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Growing the Good in Business

A business that is increasing in one or more ways might be said to be growing. No single overarching signal may be used for development (Eriksson, 2022). Instead, the emphasis may be placed on the many different signs of growth. The expansion of an organization is critical to ensuring its continuing success (Eriksson, 2022). It helps purchase assets, finance new projects, and recruit new employees. Additionally, it plays a significant role in the prosperity and expansion of enterprises. The Notre Dame Business Education Center is a facility that provides a substantial quantity of support that is of critical importance to the whole human species as a whole. The fact that students at Notre Dame Business Education Center are dedicated to advancing the public good via business is a significant motivating element in their choice to join the university. In addition, most students can go beyond shareholder value and profits when making decisions and instead base their choices on ideals and the greater good. This essay is a discussion of what good business means to me.

For me, running a successful business means striking a balance between my enthusiasm for providing excellent customer service and the need to keep my company solvent and expand. Problems will arise due to the asymmetry if either side of the equation is allowed to grow out of balance. In addition, running a successful company requires never coercing customers into buying things you know they do not want or desire. When you deliberate on growing your business, you must be prepared to face the challenges that naturally accompany that growth. You may reduce the uncertainty associated with running a business by devoting part of your time to planning out your company’s future course of action and strategy.

You will not only cultivate a dedicated following but also bring in new clients via word-of-mouth marketing if you provide excellent service to both your clients and your employees and make it clear how much you value them. When businesses positively impact the lives of their employees and customers, they are more likely to succeed. You will have to make several decisions and engage in strategic gambling to construct your company successfully. In the process of formulating growth plans, defining a strategic strategy is one of the most critical phases that must be taken. You will be able to take your firm to new heights if you invest the time and effort required to develop a comprehensive and practical strategy. A company’s strategic plan focuses on medium- to long-term goals and the underlying system for successfully achieving those goals. If you undertake long-term planning for your business, you can figure out what it is you want to get out of it in the long run, and then you can work out how to get there. It requires taking a break from the organization’s day-to-day operations to consider the broader picture and determine what should be emphasized.

Additionally, many business owners in small business centers do not have a comprehensive strategy for their company or organization. This is typically the case for two reasons: either they believe that strategic planning only applies to larger companies, or they have not prioritized it in light of more pressing day-to-day concerns. From my observations, many people who start their businesses do so with the notion that the concept alone would be sufficient to ensure their financial success. When there is a misunderstanding, decisions about new products, new personnel, new locations for sales teams, and new pieces of equipment are all negatively impacted. Some business owners could rationalize their inability to create long-term strategies by claiming that the global environment is too unpredictable. However, businesses that make plans for the aspects of their operations they can control are better equipped to deal with the elements of their operations that they cannot control.


Eriksson, T. (2022). Growing through Giving: The Role of Paying it Forward in Business-to-Business Marketing. Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, 1-22. https://doi/full/10.1080/1051712X.2022.2058543


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