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Invasion of Russia in Ukraine

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. Internationally, the incident is considered an act of aggression. Russian soldiers attempt to take complete control of Ukraine’s southern coast and connect up with territory they have occupied in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine for years. The statistics of people affected by the country’s war will be discussed in this study, how the conflict has affected the emotional well-being of Ukrainian residents, and whether the Russians are supported to be held accountable for invading Ukraine.

According to the UN human rights office, since Russia began its offensive on Ukraine, 1,119 civilians have been killed, and 1,790 have been injured. According to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, millions of people have fled their homes in Ukraine due to the invasion (Sheppard, p.14). In addition, millions of people have fled to neighboring countries, over five million people are thought to be internally displaced within the war-torn country. According to the NATO official, about 40,000 Russian soldiers were killed or wounded. Russia claimed on March 2 that roughly 400 soldiers had been killed and over 1500 injured since the last update. Ukraine claimed to have assassinated six Russian generals as well. The following paragraph will show how this war has influenced people’s emotions.

People looking for information worldwide are bombarded with disturbing photographs and videos. Damage to buildings and bodies during the following shelling in towns like Kyiv and Kharkiv, people and pets are hiding in shelters, and Ukrainian citizens calling their loved ones to say farewell is among the footage and photographs. This constant barrage of information is significant because it pushes people to pay attention and provides a glimpse into the lives of Ukrainians (Alyukov, p.10). Keeping up with current events can be costly. According to research, news coverage of horrific events impacts viewers’ mental health. With footage and photographs from Ukraine filling social media and disinformation spreading like wildfire, this has public health ramifications. The following paragraph discusses how justice and fairness have been seen and whether Russian authorities will be held accountable for the Ukraine conflict.

Deaths in detention, the widespread use of torture by soldiers and guards, hazing practices in the Russian Army, extensive abuses of human rights, violence, and discrimination are among the most often mentioned violations. Russian President Vladimir Putin has unleashed ongoing bloodshed over Ukraine since initiating his unjustified and illegitimate war of choice. By enacting legislation prohibiting discrimination, Ukraine has safeguarded its citizens’ human rights. Persons’ and citizens’ rights and freedoms are protected under the Criminal Code. The Ukrainian Constitution guarantees primary general secondary education to all pupils, regardless of citizenship or parental means. For justice to be acquired, NATO and other countries have imposed sanctions on Russia.

Finally, due to pressures, this war in Ukraine is likely to raise the money tightening trend in developed states, with expenditure cuts expected in upcoming budgets. Even if there are no long-term financial system shocks, developing economies would confront significant growth limits. Their governmental and private debt stocks have risen due to the pandemic. As policy tightens, concerns are hidden during the epidemic, high corporate leverage and increasing household debt in middle-income in the third world will reduce. This year will see a significant recession in Russia and significant slowdowns.

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