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Importance of Officializing English in America

Despite the variety of wide languages which are spoken across the country, most of the speakers of English cannot speak any other language but only English. Truth shows that there has been no none language in America, instead during the period of colonies, colonists used to speak Dutch, French, and English. However, due to this, there are reasons why English is not an official language in America because the federal government allows Americans to articulate and speak any language they want. Despite this, some arguments from various analysts propose that English should be made an official language in the United States such as: encouraging new immigrants and savings and promoting unity.

Brain gain is agitated in various ways. Through this, it helps the immigrants into the country to supply and gain the states with their particular ideas. English in the United States should be made an official language because it would encourage the coming f new immigrants which make them learn the country’s language. Learning one’s language improves the adoption of the state’s way of living because of the language that is being spoken, where,” the end goal is to unite the American people” (Gonçalves et al.19). Furthermore, the adoption and learning of the one-state language bring about improving the lives of the immigrants and the inhabitants and moving up the ladder of socioeconomic.

Savings in a state is a factor that raises the status of the economy in a certain country. According to the increment of the state’s economy percentage, it is attributed to officializing a country’s language. “in Lagos, the year 2002, 15$ million was devoted in the printing of ballots using foreign languages”(Ray 235) .united States of America should eradicate other languages and make English as an official language because it helps in savings in federal. However, the translators of ts and the reduction of bilinguals are considered to be the billions that are perceived to enrich the country.

Designation of official language in the United States is one of the nations which does not have a common form of speaking. However, the constitution itself does not give a perpetual reason for this, it should be officialized because it promotes unity.” Several bills have been put across to officialize English as a national language” (Schildkraut 445). Making English a national language promotes unity in that it empowers the immigrants hence encouraging them to learn English which is an opportunity for them, Furthermore, the adoption of the language benefits the United States too.

In conclusion, according to several experts, several significances contributed to the officializing of English as a national language. However, some reasons hindered the United States from having an official language like a rule of law that is contained in the constitution. Many scholars ascertain that English by law would violate it because of its protection by the constitution. Besides this, English is important to America because it gives the country its identity and makes the state raise its standards by receiving various foreigners.

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