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How Outside Interests Shape U.S. Government

Democratic contender for Georgia, Stacey Abrams. If she hadn’t lost to Brian Kemp in the 2018 mid-term elections, she might have become the first black woman to serve as governor of the United States. I believe Stacey Adams is morally fit to serve the people well and ethically. Stacey Abrahams is qualified to run for office since she has an impressive educational background. In the year 1995, Stacey Adams graduated with a B.An in Interdisciplinary studies from Spelman College (Mavadiya, 2018, Par 9). At the University of Texas, she studied Public Policy. At Yale Law School, she was awarded a Juris Doctor. Stacey interned at the Environmental Protection Agency. Then at Sutherland Asbill & Brennan, she worked as a tax attorney. At the age of 29, she was appointed as Deputy City Council. Stacey Adams co-founded New Corp, a financial service firm where she was a senior vice president (Mavadiya, 2018, Par 10). Stacy founded Nourish as well. It is a baby beverage company. Stacey is also a well-known writer going by the alias Selena Montgomery. In 2007, Stacey was the minority leader of the Georgia House of Representatives (Mavadiya, 2018, Par 13). Stacey Adams was the first woman to lead a party in the House of Representatives.

Stacey Adams is a Democrat, and her plan of fighting for voter’s rights, ending poverty, gun control, environmental policy, and better and affordable healthcare align with the Democratic Party agenda (MoneyMaker, 2022, Par 8). She was endorsed by her political party, the Democratic Party. Stacey Adams is an advocate for affordable healthcare. Stacey Adams believes that to promote physical and mental well-being and financial security, and everyone should have access to high-quality, reasonably priced healthcare services. She is vouching for the expansion of Medicaid. Stacey Adams also wants to work towards retaining and maintaining healthcare workers since there is no healthcare service without healthcare workers (The Communications Network, 2019, Par 32). She also wants a health equity team to be established to help with the issue of inclusivity for people suffering from chronic illness to be included in medical research drug trials. Stacy also believes in environmental action as a policy. She believes every individual has a right to clean water and air (The Communications Network, 2019, Par 35). Stacey Adams wants to achieve that through doing and pitching a green energy mapping plan to investors. Also, through expansion of the carbon isolation registry. She also wants to achieve this by protecting our water supply systems and developing an environmental technology workforce. By developing a technology workforce, employment opportunities will increase, therefore dealing with the issue of unemployment as well (Luneau, 2022, Par 4). Lastly, she wants to establish a savings plan for taxpayers known as the green savings plan.

The Human Rights Commission endorsed Stacey Adams; this was for being a great ally to the LGBTQ community (Luneau, 2022, Par 5). She was also supported by Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party candidate. According to Luneau (2022, Par 7), She was also endorsed by Bernie Sanders, who believed that her solutions were fundamental to the lives of working people. Cory Booker and Kamala Harris also supported her. In her politics, she was endorsed by Donald Trump despite different political divisions (AP News, 2022, Par 1).

Stacey Adams is my best candidate because her Agenda caters to the real needs of the people, showing she has the people’s best interest at heart. This is supported by her Agenda on clean air and affordable health care, which is very important to the common person. Stacey Adam’s study and work background show that she’s ready and qualified to handle the tasks that come with the position, making her a fit candidate. Because of her visions and development agendas, she received support from politicians from different political divisions depicting acts of good leadership and governance.


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