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Immigration Has Become a Contentious Topic for Everyone

People have been moving to the USA from their native countries in quest of a better life for themselves and, especially, for the loved ones they have brought with them, which has made immigration a problem for the country for many years. Immigration is relocating to a nation other than one’s own. With residents from each of the seven continents, the United States is highly multicultural. People from all cultures have the chance to teach and learn something new in this diversified nation. A program can be put in place to welcome and inform immigrant students about the benefits of attending American Schools. Not only will people learn more, but more diverse viewpoints will enter the country, the economy will grow, and everyone will gain from sharing experiences and expertise. Even if many individuals think that the United States should not let more immigrants enter the country, I believe that the government and natives citizen should let immigrants into America without discrimination because of their positive impact.

Immigrants have a beneficial effect on American intellectual achievement. For instance, immigrant students themselves have high goals for their professional futures. Expectations for higher education and employment are frequently self-fulfilling prophecies. Hence, students with ambitious but reasonable expectations for the future are more likely to put more effort into their studies and utilize the educational possibilities. PISA findings reveal that many immigrant students thrive in school despite the significant difficulties and obstacles they encounter, which is a credit to their determination, motivation, and openness, as well as those of their families (OECD, 2015). These very driven students can significantly improve their host countries if they can overcome the dual disadvantages of poverty and immigrant heritage. Also, they make a significant contribution to American scientific research and development. Since they work on innovative projects, cooperate with academics, and develop a variety of disciplines. Their efforts may result in innovations in various fields, including science, technology, and medicine.

Beyond academic achievement, social environments where immigrant students integrate into their new society influence how much they feel they belong there. In Miriam’s consideration, it is clear that she thinks that attitudes about immigrants need to change. Since they put much effort into the most outstanding schools in the United States, they will eventually enhance their families and communities (TEDx Talk, 2016). Ethnic and cultural variety fosters a supportive learning environment for academic success. In this approach, integrating immigrant kids into the classroom or school could help native peers benefit from their contributions. Also, more immigrants will desire to study in a country with better educational performance. However, students from economically stable nations can connect their hometowns to where they currently attend school in the United States. Improvement results from this link because if students opt to stay and apply what they have learned and already know, they may launch a firm as entrepreneurs and generate jobs. If a target could be identified, the United States would have more business potential and could create jobs they could not develop abroad.

Immigrants bring beneficial economic and social effects on host countries which is opposite to migratory. For instance, Immigrants boost the host country’s production and employment, provide new job opportunities for local laborers, provide the required skills for economic expansion, generate creative ideas, advance international trade, and positively impact long-term budgetary stabilities. The key to optimizing immigrants’ contributions to growth and production, decreasing their possible influence on the economy, and reducing the possible effect on criminal activity is integrating immigrants into the job market (Pivovarova & Powers, 2022). Therefore, the expansion of the workforce, rise in cultural variety, the filling of skill gaps in employment opportunities, and an increase in the regional economy are all positive impacts on migration in host countries.

Moreover, it minimizes competition for jobs by reducing unemployment. The demands for food, water, healthcare, education, and natural resource are all decreased as a result. Once they have acquired new information and skills in the host country, migrants benefit their home countries when they return. Also, Remittances are produced by migration, and despite their hazy macroeconomic implications, they represent an important source of income for many underprivileged households. Also, migration encourages FDI (foreign direct investments), global trade, and knowledge transfer. They pay tuition fees, rent housing, purchase goods, and services, and support local businesses, contributing to the U.S. economy (OECD, 2015). Bring Net benefit to tax collections as well. Due to their higher likelihood of being young and employed than native-born Americans, immigrants boost government revenue.

In this regard, I will be convinced in the future that immigration stimulates the economy. When immigrants enter labor markets, the economy’s gross domestic product and output grow. Their income rises, but so do the residents as well. Only a small part of the local population gains from the “immigration surplus” in terms of higher GDP. Immigrants boost the labor market by filling gaps in specific professions and industries where there is a relative scarcity of highly trained employees, which could otherwise result in sluggish growth and contribute to the immigration surplus. It is interesting to note that increased innovation among immigrants also seems to increase it among natives. Because they are concentrated in STEM fields with high research and development and entrepreneurial activity, immigrants innovate more than natives. Additionally, develop networks in the US on a personal and professional level by forging durable connections with American coworkers, mentors, and collaborators. These relationships could enhance future international cooperation, diplomacy, and commercial ties, strengthening international relations and promoting understanding (Pivovarova & Powers,2022).

In conclusion, the United States should reconsider its stance on immigration, given its overall positive effects. It is interesting to note that increased innovation among immigrants also seems to increase it among natives. Since most are concentrated in STEM fields with high R&D and entrepreneurial activity, immigrants innovate more than natives. Additionally, international students provide a variety of viewpoints, cultural experiences, and customs to American schools. This cultural interchange enhances the learning environment and fosters tolerance, respect, and worldwide awareness of various cultures. Many overseas students are bright academically and highly driven. By conducting research, participating in conversations, and imparting their specialized knowledge and abilities to their American peers, they support the intellectual life of American programs. This raises the standard of education as a whole and encourages cooperation and creativity. Also, Immigrants students have creative ideas and a desire to start their businesses. Some people decide to start enterprises or startups in the US, creating jobs and economic growth. Their business ventures frequently provide innovative goods, services, and technologies that advance American civilization. Thus, the US gains from the contributions made by these immigrants while they are studying and in their future jobs, strengthening its position as a leader in research, innovation, and education worldwide. This is made possible by drawing exceptional people from all over the world.


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