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Get 2 Test Scores

Executive Summary

The study will display the vitality of innovation and its advantages to an organization’s business. The study will showcase an actual image of developing a social proposition. The study will also display how technological innovations give growth to a business and in which process the business can grow by expanding its technology. Time management also plays an integral part in the development of the industry.


In this study, the discussion will be done on how to start and manage the project. The goal of this project is to show the ways it provides ideas related to the potential. This study will discuss the Get2Test Scores as well as the things that have been learned from this study will be discussed here in this study. The understandings that have been gathered from this study will also be stated. An action plan will be provided to help develop the weakness in the future. In the last part of the study, a conclusion will be added.

After analyzing the GET2 test result, one might have strengths in many parts of the characteristics related to driving and enterprising in many other related factors. One may also find that they are content to work on less work and, simultaneously, are happy to be enterprising, whether in employment or as an intrapreneur (Widjaja et al., 2020). At other times also voluntary community projects. It can be witnessed that if they have ambitions in their life, they will be able to innovate and grow their business, which can be beneficial. Only achievements are one of many things that are considered a priority. Therefore, setting up and keeping an enterprise requires hard work and commitment.

On the other hand, someone might identify them as independent, individualistic, and very much determined enough though they might be very joyful about working as an intrapreneur or as a valuable work of the company’s team. Beginning a business for the company is nothing but an option for them (Benzaghta et al., 2021). One can be equally happy to work as a worker as a part of a company’s team or else on their project.

On the other hand, it is okay to have a score that is not high or low rather than medium, and then one can identify themselves as a creative person. Besides, they are well at searching and adequately using the latest technologies. This can also be innovative and productive in a process they might apply and develop their self-skill. If someone is willing to create several innovative methods, then they may also be considered to develop skills that are very much creative. It can also be witnessed that the proper condition of creativity is in a relaxed space where they restrict critical thinking and thinking very much fixedly on issues and then use technologies to reduce it. These technologies include brainstorming and mind mapping, which help obtain several ideas (Widjaja et al., 2020). Several parts of the methods related to creativity involve much idleness to allow the subconscious to work on several pictures at a time, which is the incubation phase. If a person can measure risks, then the person might have some qualities, such as self-awareness, and can adequately access the capability. They might have good analytical also are good at calculating the advantages related to the cost of actions. They might be oriented with their goal and set themselves challenging yet attainable goals.

Ranked SWOT analysis

Strengths Analyzing the results of the GET2TEST has helped me with several types of strengths related to enterprising.

This study also helped me in enhancing my knowledge as well as learnings about how to become self-oriented.

It also helped me in developing my parts related to solid task orientation.

Weakness Managing time is the biggest problem that I face. This study has given me an idea, such as how to manage time. Nevertheless, I need help managing my time.

I lack in believing in myself. While doing any work, it is necessary to have faith and belief in oneself. Nevertheless, I need to improve in this part too.

After analyzing the result, I have enhanced many parts of mine, yet I lack risk recognition.

Opportunities This study has helped me take responsibility for navigating issues and showed me how to succeed.

I have come to know about many areas related to the business that will help me in the future.

This has helped me develop my skills and knowledge about the importance of technology for risk identification.

Threats While analyzing the study, I came to know about several kinds of threats that arises at the time of starting a business.

I will face several threats from this learning when starting my own business.


Reflection on Learning during ENT 141

I have learned many things from this course, such as this course has helped me in believing that achievement is not only the priority in life. One needs to work very hard to achieve something. Achievement can be completed in the later part of life, also. It is not that one needs to achieve something as soon as possible. I have learned that it takes time. I have learned from this course that someone happy will feel independent, individualistic, and determined. The study has shown me different parts to help me in my future work. I have also learned that creativity is the primary tool to grow a business significantly. With creativity and innovative technology, a company can be developed and extended—this idea I will use when I start my own business. The innovative technologies will be very beneficial and provide much productivity to the company. Both the Project 1 and Get2Test results have similar thoughts, and I have seen the same ideas between both parts.

The course has provided every possible idea related to risk identification ways (Benzaghta et al., 2021). I have learned many things from it, yet I need to improve in some areas. I will again gather knowledge regarding that to get more learnings on it. This study has helped me in believing in myself. Therefore, I gained trust in myself, and I can achieve everything in life and will do better at work when I start my own business. It is essential to take responsibility in some parts. This will enhance the work development in the future. As if I create my own business in the future, I also have to take responsibility for many people working under me in my organization. Therefore, if I know the ways from earlier, then it will help me in the future.

Action Plan

Several times my confidence level could have improved. Therefore, I need to enhance my self-confidence because, several times, the work I have been given will not be completed, and I will not be able to do it. Therefore, I need to develop my self-confidence and trust myself. This study has made me trust myself, and after analyzing and understanding this study in the right way, I can enhance my self-confidence.

I need to improve in managing my time. I cannot complete any task within the proper amount of period. I need to develop my time management skills; otherwise, I will face problems related to managing time in the future. I can finish my work within the proper time.

I need to gain knowledge of the methods by which I can recognize the threats that the company can face in the future. I need to enhance my understanding even more, or else I will face several issues in the future. Hence, I will learn more knowledge about it.


The above analysis shows that starting a business needs many innovative ideas, as only some can be achieved with them. Innovation is an important part that a company’s business requires the most. Therefore, to grow a business, one needs to utilize innovative tools to help them recognize threats and create a creative business. Creativity is the most vital thing needed in the business to expand it.


Benzaghta, M. A., Elwalda, A., Mousa, M. M., Erkan, I., & Rahman, M. (2021). SWOT analysis applications: An integrative literature review. Journal of Global Business Insights, 6(1), 55-73.

Widjaja, B., Sumintapura, I., & Yani, A. (2020). Exploring the triangular relationship among information and communication technology, business innovation, and organizational performance. Management Science Letters10(1), 163-174.


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