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IOM Future of Nursing Report and Nursing

Nursing is an area that is very important in keeping high standards of public health and supporting the whole health care system. Nursing has gone through several changes in technology, leadership, and approval from other health personnel. The United States has tried its best to put some changes in its health care system, such as creating affordable services, high quality, and narrowing the gap between the public and private sectors. The IOM report was meant to explore the nursing profession and how it could have been used to exploit opportunities and make a contribution to better the health care system by making it accessible, high-quality, safe, patient-centered, and affordable care.

As the Robert wood Foundation Committee Initiative was working on the future of nursing, they developed a vision that was a guideline to a better future. They considered all the limitations and demands faced by the current health system and tried working towards their improvements (Unroe et al., 2018). The committee dreamt of a future where health care was accessible to as many people as possible, ensured wellness and prevented any disease, improved health results reliably, and made sure that people were in their best in terms of health through their lifespan. The wellness of people was the key driver of health care providers. The committee was looking forward to better collaboration and coordination between professionals. The reward for health care services would be enough to meet and satisfy health care providers’ needs.

Nurses were not left behind as they were given different roles that will help in making a better future. ACA called all nurses to action and execute their duties in the health care system. Nurses were supposed to strengthen the provision of primary care as well as make the cost of health care coverage affordable. Advanced Practice Registered Nurses should ensure that high facilitated programs are put in place to educate and help them unleash their full potential in providing health care. Nurses’ practice in different settings such as battlefields, community, and public health centers, homes, schools, health clinics, and long-term facilities should be monitored to ensure high-quality service provision. RNs and APRNs should ensure high quality before awarding nurses their dream jobs. If all these measures were put in place, then the healthcare system would have no problem with nurses delivering high-quality services with a lot of accessibility. Nurses should value their jobs, and by doing so, their work might be easier to execute.

There was a very important transformation in the IOM report where the committee had to formulate key messages and structures meant to transform nurses. One of the key messages was that nurses were supposed to practice full extent when it comes to education and training (Unroe et al., 2018). The state and insurance companies were encouraged to adhere to specific regulatory financial changes and policies, which was best to equip the nurses with the required skills. Patients had the freedom to choose from a variety of nurses they were comfortable with. In the past, most nurses were employed in hospitals and huge public health facilities, but the report wanted the StateState to come in between and encourage nurses to work in small health settings such as primary care medical homes to reduce the gap between access to care and coverage. Nurses were also asked to be closer to patients in terms of emotions and physical.

The second key message was that nurses should try to have higher levels of education and training following the improved and advanced education system to ease their work and increase quality. In recent years, applicants who want to be nurses have increased rapidly because the job is well-paying and easier. The resources to teach nursing were not improved, and the faculty was unable to satisfy all the students. Nurses were encouraged to teach each other to ensure high-quality services to the patients. Nurses should advance with time, even if it means getting a degree or masters in nursing, which will enable them to vie for leadership posts in different health settings (Brohi, 2021).

The third key message was that nurses should work with each other, partner with physicians and all health professionals, and by doing so, the health care system of the United States will be redesigned. Leadership roles taken by nurses would help in transforming health care because they understand their counterparts. Nursing is a wide area that needs specialization, but working with each other will help in running things smoothly without any hinges. The government, business owners, and philanthropists should work with nurses to make the health care system better. The last and fourth key message is to have effective workforce planning, which will help collect data that will improve infrastructure. There is a gap between workforce data and what is actually done. The management should plan shifts and schedules for their nurses to avoid leaving some tasks unattended.

The United States is so focused on improving nursing in the country that it encouraged each StateState to form state action coalitions that nurses and business owners would lead in helping the local health care system transform to serve the communities better. The coalition helped in the collaboration of all stakeholders in nursing and involved other areas such as fire and emergency services, education centers, and social justice organizations (Coalition, 2020). In this case, we will look at Florida, which is one of the states with successful state action coalitions in the country. The Florida action coalition was formed in 2011 with the aim of leading the nursing faculty with the best leadership skills. It has a vision that all Floridians would access health care that is high-quality, safe, and patient-centered. Today, the Florida Action Coalitions is led by Rita Smith, DNP, MPH, APRN, and Willa Fuller, MSN, RN. The coalition is much better because it specializes with a smaller group in the StateState instead of a country.

The Florida Action Coalition has accomplished several projects within the StateState, such as carried a statewide survey to understand nursing leadership in the states. The board also came up with an initiative that would train new emerging nurses several leadership skills as well as encourage them to take part in the leadership of health care. The initiative was to take place online, and this also helped graduates to meet their role models, which gave them confidence in taking care of their patients. Recently, the Florida Action Coalition has partnered with Blue Cross Florida Blue and Blue Shield Association, and this partnership would strengthen the coalition as it covers more areas in the StateState (Coalition, 2020).

The Florida Action Coalition faces several barriers which make it difficult for them to meet its objectives. There is no organization that would run without funds, and this is the main problem that Florida Action Coalition is facing. There is also a lot of ignorance among the nurses who focus more on work than leadership. Nurses are also undermined by other personnel in health care, such as doctors, which makes them be less active. In summation, the IOM report has done a lot in transforming nurses. In recent years, nurses’ transformation has improved services rendered to patients making the United States a better place.


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