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International Strategic Management and Innovation


The art of searing chicken has been perfected by the global fast food chain KFC, which is also known as Kentucky Broiled Chicken. The association was founded in 1930 by Harland Sanders, a supporter of the well-known chicken recipe known as “Exceptional Recipe.” Yum! is at this point the proprietor of KFC. Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, two popular fast food chains (Bulturbayevich and Abduvafoyevna, 2022). With more than 24,000 areas spread across 140 countries, KFC is one of the biggest cheap food chains on the planet. Because of its solid spotlight on worldwide development, the organization has effectively adjusted its menu and business system to nearby inclinations and social orders. It’s conceivable that KFC might have kept growing its client base while keeping up with its worldwide presence.

KFC employs the franchise model, in which franchisees operate KFC restaurants in accordance with the company’s standards and guidelines. KFC has extended quickly without turning out to be excessively forceful. In addition, the company has placed a significant emphasis on improvement by introducing new items to the menu and intensifying efforts to remain mindful of shifting customer preferences. KFC is a global fast food chain that values innovation highly and is expanding internationally. It has been able to rapidly expand while maintaining its global presence and adapting to local tastes and societies thanks to its establishment model.


What is the current strategic positioning of the selected company in the market?

A. Analyse the external MACRO environment of the chosen industry (using the PEST or PESTEL framework to assess the potential effect for the industry)

In order to comprehend KFC’s current strategic positioning in the market, it is essential to examine the external macroenvironment of the fast food industry using the PESTEL framework.

Political: In particular with regard to guidelines for promotion, labeling, and sanitation, the political climate may influence the activities of organizations that promote cheap food. Changes in the overall rules may have an impact on KFC’s ability to work and market its products (Limsangpetch et al. 2022).

Economic: The modest food industry is to a great extent impacted by changes in the worldwide economy. KFC’s show might be impacted by changes consequently rates, changes in client spending designs, and monetary emergencies.

Social: Social and consumer preferences shifts can have a significant impact on KFC’s strategic positioning. Due to the growing interest in health and wellness, customers may choose healthier fast food options, which may affect KFC’s sales.

Technological: KFC’s operations and customer service may be affected by technological advancements. KFC could acquire an upper hand through developments in portable requesting, instalment, and conveyance administrations.

Environmental: Clients are turning out to be more worried about supportability and the climate. KFC may be under pressure to employ practices that have a lower impact on the environment and carbon footprint.

Legal: Employment and intellectual property laws may affect KFC’s operations. The company’s capacity to safeguard its image as well as its capacity to hire and keep employees may be affected by protected innovation regulations (Dana et al. 2023).

The majority of KFC’s ongoing fundamental positioning is centered on growing in areas like mobile ordering and delivery services and adapting to shifts in client preferences and social examples. In addition, in order to address issues related to supportability and well-being, the company has reduced its environmental impact and improved its menu. In any case, KFC might have to continue to change its technique to stay cutthroat in a business opportunity for modest food that is turning out to be progressively packed because of its proceeded with dependence on cooked chicken as its essential item.

B. Analyse the external MICRO ENVIRONMENT (using Porter’s 5 Force framework). You should Carry out a 5 Forces analysis (evaluating each force as high, moderate, or low) and discuss the attractiveness of the industry.

Using Gatekeeper’s Five Powers framework, one can examine the small food industry, which includes KFC. The going with powers will be investigated right away:

Threat from Newcomers: Moderate The check-to-region extent is respectably low, despite the troublesome idea of the modest food industry. Despite the fact that it very well may be difficult for new clients to rival laid out brands like KFC, they can look at the interaction and who is answerable for the menu. In spite of this, KFC’s well-known image and devoted clientele may offer significant advantages.

Bartering Force of Providers: Low KFC has a colossal relationship with a great deal of impact over its providers. The business enjoys a cost advantage because it can buy large quantities of ingredients and maintain long-term relationships with suppliers (Tsou and Chen, 2022).

The quantity of individuals who purchased the arrangement: Because there are so many options and so few distinct brands in the small food industry, customers hold a lot of power. Customers are free to switch to another cheap food chain if they are dissatisfied with KFC’s contributions or management.

Possibility of a substitute product or service: Meal delivery services, home-cooked meals, and healthier fast food options pose a significant threat to the fast food industry. As a result, KFC is having difficulty distinguishing its contributions and providing an outstanding customer experience (Palmié et al. 2023).

Rivalry and competition: High There are a ton of new contenders and notable brands in the serious little food industry. Other fast-food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway, as well as local fast-food chains in various nations, compete with KFC. KFC must constantly advance and separate its contributions in order to keep its share of the pie.

The cheap food industry is both very interesting and very serious because customers have a lot of control over their schedules and are under a lot of pressure from cheaper alternatives. KFC must continue to improve and separate its responsibilities in order to keep its share of the pie, despite contention. The company has an advantage due to its size and widespread recall (Patmawati et al. 2023).

Conduct an internal analysis of the chosen company’s strategic capabilities (resources and competencies) using appropriate strategy tools (e.g., resources and capabilities analysis with the use of Jay Barney’s VRIO framework Or Michael Porter’s Value Chain Analysis to discuss the company’s activities and identify their core competences).

A number of strategic capabilities help KFC outperform the competition. These assets and capabilities can be identified by conducting an assets and capacities examination with Jay Barney’s VRIO system.

a cognizance of a brand: KFC enjoys an upper hand over new individuals because of its deep rooted memorability and trustworthy customers. As an essential capability, this asset is rare, significant, and difficult to duplicate.

The board of the production network: KFC can buy fixings for a minimal price and keep up with predictable quality across its cafés thanks to its profoundly compelling inventory network the executives. A key and stand-apart cut-off, this asset is charming, huge, and hard to copy (Fernández, 2023).

The menu was made: KFC takes special care of a different customers with its broad menu. The organization has likewise worked on the determinations on its menu because of the developing interest in wellbeing and health. A crucial and one-of-a-kind capability, this asset is fascinating, significant, and difficult to duplicate.

Business model: KFC’s extensive establishment structure enables the company to rapidly and successfully expand globally. A crucial and fascinating capacity is this one-of-a-kind, significant, and difficult-to-copy asset.

Customer service: KFC shows its representatives how to give a positive client experience and puts serious areas of strength for an on client care. As an essential capacity, this asset is scant, significant, and hard to copy (Pereira et al. 2023).

Most of the time, rememberability, menu development, establishment organization, and customer service are KFC’s essential and distinctive skills. These capabilities enable the company to maintain its position as a cheap food chain and give it an advantage over its rivals.

Undertake a TOWS analysis using a diagram to determine the company’s current situation vis a vis their competitors.

One can compare KFC’s current situation to that of its rivals by conducting a TOWS (Threats, Opportunities, Weaknesses, and Strengths) analysis. On a chart, the TOWS network can be shown in the following ways:


| Strengths | Weaknesses |


| Opportunities | SO Strategies | WO Strategies |


| Threats | ST Strategies | WT Strategies |


SO Strategies: By expanding its healthier menu options to meet the rising demand for healthier food options, KFC can capitalize on market opportunities. WO Methods: KFC can address its weaknesses by utilizing market opportunities, such as enhancing its online ordering system to make it simpler for customers. Points of view on ST: KFC can moderate market gambles by extending its advertising endeavors to contend with extraordinary failure cost pecking orders and exploiting its benefits (Vrabcová and Urbancová, 2023).

The WT Methods: KFC can address its weaknesses and avoid market risks by further developing its production network and employing executives to avoid deficiencies in key fixings. The TOWS study has been thoroughly examined, and it reveals that KFC’s main shortcomings are its reliance on seared chicken and its limited menu options in comparison to those of other cheap food chains. The company’s traditional menu items are also under threat from shifting preferences and rising consumer demand for healthier options. However, the company is able to offer healthier options on its menu because it has a number of advantages, such as a well-known brand and a loyal customer base. KFC additionally has the valuable chance to keep up with its expense advantage by extending its foundation network in arising business areas and utilizing its broad store network for leaders (Calderón-Orellana et al. 2023).

In general, the TOWS investigation demonstrates that KFC must develop and adapt to shifting consumer preferences in order to maintain its lead in the fast food industry. For the business to stay cruel looking out, it necessities to hold adding better choices to its menu. It ought to likewise utilize its broad memorability and powerful store network all over.

What is the current innovation strategy of the selected company?

You should Identify (using at least one example) the form of innovation that the company is pursuing.

Similar to other economic pecking orders, KFC is under increasing pressure to upgrade in order to maintain market competition. To differentiate itself from rivals, boost operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience, the company has pursued a variety of innovations.

The expansion of KFC’s menu is one type of improvement that the establishment has sought. The organization has changed its standard cooked chicken contributions and added new things to its menu to meet the dietary requirements and inclinations of its clients. As an alternative to its fried chicken offerings, KFC, for instance, added grilled chicken to its menu. In a similar vein, KFC has included rice bowls, blended greens, and wraps on its menu in response to customer demand for better and more varied food options (Medennikov, 2023).

Additionally, KFC has made significant efforts to enhance its advertising strategies. The organization has expanded brand mindfulness and client constancy through inventive publicizing endeavors. For example, KFC sent off a promoting effort in which various craftsmen, including Scour Lowe and Reba McEntire, depicted Colonel Sanders, the organization’s pioneer. The mission’s goal was to present new menu things and empower KFC clients’ steadfast dedication. Customers’ interest in the brand grew as a result of the mission’s success in creating buzz.

In addition to developing its menu and advertising, KFC has utilized innovation to improve the user experience for customers and functional productivity. In order to provide customers with a streamlined and supportive mentioning experience, the company has provided a variety of PC drives, including web mention, user-friendly applications, and high level stands. KFC, for instance, presented the KFC Transport Application, which allows clients to pay for and put in web-based requests prior to having their feasts conveyed to their homes. Like this, KFC introduced a modernized stand referencing structure with a touch screen that let clients change their orders and pay for them in unambiguous regions. With the assistance of these drives, KFC has had the option to further develop the general client experience, decrease stand by times, and smooth out its activities (Gardeazabal et al. 2023).

Additionally, KFC has attempted to improve store network management. To lessen its impact on the environment and increase the efficiency of its supply chain, the business has implemented a number of sustainability initiatives. For instance, over the course of the past ten years, KFC has pledged to use 19 percent less water, cut its emissions of greenhouse gases by 45 percent, and get all of its palm oil from environmentally friendly sources. These drives have aided KFC in reducing its environmental impact and increasing its functional effectiveness by simplifying inventory networks and reducing waste.

Through a variety of innovations, KFC has generally sought to differentiate itself from rivals, enhance the customer experience, and increase functional effectiveness. To meet the shifting preferences of customers and increase the value of the brand as a whole, the company has launched innovative marketing campaigns, new menu items, and digital initiatives. In addition, KFC’s efforts to become a competent organization demonstrate its commitment to stock company viability and sensibility. KFC must constantly develop novel concepts and adapt to the shifting preferences of its customers if it is to compete in the cheap food market.

Despite the previous types of progress, KFC has sought improvement by assisting various associations in the introduction of limited-time menu items. For instance, KFC and Cheetos collaborated on the creation of the Cheetos Chicken Sandwich, a novel take on the standard chicken sandwich. In order to meet the growing demand for meat alternatives, KFC has also introduced plant-based chicken alternatives in select markets. KFC has likewise worked on its menu and acquired understanding into its clients through data investigation. The organization has utilized data examination to find examples and patterns by social occasion input from clients through various channels, including surveys and virtual amusement. KFC has further developed its menu things and advertising procedures to engage its ideal client base in light of this data (Marco-Lajara et al. 2023). KFC’s innovation strategy places an emphasis on adapting to the ever-changing preferences and requirements of its customers. As well as guaranteeing the organization’s drawn out feasibility and working on functional proficiency, this is finished. KFC has the choice to separate itself from its opponents and reinforce its situation in the modest food industry by using development, data assessment, and urgent associations.

Then you should analyse, (using at least one example) the firm’s sources of innovation and how it is seeking to foster it.

KFC’s development can be ascribed to the organization’s huge assets, significant affiliations, and interest in advancement and data examination. The organization has had the option to effectively present new menu things and enter new business sectors on account of its strong image notoriety. Clients who genuinely believe in KFC’s ability to give prevalent grade, delicious food have a committed following. Due to its loyal customers, KFC has been able to experiment with a variety of new menu items, including the introduction of plant-based chicken alternatives and its most recent partnership with Cheetos. KFC has had the option to effectively adjust its menu to engage neighborhood tastes and inclinations in new business sectors like China and India because of the organization’s solid image notoriety (Yu et al. 2023).

Second, KFC has fashioned vital unions to help advancement and expand its item range. By collaborating with innovation organizations, KFC, for instance, has improved the customer experience and streamlined its operations. In 2019, KFC and the Chinese search engine giant Baidu put self-driving food trucks through their paces in Shanghai. These self-driving food trucks permitted clients to put orders and get food without connecting with an individual since they were furnished with Baidu’s Apollo independent driving innovation. KFC was able to test new developments and increase its functional productivity through its partnership with Baidu. In a similar vein, KFC has developed new items for its menu in conjunction with other food-related organizations. KFC has introduced new items to its menu and advanced cross-brand innovations related to other food brands like Pizza Hovel and Taco Ringer, despite the fact that it is associated with Cheetos (Bulturbayevich and Abduvafoyevna, 2022).

Ultimately, KFC has made interests in information examination and development to empower development and achieve its targets. The company has implemented modernized drives such as flexible mentioning and portion in an effort to improve the customer experience and make everything simpler for them. Using data analytics to determine customer preferences and trends, KFC has also developed new menu items that appeal to its intended audience. KFC’s emphasis on innovation is also reflected in its sustainability initiatives. By 2026, the company intends to source all of its chicken from businesses supported by the Worldwide Creature Association (Hole). To meet the growing demand for meat substitutes and lessen its impact on the environment, KFC is also looking into using plant-based and lab-grown meat as alternative proteins.

KFC’s reputation, essential connections, and interest in development and data analysis are well-suited to the areas where it can expand. Due to its commitment to its image and associations, the company has successfully introduced new menu items and entered new business sectors. KFC has also used technology and data analytics to improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction (Limsangpetch et al. 2022). By continuing to zero in on development, KFC can maintain up with up with its competitive edge and meet the changing necessities and penchants of its clients. Besides, headway has been worked with by KFC’s definitive culture and the executives. The company values innovation and creative thinking highly and promotes a leading perspective. Tony Lowings, CEO of KFC, has fostered a culture of trial-and-error and taking risks by emphasizing the significance of development in the company’s development strategy. KFC has had the choice to recognize new entryways and stretch the boundaries of its industry by virtue of this association strategy. Furthermore, KFC has used striking peculiarity exposure and electronic interruption likewise to propel liability. The company has launched successful social media campaigns, such as the “11 Herbs and Spices” Twitter campaign, which went viral and significantly increased brand awareness. Furthermore, to advance its items and present new menu things, KFC has teamed up with considerable powers and pros, including an impersonator of Colonel Sanders.

What is the company’s strategic choice?

Provide a consideration of their future competitive strategies by applying either Porter’s Generic Strategies of Competition framework Or Bowman and Faulkner’s Strategy Clock.

KFC aims to stand out from its rivals by focusing on product development and improving the customer experience. This method follows Bowman and Faulkner’s Methodology Clock, which emphasizes the importance of development and separation as essential benefits. Product innovation, particularly in terms of menu options and ingredients, is at the heart of KFC’s strategy to stand out from the competition. In recent years, the menu has included the Beyond Fried Chicken, Cheetos Chicken Sandwich, and Donut Chicken Sandwich, all of which are made of plants. KFC has had the option to stand apart from its opponents and appeal to a more extensive scope of clients because of these inventive commitments.

KFC has also focused on improving the customer experience through initiatives like revamped bistros and modernized mentioning frameworks. The menu at the association’s bistros currently combines adaptable mentioning and self-organization stands with self-organization stalls in an effort to simplify the mentioning framework for customers. KFC’s primary decision also reflects the separation process of Doorman’s Nonexclusive Techniques of Contest structure. By zeroing in on working on the two its items and the client experience, KFC can separate itself from its adversaries and give a fascinating impetus to its clients (Dana et al. 2023).

KFC, on the other hand, soon runs into some issues when putting this construction together. In the unobtrusive food industry, there is a lot of challenge, and various players like McDonald’s and Burger Master have in like manner been placing assets into new things and further creating client care. Also, KFC needs to figure out a good way to keep the quality and consistency of its most important menu items, like its cleverly cooked chicken, while focusing on progress.

Overall, it is a decent framework for KFC to stand isolated from the opposition in the unassuming food industry by making new things and further cultivating the client experience. Regardless of this, KFC needs to continue developing and finding better approaches to stick out if it has any desire to stay aware of the opposition and take special care of the moving inclinations and prerequisites of its clients.

To effectively execute its central choice, it ought to likewise consider different angles like assessment and show. Even though the company does not have a minimum cost policy, it needs to make sure that its prices are the same as those of other cheap food fasteners in order to attract customers who are concerned about costs. In addition, KFC needs to effectively promote its cutting-edge products and enhancements to the customer experience if it wants to keep and gain new customers (Tsou and Chen, 2022). Another significant thought is what KFC’s essential choice will mean for its activities and store network. Controlling fixing acquiring and ensuring demand transport on time can be new practical hardships invited on by the introduction of new menu things and progressed mentioning stages. KFC should make sure that its stock association and activities are adaptable and responsive enough to meet its driving strategy’s requirements.

To conclude, KFC ought to consider the effects of its fundamental decision on its workforce. Right when new menu things and movements are introduced, representatives could require additional preparation, and the association should ensure that its workforce has the fundamental capacities and data to actually do its system. More or less, KFC’s essential choice to separate itself from the opposition by presenting new items and working on the general insight for its clients is in accordance with the Methodology Clock system created by Bowman and Faulkner and Doorman’s Conventional Procedures of Contest structure. In any case, KFC must consider valuing, promoting, the store network and activities, labor force the board, and other factors in order to successfully implement this system. KFC can maintain its competitive position in the fast food industry and continue to drive growth and profitability by effectively addressing these factors.

Provide a consideration of the future methods of strategic expansion and directions available to the selected company.

KFC has grown to include more than 24,000 restaurants in 145 countries since its founding in 1930. Despite this, the association needs to grow in order to maintain its significance in the small food industry. In this section, we will examine KFC’s strategic expansion options and future plans. Adaptation to different countries: KFC has actively expanded its basic presence in a number of general business areas, despite the fact that there is still room for improvement in new business areas. The company should think about expanding to emerging economies like India, Africa, and Southeast Asia, where consumers are naturally interested in low-cost food. However, KFC needs to carefully consider cultural and local preferences in order to tailor its menu and marketing strategies to each market (Palmié et al. 2023).

The variety of the menu: Even though it has already added new items to its menu that will appeal to a wider audience, KFC may continue to differentiate its offerings. In order to attract customers who are already naturally health-conscious and well-informed, the company might think about including healthier options on its menu or alternatives made from plants.

Modern improvements include: In the cheap food industry, the coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the shift toward computerized diverts, and KFC should continue investing in advanced stages to remain competitive. To improve the customer experience, the company might want to consider adding digital ordering and delivery options, establishing loyalty programs, and utilizing data analytics.

Franchising: Isolating the connection may continue to strengthen the connection, which has been an essential component of KFC’s strategy for improvement. KFC should contemplate giving its current franchisees thoughts to request that they open extra regions or work with franchisees close by to enter new locale.

Acquisitions and associations: KFC may consider partnerships or strategic acquisitions for expansion. The company could either acquire smaller positions in the hierarchy or donate resources to new food advancement organizations in order to increase its product contributions and improve its PC capabilities.

Expand Your Business: KFC has already expanded its brand with the introduction of KFC Chicken & Waffles, KFC Beyond Fried Chicken, and other menu items. The company should seriously consider entering new product categories like cakes, snacks, and beverages if it wants to improve its image as well.

In the public eye, Need: KFC has recently taken a stand for social responsibility by, for instance, purchasing chicken from suppliers who adhere to specific animal welfare regulations and switching to environmentally friendly packaging. The organization can possibly additionally improve its social obligation drives by settling issues like food squander, regular sensibility, and worker opportunities (Patmawati et al. 2023).

Finally, a few thoughts: International expansion, menu diversification, digital expansion, franchising, acquisitions and partnerships, brand extension, social responsibility, and brand extension are some of KFC’s strategic options for future growth. When selecting a development strategy, the business should carefully consider its assets, capabilities, and financial situation. By continuing to evolve and innovate, KFC can maintain its competitive position in the fast-food industry and continue to drive growth and profitability.

Despite the strategies that were just discussed, KFC may need to think about changing the way it presents its menu items to keep up with the changing preferences of customers who want to eat better. They might also want to think about getting into emerging business sectors, which have a lot of room for expansion and are attracting a growing number of people who want to eat cheaply.

Another conceivable technique for KFC’s fundamental improvement is to upgrade the client experience and increment useful efficiency by using progresses in motorization and mechanized thinking. KFC, for instance, could investigate the use of self-mentioning stalls, adaptable mentioning, and transportation options to address the growing trend of solace-based feasting. They might also consider employing data analytics to ascertain the preferences of customers and adjust their menus and marketing strategies accordingly.

KFC may want to consider implementing a combination of these strategies in order to maintain its position as the fast food industry’s market leader and achieve sustained growth. The company has several key extension options.

4. What strategic recommendations can you propose for your chosen company to strengthen its current position in the Market?

A. Identify and critically discuss Two potential business strategies that can be pursued by your chosen organisation to combat the weaknesses threats and opportunities identified to ensure market share and growth.

The following two potential business strategies were identified by the analysis to counter KFC’s strengths, threats, and opportunities:

Accept Technology and Innovation: With work on its key position, as previously mentioned, KFC can improve the customer experience, streamline its operations, and take advantage of fundamental pathways that are inherent to growth and development. KFC might need to contemplate expanding its interest in innovation, like self-requesting booths, versatile requesting, and conveyance choices, to offer clients more versatile and helpful choices. With the help of information research and human creativity, KFC’s menu options, customer experience, and marketing systems can all be customized. Using on the web diversion stages, KFC can likewise reinforce associations with clients and increment responsibility.

Utilize healthier substitutes: There is an increasing desire for food choices that are more sensible as customer preferences shift. KFC might want to think about expanding its menu to include healthier options like salads, grilled chicken, and plant-based alternatives in order to keep up with this growing trend. KFC may entice customers who may not have previously considered the fast food chain as an option. By utilizing its reputation and commitment to its customers as solid areas, KFC can also advance these better options and differentiate itself from competitors that do not offer them (Fernández, 2023).

KFC needs to direct sufficient financial, human, and mechanical resources in order to truly implement these systems. It will also need to conduct extensive statistical surveys and monitor the activities of competitors in order to comprehend the preferences and patterns of customers. KFC will also need to cultivate a culture of progress, participation, and determined improvement in order to be able to respond quickly to shifts that are watching out for it. By implementing these strategies, KFC is able to maintain its current market position, expand its market share, and set itself apart from rivals. KFC may also think about forming partnerships and working together with other businesses in the food industry in order to broaden the range of its products and enter new markets.

KFC can also look into opportunities for global growth, particularly in emerging business regions where customers are increasingly interested in affordable food. In any case, KFC should also be aware of the social and dietary preferences of the neighborhood and adjust its menu items accordingly. KFC can strengthen its position in the market and expand its revenue streams by employing these strategies. Moreover, KFC can put resources into innovative work (Research and development) to advance its menu things continually. As a result, it is able to expand its vegan menu to accommodate changing customer preferences. KFC might be able to differentiate itself from its rivals and grow its customer base later. KFC can utilize advancement to enhance the customer experience by implementing smaller referencing and development associations and utilizing information evaluation to tailor advancing and remarkable endeavors.

Out of the TWO strategies, select ONE to implement, which could be used to combat the issues as above.

Out of the two possible business strategies, I would suggest that KFC concentrate on expanding its digital capabilities and enhancing the customer experience through technology. In terms of memorability and functional proficiency, this system matches KFC’s current strengths while addressing the TOWS examination’s drawbacks and opportunities. By investing in digital technology, KFC is able to stand out from its rivals and appeal to a broader customer base. A Deloitte report says that electronic developments can make the client experience better by giving them customized proposition, making it simple to request and pay, and making it simple to get things conveyed rapidly and really. By customizing its marketing and promotional efforts through data analytics, expanding its reach through partnerships with food delivery platforms like Uber Eats and Grubhub, and implementing mobile ordering and delivery services, KFC can take advantage of these advantages (Pereira et al. 2023).

Overseer’s Five Powers structure can be utilized to evaluate this system’s reachability and anticipated progress. Most importantly, new competitors run the risk of losing out because it’s hard to match KFC’s long-lasting memorability and functional productivity. Second, suppliers’ moderate bargaining power enables KFC to negotiate favorable terms with technology providers and delivery platforms. Thirdly, in the event that KFC’s computerized contributions don’t satisfy hopes, clients have a great deal of bartering power since they can without much of a stretch change to contenders. Fourthly, there is a moderate risk of alternatives because customers may choose to cook at home or go to another drive-thru restaurant. To wrap things up, KFC faces wild opposition from other drive-through cafés for clients’ responsibility and part of the overall business.

In general, I concur that the most effective KFC strategy is to innovate and invest in advanced skills to enhance the customer experience. KFC is able to make use of its existing resources while also taking care of gaps and important opportunities thanks to this strategy, which aligns with shifting customer preferences for convenience and personalization. By actually doing this technique, KFC might conceivably help long stretch turn of events and support what is happening keeping watch. In order to adapt to shifting consumer preferences and patterns, KFC can improve its advanced capabilities, delivery services, and menu contributions by utilizing its existing assets and strengths.

Discuss how the selected strategy can be implemented using the CANVAS business model within a 3-year period from 2022-2025

To meet the changing tendencies of clients, KFC has decided to expand its worldwide presence by opening new regions in business areas with high advancement rates and further fostering its automated and movement capacities. The Game plan Material, a technique for creating and executing a business philosophy, can assist with this. For this strategy to be put into action, new menu items and marketing campaigns, partnerships with local franchisees and suppliers, and market research and analysis to find high-growth markets are all necessary. Besides, KFC would need to place assets into its motorized and movement limits by cultivating a flexible application and site that is not difficult to use and helping out external transport associations. KFC can keep up with its improvement endeavors as far as assets by using its current creation and capacity network abilities and putting resources into new progressions and systems to upgrade its automated and conveyance abilities (Vrabcová and Urbancová, 2023).

KFC’s primary partners would be franchisees, suppliers, and outcast movement providers in the region. KFC would need to use these accessories to build on its strengths in order to guarantee the results of its improvement efforts. The majority of KFC’s pay would be covered by menu arrangements and benefits from automated and movement organizations. To cover its expenses, KFC would need to spend money on advertising, new innovations and frameworks, statistical surveys, and statistical surveys. In addition, money would be required to establish connections with local franchisees and service providers. KFC would have to watch out for key execution pointers like income development, portion of the overall industry, consumer loyalty, and computerized commitment to check whether its system was fruitful. During regular performance reviews, the strategy’s effectiveness would be evaluated, and any necessary adjustments would be made. KFC would have the option to utilize its current assets and abilities to additionally foster its significant level and development limits, extend its worldwide presence, and position itself for proceeded with headway and result as soon as possible on the off chance that this technique were finished with the Methodology Material.


There is a lot of competition for KFC in the market, despite the fact that it is a well-known fast food restaurant with a good name. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of the macro and micro environments, internal capabilities, innovation strategy, and future strategic options, we have identified potential company weaknesses, threats, and opportunities. This category includes shifts in customer preferences, advancements in innovation, and the emergence of novel rivals. People have offered KFC two choices to determine these issues: Regardless, after carefully weighing these two options, we have determined that KFC’s best framework is extension. KFC will need to focus on developing new areas of improvement in order to reduce its reliance on the extremely persistent cheap food market and increase its share of the overall business. KFC can put this system into action by entering new markets, investing in cutting-edge technology, and using the Material strategy to create novel products. KFC can truly manage what is going on, increment its income sources, and open up new advancement valuable open doors in the future with a top notch improvement system.


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