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Higginbotham’s Letter on Confederate Statues

ASALH’s president Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham wrote a letter to the citizens of ASALH concerning their stand on the Confederate monument. She responded towards white chauvinist trudge in Charlottesville with its discriminatory and anti-sematic catchphrases in protest of the elimination of Allied General Robert E. Lee statue. The president stated that the association for analyzing African American lifetime and past to discards the suitability of remembering people whose sustenance of oppression steered them to refute their nobility to the United States. She revealed that the citizens of ASALH do not clench as conquerors men who presumed the actions that resulted in fighting and created their own distinct nation and government. The president revealed that the former government had its state capital, leader, congress, army, and particular economic system. She claimed that all these practices were performed to preserve the activities of forming another distinct nation. The president claimed that ASALH distinguished between the founding fathers’ inspirations, which caused civil war and the formation of the Association.

The president addressed that America’s founding fathers; however, prominent members supported the keeping of slaves, and this group claimed to be patriots. This group of people went to war equipped with words of fairness for the human race and unchallengeable rights of life, freedom, and the quest of contentment. The president claimed that the founding fathers were unsound men; despite this fact, the men compiled a document in 1776, announcement of Liberation that would motivate succeeding groups to endeavor to make its wording ring true.

The president revealed that in 1840s to 1850s African American superiors Fredrick Douglas, Henry Highland Garnet, and Sojourner Truth implemented the affirmation arguments to request liberty for those who were used as slaves and the privileges for women. President Abraham Lincoln raised the language and essence of the affirmation in his celebrated Gettysburg speech around 1863 in the middle of the civil war. To re-count to what George Washington and Thomas Jefferson with the Associated President Jefferson Davis and General Robert Lee signified further a simple imprecision. She claimed that such a declaration characterizes the very converse of the connotation of the Pledge of Allegiance.

Evelyn Brooks Higginbotham wrote that ASAHL citizens track in the custom of its originator Carter G Woodson, who acclaimed the governance of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. In performing that, though, she addressed that Woodson requested responsiveness to an extra broad and authentic interpretation of the ancient record. Woodson claimed, “They had to acquire fewer of George Washington. In addition, they had to learn about the Negro soldiers who took part in the American Revolution and assisted information forming this ‘Farther of Our County’ conceivable. We should not be unsuccessful to escalate the scarce influence of Thomas Jefferson to liberty and equality. Still, we have to request consideration to one of his unresolved generations, Benjamin Banneker, the statistician stargazer.” Concerning the political war, Woodson stressed, “They have to continue paying honor to Abraham Lincoln, but they had to attribute admiration to the Negroes who were congregated into service of the Union before it could be conserved, and those who established bravery and they were permitted to liberty and nationality.” In concluding the letter, she claimed that ASAHL links in unity with those people and administrations that reject allied monuments with a constant pledge to freedom and fairness for all.


ASALH. (2021). ASALH’s Position on Confederate Monuments – ASALH – The Founders of Black History Month. Retrieved 15 December 2021, from


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