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Halifax Health: Child and Adolescent Behavior Service Facility Project

Administrative structure and services provided

The Halifax health organization is a legislatively chartered taxing firm. Its administration is composed of a Board of Commissioners, and the governor of Florida usually appoints the Board. The organization comprises various systems that provide various components of care delivery (Curran et al., 2022). These include different approaches such as the Treatment team approach, patient and family involvement in the treatment process, and eclectic treatment approaches.

Mission/ purpose of the organization

The main mission of this organization is to be community health leaders. This is through delivering a superior patient-centered, cost-effective, and favorable environment. They also want to create a competent and accountable patient-centered team to provide services and care to the patient.

Historical Background

The District Hospital started operating on January 3, 1928. It started its operations with 125 functional beds and was founded by the state legislature. The hospital became a convalescent facility during World War 2. Later the hospital became an acute general hospital after its refunding and remodeling in 1947. Additionally, in 1985, the hospital was nominated as the only level-two Trauma Center in the area and thus changed its name to Halifax Medical Center (Curran et al., 2022). Other branches of this hospital, including the port Orange, provided services south side of Volusia County, and Deltona (open 2020) provided services for the residents in the surrounding regions. Currently, the hospital is rated among the 50 top cardiovascular hospitals in the United States.

Description of services provided and incentives

The facility is ranked among the best cardiovascular care facilities. The facility has also been an acute care facility for Florida’s brain and spinal cord injury programs since it chattered in 1985. It operates as the area’s only level 2 trauma center. It also caters to the area’s pediatric emergency care. The facilities have six health colleges and nine research institutions and centers. It also has two specialty hospitals (Curran et al., 2022). Additionally, it hosts physician medical practices and outpatient services throughout Florida. The hospital also has inpatient services, thus admitting patients who need cross-monitoring.

Overview and description of the organization

The organization provides a variety of services to the residents through its link to organizations such as tertiary hospitals, community hospitals, trauma centers, cardiovascular centers, and psychiatric services to the community in Florida and the United States.

Types of affiliation (profit or non-profit)

Affiliation is the type of relationship, either healthy or unhealthy, between a personal record and an organizational record or a relationship between two organization records. The facility entered an affiliation with UF Health Shand’s Transplant Center in 2017. The UF performed the first successful transplant in Florida state (Curran et al., 2022). This affiliation allowed the facility to serve more patients and save a life. Additionally, Auxiliary Inc, associated with Halifax, is an organization with an IRS ruling in 1970 and provides tax-deductible donations.

Organization structure (top-down/ leadership to staff breakdown)

The leadership includes a Board of Directors usually elected by the governor of Florida. It includes Chief Administrative/executive Officers and the top boss (Houser et al.,2019). He is responsible for every activity undertaken in the hospital., Vice president and Directors who verses the hospital’s corporations. Hospital Department Administrators, which include the top managers of each hospital department. Patient care managers directly oversee patients.

Population Served

The hospital provides exceptional care to every public member who visits the facility (Houser et al.,2019). It provides special care for accidents and patients with trauma, stroke, and neonatal requiring intensive care as it has a Neonatal ICU unit. It also provides inpatient and rehabilitation services in collaboration with Brook Rehabilitation.

Eligibility to be seen

Full write-off of hospital charges is entitled to patients whose family income is below 200% of the federal Poverty Guideline. Additionally, the hospital may cater to the charges for patients whose hospital expenses exceed 25% of annual family income (Houser et al.,2019). All the residents around the health facility Are eligible for proper healthcare

Introduction and Conclusion

The Halifax health organization was opened in 1928 and was founded by the state legislature. The main aim of its foundation was to provide health services to the community. It was later given a chance to become a trauma center (Houser et al., 2019). It is also among the best cardiovascular hospitals in the country.

We can conclude that the Halifax health organization is among the best and most important health organizations in the United States. It provides the residents with better services, such as cardiovascular and trauma care services. The organization’s main aim is to provide holistic care for the patient, thus promoting health.


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