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Incorporating Evidence-Based Practice To Address a Quality or Safety Issue


For nurses to increase safety and patient care outcomes, it is essential to use evidence-based practice (EBP). Baccalaureate-prepared nurses must use EBPs as nursing changes and base their decisions on trustworthy and verifiable evidence. This paper aims to discuss a quality or safety issue and to locate and evaluate reliable data that may be used with an EBP model. The simulation Vila Health: Determining the Credibility of Evidence was selected as the evaluation scenario.

Understanding the standards for evaluating the reliability of journal articles and websites is the main goal of the Vila Health simulation. For nurses to evaluate and choose trustworthy resources that effectively solve the stated quality or safety issue, they must possess this information. Nurses can make decisions that positively influence patient care by evaluating the evidence’s validity and applicability within the chosen scenario (LoBiondo-Wood, & Haber, 2021). Integrating an EBP model strengthens the use of reliable data even further, improving patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Criteria for Determining the Credibility of Journal Articles and Websites

Several factors must be considered when assessing the reliability of journal articles and websites. The source should be credible and preferably appear in peer-reviewed journals or be affiliated with a renowned institution. Articles that have been through the peer review process have been subjected to extensive inspection by experts in the field, ensuring that they are of the highest quality and can be relied upon. Websites should present reliable, fact-based material and be linked with recognized institutions or organizations (Skela-Savič et al., 2020).

Credentials and area of expertise of the author are crucial in determining credibility. Authors with proper training, subject matter knowledge, and research experience increase the dependability of the material supplied. Links with respectable organizations further boost the author’s credibility. Furthermore, the information must be current (Skela-Savič et al., 2020). It is preferable to use recent papers because they present the most recent data and expertise in the field. However, important research or writing that has endured time can also be valuable.

Analyzing Credibility and Relevance of Evidence and Resources

Finding and evaluating reliable evidence is crucial in the Vila Health simulation scenario. In this case, the nurse addresses a quality or safety issue raised in the simulation. The initial selection of resources should concentrate on those that best complement and address the problem. In the Vila Health simulation context, locating and evaluating reliable evidence is crucial. A specific quality or safety issue that was raised in the simulation is addressed by the nurse. The nurse must first choose the most appropriate resources to address it properly. By concentrating on resources specifically addressing the identified problem, the nurse can acquire information that offers potential answers and insights. This focused strategy guarantees that the evidence chosen is relevant, trustworthy, and competent to guide decision-making and practice improvements (Halawa et al., 2020). The nurse can increase the likelihood of effective results and the adoption of evidence-based practice by prioritizing the alignment between the problem and the chosen resources.

It is crucial to critically evaluate the chosen resources to assess the integrity and applicability of the evidence. The research methodology, sample size, data analysis, and key findings must all be evaluated. Cross-referencing and comparisons with other reputable sources can further verify the evidence’s credibility. The evidence’s applicability to the specific quality or safety concern should also be evaluated. Considering how well the evidence applies to the specific patient group, setting, and resource set is essential (Halawa et al., 2020). Relevance guarantees that the evidence aligns with the particular requirements and objectives of solving the problem as it has been identified.

Importance of Incorporating Credible Evidence into an EBP Model

An evidence-based practice paradigm provides a systematic framework for integrating reliable evidence into practice. Nurses can improve patient outcomes and increase the overall quality and safety of treatment by incorporating evidence into their decision-making. The chosen EBP model must direct the nurse in locating, evaluating, and using the evidence to deal with the quality or safety concern. The addressed diagnostic or healthcare problem determines whether the EBP model is the most suited. Models like the Ottawa, Stetler, and Iowa Models of Evidence-Based Practice provide step-by-step instructions (Dang et al., 2021). Nurses may make wise decisions, advance best practices, and constantly enhance patient care by adhering to these models.

Nurses can use an evidence-based practice model to ensure a planned and systematic approach to incorporating reliable evidence into their decision-making process. This encourages a more thorough and trustworthy method of addressing issues with quality or safety. The selected EBP model acts as a road map, directing nurses through locating pertinent evidence, evaluating its veracity and applicability, and putting it into practice (Dang et al., 2021). This systematic, intentional approach raises the possibility of success and promotes a culture of continuous improvement in healthcare.


To deliver safe and effective care, nursing must incorporate evidence-based practice. It is essential to assess the legitimacy of journal articles and websites to verify the validity of the evidence provided. Effective decision-making requires evaluating the relevance and reliability of evidence in the context of a particular quality or safety concern. Nurses can drive practice improvements that improve patient outcomes by choosing an appropriate EBP model and incorporating reliable research. The advancement of patient-centred care is advanced by the ongoing incorporation of results from evidence-based research into clinical practice, which enriches the nursing profession.

Nurses are dedicated to providing the best care to their patients by respecting evidence-based practice standards. Nurses can develop their clinical reasoning and judgment abilities by critically evaluating resources and using reliable evidence. This strategy enhances patient outcomes and helps the nursing profession grow and evolve (Dang et al., 2021). Nurses may effectively address quality and safety issues, enhancing healthcare delivery and patient satisfaction, by staying current on the most recent research and putting it into practice.


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