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Global warming, Hoax or Fact?

Variations in coastal conditions, including atmospheric temperatures, increasingly recurrent marine heatwaves, acidification of the oceans, and lower oxygen saturations have been witnessed, and are projected to keep worsening. Frölicher et al. (2018) relate these variations to global warming effects and highlight that it creates vulnerability for marine ecosystems. Marine life including fish and plants depend on ocean water for provision. The rate at which these normal coastal conditions keep changing puts such existence at the risk of death. A similar study by Mikhaylov et al. (2020) notes that present-day climate change is due to the accumulation of carbon dioxide emissions. Carbon dioxide is produced by the combustion of fossil fuels. Such combustions are the efforts of human beings, and they are seen as being detrimental to the environment. This study by Mikhaylov et al. (2020), strongly believes that global warming is a threatening disaster that can only be mitigated through human’s remedying efforts like reduction of activities that produce more Carbon dioxide. Individuals ought to pay attention to pieces of evidence of global warming and ensure that they adopt best practices of curbing the threat since global warming is a fact.

Global warming prompts increasing degrees of melting snow and ice, exposing the land beneath the ice. According to Yadav et al. (2020), the Arctic ice has been dropping at a pace of 4.7 percent each decade during the last four decades, widening the gap in maritime heat transfer. Such a rising trend will result in the receding of glaciers and ice caps, as well as the erosion of seasonal snow cover (Kumar et al., 2020). When ice and snow keep melting, there is proof of climate change impacts. Practically anything vital to mankind, including flora, fauna, temperature, and the economy, is dependant on climatic conditions. If they are tampered with, they pose a threat to every aspect of human life. Conversely, surface water temperature and ocean circulation flow dynamics have been seen to impact weather patterns (Kumar et al., 2020). This shows that global warming is a factual concept and that increasingly threatens human life. Global warming is a scary fact that humans need the realization, to better improve their ways.

The ambient temperature surrounding the land surface is rising more rapidly. Weather reports throughout the world have been measuring the excessive earth’s temperature. The increase in atmospheric temperature is not uniform across the world (Deser et al., 2020). Some regions like the Arctic are warming at a rate greater than other regions (Deser et al., 2020). This has resulted in different health-related difficulties, including the development of illnesses associated with excess heat in the atmosphere. Trees are seen to play a vital role in the reduction of Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. According to a study by Prăvălie (2018), the rising human population is increasingly creating demand for more resources that can only be sourced from the environment. Some of the raw materials are acquired from trees, which have to be cut down to produce useful resources. Prăvălie (2018) presents a biology standpoint that believes cutting down trees releases much of the carbon dioxide, which is a greenhouse gas, that had been contained. This concept is logical, and the fact that it has been proven through research makes it relevant for the study. Rising temperatures are proof that global warming is existent, and humans need to reduce their cultivation from the environment.

Several scholars, however, dispute the notion of global warming and that humans are the key contributors to global warming. Vázquez‐Patiño et al. (2020) for instance, questions the reliability of climate models used to anticipate the impact of global warming. According to him, the modern computer-based simulations suggest that Carbon Dioxide is the primary climatic controller and that the Sun’s impact on the atmosphere is minor. Vázquez‐Patiño et al. (2020) dispute this discussion by pointing out that computer models are dependent on the individual who enters the data used in modeling the facts. For this reason, computerized models are seen as unsuitable approaches to measuring climatic change. Conversely, a study by Blick (2009) sees global warming as a fabrication due to insufficient genuine and consistent data to support the claims made about climate change. Blick (2009) believes that global warming is not a truthful concept, and instead, it is an ideology that is driven to deceive the public and frighten them into accepting the agendas of the United Nations. Arguments advocating that global warming is a hoax are oblivious of the vast amount of evidence proving that global warming is real.

Arguments claiming that global warming is a hoax, are based on presumptions made by scholars who have presented no evidence that global warming is not real. Their theories are founded on arguments seeking to find flaws in the methods used to ascertain the existence of global warming and human contributions to that effect. Scientifically proven literature holds more ground and that is why this paper insists that global warming is a fact.


Variations in coastal conditions, increasing degrees of melting snow and ice, and the rise in ambient temperatures surrounding land surface, are all indications of global warming calamity. The debate of whether global warming is a fact or a hoax has become the topic of heated discussions across public and scientific platforms, with opposing viewpoints and inferences emerging from both contenders. The disparities in viewpoints have muddled the situation and diminished the focus of government and private sector initiatives. The concept of global warming is a hoax, seems to be expanding, generating a growing trail of misguided persons in its aftermath. Amid the continuing debate over whether global warming is a hoax, a considerable amount of scientific evidence shows that global warming is a fact, and human activities are the key contributors to global warming. For this reason, individuals ought to pay attention to shreds of evidence of global warming and ensure that they adopt best practices of curbing the threat since global warming is a fact.


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