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Impact of COVID-19 on the United Kingdom Tourism Industry


China was where the Covid-19 Pandemic started 2019 in December and is still spreading throughout the world. To stop the spread of Covid 19, almost every government globally, including the United Kingdom, has come up with restrictions that they have imposed on both short and long travels (Voulgaris, Ferrini-Strambi, & Steimpoulos). Because of this, they are many concerns that different individuals have raised in the tourism industry. As a result of the departments in the United Kingdom that are involved in 2018, the U.K. could produce 6.7% of the total gross value in the country through the tourism industry (Turner et al., 2018). From that point, there are serious threats that have been raised by the Covid-19 Pandemic to the tourism industry in the United Kingdom from 2020 to 2021. The lockdowns and restrictions in the United Kingdom have acted as a barrier to long travels in the United Kingdom. But when the covid-19 Pandemic got controlled, these travels and operations in these areas were eased as time passed. It started with the opening of retails that were taken as unnecessary on June 15 and the corridors involved in traveling, with no issue with the quarantine issues in July. Still, it has had a considerable impact on these tourism industries in the United Kingdom. Some industries have been omitted or combined for static areas.

Meaning of Covid-19

Every narrative before covid-19 has been ruined, mainly in the development sector. All the governments in the world have imposed Lockdowns that have become the enormous scale in human history to control the Covid-19 Pandemic. The outcome of the Pandemic could be the source of many changes in business and human life, including tourism management, since almost half of the world population has adopted a restriction on a scale that is unprecedented. A new strain of coronavirus is the cause of Covi-19. Co stands for corona, Vi for the virus, and D for the disease (Gupta et al., 2020). The disease is also referred to as the 2019 novel virus or 2019-n CovSome intaglios results are expected to be felt as a result of movement Covid-19 mainly on the tourism industry, and as a result, the whole world economy will feel this impact. The Pandemic began in Wuhan in China in 2019 December and spread to other countries in February 2020. Some effects are mental as a result of the COVID 19, and it seems essential to know them appropriately and address these issues to control the spread of these infectious diseases directly.

Impact of Covid-19

The whole world has felt the impact of this Pandemic, mainly the U.K. Accordance to official data released on visits to the United Kingdom by residents from overseas up to Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020. As indicated by these estimations, in the second quarter of 2020, the overseas residents could only make ninety-six per cent6 lesser visits and used ninety-seven percent more inferior than in the second quarter of 2019. The data from the Civil Aviation Authority indicates how the international traffic for passengers in the United Kingdom dropped to 1.9% of its February 2020 level in April—being able to recover from a peak of 36.7 percent in August before it dropped again because of the restriction imposed, which was more. There was a fall in the domestic passage traffic that followed the same pattern, but it dropped at a slower pace after the peak in August as more international restrictions were put into place. Also, notably, the two types of passage traffic have had a similar performance in 2022, about their level in February 2020. On the other hand, in 2019, the international passenger was more seasonal. From data retrieved from the Home Office from the Advanced Passengers information given by the airline permits us to note the arrivals only and differentiate between every arrival and British nationals. The international passenger’s arrivals alone dropped to 112 300 in April from 6.8 million in February. The British appearances were about 56.5% of this at a national level. It was a rise of 5.6% points on the February proportion in February. As a part of all arrivals to the United Kingdom, British nationals dropped to thirty-three point six percent in June before rising once more to fifty-seven percent in August as the national restrictions were relaxed further.

Role of Tourism

Tourism possesses a vital role in the economy of every country. Tourisms mainly impact the economy through three different ways that are; indirect, direct, and induced impacts (Vellas, 2011). The structure and the impact of the tourism industry determine the economic sector on a country. The effect of the tourism industry on the employment and economic growth of a country is positive. There is excellent and quantifiable data and support that tourism has to both economic growth (via measures of GDP) and employment, which is both indirect. The overall impact that tourism has had on income is chaotic because of the limited evidence on income and positive wages and income effects at a global level. The comprehensive available data indicates positive revenues on the income and positive impacts on both poverty and livelihood. There are indirect, direct, and induced impacts on the local economies. They can mainly be different between countries. Founded on these sector structures and most critical on how well linked tourism activities are with the locally available economy. The United Kingdom economy is now begging to recover. It does not come as expected that English tourism now makes up to eighty percent of the U.K.’S visitor economy, and in the years 2019, it was able to generate more than 100 billion Euros. Normally every year, tourism made up to at least one hundred and six billion Euros of the total U.K. economy and supported three million eight hundred employees. Most of these employments are held by young individuals. By 2025, there is an expectation that tourism will be worth more than ten percent of the GDP.

Tourism has vital importance to almost every section of the nation, from the Scottish Highlands and Lake District. However, it is essential to London that mainly records thirty million tourists every year. More than 23.1 billion Euros was used in the United Kingdom by tourists from other countries in the year 2017. The Data retrieved from VisitBritain indicates that the United States of America is still the most vital inbound market, with the American Visitors who have an expenditure of 2.1 billion in 2010. Regardless of this, the number of travelers who originate from Europe is much more significant than those who travel from North America: twenty-one million five hundred thousand compared to the three million five hundred thousand Canadian OR American visitors. The U.K. is the one that hosts a total of thirty-two world heritage sites, the eighth in the whole world (Zhang et al., 2021). The lonely planet travel guide voted for U.K. number 2, after Bhutan, it is one of the best nations in the world to be visited in the year 2020. Among the most popular cite are London, Manchester, and Edinburgh. Notable attractions include the Palace of Westminster, Castle, and London Eye. All of these act as an indication of how critical the tourism industry is to the United Kingdom.

The Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has heavily impacted the sector in 2021 and 2020, together with the government restriction in the United Kingdom and worldwide acting as a hindrance of tourism for long periods. Data retrieved from the Civil Authority indicates how international passage traffic at the United Kingdom airport dropped to 1.9 percent of its February 2020 level in April, which has recovered from a peak of thirty-seven percent in August before failing again as a response to raise its restrictions (Rust et al., 2021). It was followed by the domestic passenger traffic as the same pattern, regardless of it falling at a rate of slower pace after the rise in August as more international restrictions were put into place. Also, the two types of passenger traffic have had a performance that is the same in 2022, as their level in February 2020, while in 2019, international passenger traffic was far more seasonal. The Data retrieved from the Home Office, retrieved from Advanced Passenger Information, was given by the airline to permit us to identify arrivals alone and make a diction between British and all Arrivals in the whole nation. International passengers arrivals dropped from six million eight hundred thousand in February 2020 to 112 300 in April, that was 56.5 % who were British nationals. It was an increment of 5.6% points on the February proportion. As part of the proportion that arrived in the U.K., These British nationals dropped to 33.6% in June before rising to fifty-seven percent in August after the restrictions were relaxed. Nineteen thousand eight hundred sixty-two passenger vehicles in April 2022 traveled compared to 227,393 in the same month for the year 2019. It was a drop of 91.3%. It included motorcycles, cars, and vehicles with caravans, trainers, coaches, and campers. Of the companies engaged with travel issues and tourism, accommodations for visitors saw the lar5gest percentage fall in employment (-21.5%). Beverage and Food serving activities observed the same percentage falls, but the industries were able to make forty percent of the job in tourism and travel during the three months up to March 2022. After the relaxation that was part of the restrictions in the U.K. There was a rise in passage traffic to a peak of 267,942 in August, which decreased the same month in 2019.


Tourism is vitally critical to every part of the United Kingdom and other sectors. There have been devastating impacts on money, business, and the job that have been lost because of the Pandemic. The Covid-19 flare-up spread has a severe impact on industry and community. Tourism and travel academicians and policymakers must consider this pandemic tragedy and how it will advise tourism industry practices. The concern that is on the tourist about how they can reach their destination; therefore tourism practisers must make consider of the strategies that prevent the spread of the Pandemic, ponder, and the public health and make a plan that possesses a positive shift to the travel industry as per the Pandemic. Most countries are also coming up with ways to create a more resilient economy after COVID-19. They include making plans for preparation to support tourism recovery and rethinking tourism for the future.


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