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Intellectual Knowledge and Competence


Intellectual knowledge and competence refer to the comprehensive measure consisting of the cognitive and non-cognitive characteristics concerning recognizing seen individual differences leading to differences in future attainment. It’s vital since it gives the potential of a creative approach to working out philosophical issues and analysis of the results. Intellectual knowledge and competence include; characteristic emotional intelligence, recently subjectively assessed intelligence. To have better academic expertise and competence, one should practice debates agendas, learn many languages, read for fun, and participate in sports activities. Therefore this is a detailed discussion of intellectual knowledge and competence.


Review about interpersonal communication, global and intercultural communication

Interpersonal communication is an interchange of knowledge or skills between two or more people. Interpersonal conveying can be verbal, listening, written, or non-verbal. It manages an individual’s emotions, making the affected person feel satisfied and relaxed after sharing the inner feeling and maintaining social bonds (Purhonen,3, 2017). Interpersonal communication makes one person listen to others and express themselves without disturbance hence improving mindful listening. The use of body movement and gestures to support someone’s communication makes one portray their message and more understood. Verbal and non-verbal is crucial when expressing your message to a crowd of people in meetings or gatherings. Telling personal problems to each other provides understanding among each other and solves issues of conflicts since everyone is familiar with each other. Creating equality and making the participants being valued and appreciated for their ideas creates a positive communication climate.

Global and intercultural communication enable people across the national borders and cultural communities to understand the exchange of knowledge, ideas, and competence within the national and cultural groups. It is critical since one can explore new nations and acquire a more profound understanding of different cultures and their practices, values, and beliefs. Also, people can interact either political, social, or economically due to the interconnectedness globally and culturally.

Importance of dual perspective

Dual perspective involves two sets of authors writing different articles discussing a particular issue or opposing a specific subject. According to wood, it educates me to understand that their feelings, ideas, and own perspectives are not unique from another person’s perspective (Walz, 38, 2020). It makes me interact and know to deal with different types of people in other circumstances, and people have different ways of thinking. It also reduces conflicts as possible since it creates understanding and participation in activities without underrating one’s view.

Cultures perceptions of identity and effective communication

On the view of identity and effective communication, France culture isn’t very easy since they use body language, facial expressions, and non-verbal communication to portray a particular message (Jean-Francois,4, 2018). They value unspoken communication rather than spoken communication becoming more difficult for me. France values style as their cultural perception identity, and it’s not favoring at all since not all other nations are styled to their desire. Also, take pride in the beauty and talents of their country as a view of identity as being minimal to other people willing to get in touch with France feel excluded in understanding different people’s thoughts. Sophistication is a cultural identity that only considers the world’s experience and intelligence, like valuing someone who knows more about technology.


According to the discussion above, intellectual knowledge and competence make it easy for people to interact in different activities and give their ideas confidentially. They got enough knowledge to argue either in debates or travel to other nations and engage with them in sports activities. Many cases of conflicts brought either by an emotional feeling intelligent person will get to know their friends or colleagues and try to be wise when dealing with them.


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