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Health Care in Spirituality

The definition of spirituality, apart from being worldly or worldly-minded, is thinking and behaving in a more spiritual way than mundane in nature. The battle between the body and the intellect is still going on today. Another way of putting it is that being spiritual implies being fulfilled with your spiritual wants rather than your bodily needs. It is important to have a spiritual viewpoint when coping with physical problems. According to Molloy (2020), providing health care without considering the core of spirituality might be counterproductive, particularly during a pandemic when mental health concerns are a significant source of anxiety.

It is taught by the teaching of the Trinity that there is a single God who is manifested in three people – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – and that these three individuals are distinct from one another. Even humans, let alone God, cannot comprehend the notion of the Trinity. God made us in His own image and likeness so that we would have the ability to make our own choices. It is true, however, that man fell into sin as a result of his own volitional decisions.

Because death is unable to pay the penalty for sin, a perfect sacrifice had to be offered in the person of Jesus Christ, who gave up his human body in order to qualify for that offering of redemption. Those who trust in Jesus Christ will never face spiritual death since they are united with him. Overall, salvation is God’s love shown through Jesus’ death and suffering on the cross to pay the penalty for our sins, and our trust in Jesus Christ leads to our salvation, which permits us to participate in spiritual activities that are beneficial to us.

When spirituality is included and practiced in health care, it has the potential to relieve suffering in the sense that giving health care with love, compassion, patience, and joy may increase health and well-being and reduce suffering (Damiano, Lucchetti & Peres, 2021). Although health experts play a critical role in inner healing (emotional and mental), physical healing is just a few seconds away. Within every one of us is the ability to heal ourselves.

A majority of the diseases and disorders we experience are caused by internal causes such as stress, anxiety, or worry. Putting our efforts into fixing these people’s inner difficulties will increase our chances of successfully assisting them in recovering from their physical illnesses. That we are spiritual creatures is shown by this. Rather than our bodily constraints, our spiritual issues drag us down far more. The incorporation of spirituality into health treatments is thus very vital since this is the only method actually to aid in the process of healing and recuperation.

From the film, I have learnt that spirituality in the nursing profession is inevitable. In the spiritual realm, believers believe in a supreme being ho created the heaven and earth including humans. Spirituality advocates for the love for one another as we love ourselves. This underscores caring for human who are in need in the nursing profession. Providing quality care professionally is regarded as love for the sick and this doing is in line with spiritual deeds. Notable, being spiritual motivates nurses to give their best to patients with the aim of elongating their lives on earth before they fade away. This has been regarded as a calling to serve people which is also embodied in spirituality.


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