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Health Determinants of Veterans

Problem Identification

There are numerous mental illness-related disorders that veterans suffer from, such as traumatic brain injury (TBI) related to memory problems, fatigue, and mood swings due to a significant blow to the head or body. Additionally, posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD), thoughts of suicide, misuse of a substance, and depression are also mental health concerns that affect veterans. According to (Liu 2019), traumatic events such as assault and military combat can have a long-lasting negative impact, making it difficult for veterans to fit in the civilian community comfortably. Statistics and researches demonstrate depression as a crucial mental health concern among veterans. Nearly 15% of veterans aged 70 have a diagnosis of major depressive disorder, which is higher than the general population of adults 70 and older (Liu, 2019). Depression among veterans is linked to other conditions such as drug misuse, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts.

Problem Description

Depression typically leads to minimal energy, withdrawal from others, loss of interest in various actions individuals once valued, and sadness. It makes individuals experience fear and hopelessness concerning the future also have suicidal thoughts. A past study conducted by, Burant (2017) illustrates that depression is one of the significant common mental health concerns in the United States. This disorder conveys the heaviest burden of disability among psychological and behavioral disorders. In this study, the scholars affirm that stressful life events and genetic factors also cause depression. Health issues, for instance, thyroid gland problems and anemia, and drugs such as narcotics and steroids are also linked to causing depression. In the United States, a third of military veterans seeking initial care clinic have depression symptoms. A fifth of this targeted population has intense symptoms that recommend more analysis for major depression.

In contrast, an eighth have major depression that prompts medication with antidepressants or psychotherapy. The establishment of various care clinics for veterans has offered safe avenues and affairs for individuals to get psychological counseling and appropriate health services. The establishment of outreach services can improve the veterans’ affairs as a technique to enhance wellness.

Specific Health Determinants

Health determinants range from ecological, economic, socio-cultural, behavioral, and biological. These determinants are crucial in influencing the use and provision of mental services to enhance certain veterans’ character. Economic and socio-cultural are the determinants which can result in depression among veterans. For instance, finances can influence better health services, hence causing depression. The economic position of the veteran has an immense effect on the mental benefits as finances can be utilized for quality health care infrastructure. The socio-cultural aspect is defined in education, marital status, and community support. Lack of support from the community and family members prompts veterans, especially military veterans, to indulge in harmful practices such as drug misuse, which can deteriorate their health due to traumatic events that recur in their thoughts (Connolly, 2020). Veterans with better educational qualifications might be able to control the depression through involving in mental health care programs offered by practitioners because they recognize the importance of life measures. This involvement can result in the decrease of depression cases among veterans. In contrast, poorly educated veterans might seek other alternatives such as alcohol intake due to peer influence that alcohol can reduce depression, hence tremendously derailing their psychological health.

Predictions On How the Determinants Influence the Capability of a Successful Outreach

The health determinants such as economic position and socio-cultural can substantially affect the outreach success and health outcomes. In economic status, inadequate savings among veterans might make the experience difficult when seeking aid to overcome depression. Additionally, those with no income might be unable to enjoy basic needs such as food, clothing, and shelter resulting in depression among the set people. With outreach programs in regions with low financial status, it can render services that enhance the approach of minimizing depression despite their economic incapability. Additionally, the outreach’s well-documented policy and education sessions offered to the veteran improve health care outcomes and communication skills since most of the individuals would be enrolled in the program to help them battle depression (Connolly, 2020).

Community Outreach Strategy

According to (Connolly 2020), the vital model to obtain more veterans in the community would be incorporating a telehealth services system. This system would be essential in enhancing the psychological status of veterans. The technology advance can generate benefits and offer community outreach solutions since it can virtually establish efficient healthcare infrastructure for practitioners and individuals. Practitioners can reach the veterans confined in care clinics by involving them through mobile applications that are proficient in tracking their psychological status. The impact of the telehealth services system in mental health clinics has demonstrated evidence in promoting quality health care infrastructure despite health determinants associated with depression.

Resources For Strategy

The urge to install the telehealth service system is essential because it will assist in integrating information and contacts of the patients. the telehealth services will aid in promoting veterans to emphasize obtaining mental health services to help them overawed their cases of depression after they return from various professionals. Moreover, the training program is required to facilitate technology use among veterans and the service’s advantages to enhance their welfare. In this regard, the training will make the classification of veterans be conducted following their education qualifications and expertise to aid tailor the interventions that sustain the requirements of veterans. This system will improve communication skills and offer online support from individuals who have overcome depression by issuing an encouraging message to each other. With this system, well-structured policy and adequate counseling will reduce depression among veterans (Burant, 2017).

In conclusion, major depressive disorder is highly recognized in veterans, among other mental-related disorders. There are various causes of depression, ranging from biological to environmental factors. Incorporating an outreach program and implementing a telehealth service system can easily eradicate or reduce the health determinants linked to depression.


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