a secure manner. AI is still in its infancy for many businesses (Strout, 2019). Software engineers should be aware that the three most important forms of assault are model inversions, adversarial examples, and trojans. The purpose of adversarial examples is to throw AI systems off their game by misleading them into incorrectly classifying data. These are often used on AI systems that have reached a fully evolved state. Attacks using Trojan horses are common throughout the development period. An adversary may execute a trojan attack by making a modification to the surroundings while the system is in the process of learning from it. This leads the system to learn the incorrect lesson. This may result in additional expenses for the firm. A model inversion may cause the third and last kind of security breach. An opponent will do a process known as reverse engineering on machine learning to examine the data used to teach it. Therefore, one should continue to safeguard it even after training if they have classified data entering into a model.

Social, Political, and Diversity Impacts

The impact that technology is having on the world today is having a profound effect. The proliferation of digital technology brings about the most noticeable societal and economic shifts and the new technical possibilities of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence presents both potential and dangers. Fear and excitement have been sparked by the prospect of artificial intelligence, which involves programming robots to mimic human behavior (Bryson, 2019). There is a danger of uncontrolled development and a detrimental effect if the circumstances of the political, economic, and ethical environment are not optimal. There are dangers associated with society and other people, and there is also a danger associated with being too dependent on modern technology. Many individuals have expressed concerns over the possibility of robots stealing occupations now held by humans. But it’s important to keep in mind that the program has to be developed by someone. One cause for worry is that computers may not have the same need for accurate information humans have when making choices. Machine learning (ML) methodologies, such as genetic algorithms, have been used for a considerable time to solve intractable computer issues like scheduling. Not only have neural networks been used to simulate and comprehend human learning, but they have also been employed for the fundamental control and surveillance of industrial processes. One would have to recruit a sizable workforce to keep up with the demand in today’s market. A significant number of Amazon workers may be replaced by artificial intelligence in the near future.

Deep learning technology has made remarkable strides in recent years, particularly in areas such as voice recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing. Deep neural networks also have the potential to improve the process of making recommendations (Dwivedi et al., 2018). The capacity of deep neural networks to learn or acquire new representations is one of the most significant benefits of using these networks. Therefore, deep neural networks may play an essential role in order for a recommender system to understand the latent characteristics that come from a complicated data source. A deep neural network has the capability to simulate linear interactions in the data using non-linear activation functions such as Tanh, and Relu, Sigmoid. This is possible because of the network’s layer-by-layer structure. It can quickly learn the essential representation using the input data and the elements that explain it. In addition to having a great degree of adaptability, it can be very effective when it comes to completing sequential modeling jobs.


Because of the advent of the World Wide Web, many businesses have modified the method by which they carry out their daily operations. Amazon is one of those firms that saw an opportunity, grabbed it by the horns, and ran with it. It is one of the most successful businesses of its kind, mixing algorithms with customer service and product sales. Jeff Bezos is an American entrepreneur, industrialist, media owner, and investor. He is also the founder and CEO of Bezos began Amazon as a little online retailer operating out of his garage in Seattle. Today, the company is worth an estimated 200 billion dollars. Bezos is responsible for everything that happens because he is an aggressive competitor. Amazon has fundamentally altered the commercial landscape in the United States. Even while Amazon is far from ideal, the company seems to be evolving and becoming more adaptable to any situation that may arise, even a pandemic. Amazon will be able to function with a much-reduced need for human support once AI technology is fully implemented. AI has the potential to boost production while simultaneously reducing costs and improving accuracy. Amazon will be able to maintain its competitive position, if not perhaps take the lead if it continues to expand its usage of artificial intelligence technologies.


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