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Exploring Social Impact: A Journey Towards a More Inclusive Future

Impact of the Study 25 Years from Now

Analysis of different articles for the study proved that people have different views on heterosexuality, which consequently influences the management of gender identity. Williams studied the world’s social scene constructs and discovered that accepting Western Judeo-Christian tradition caused people to perceive how everyone in society is expected to behave (Williams 73). Consequent growth in the world’s culture caused the Berdache tradition to be discovered as one whereby men could not strictly fill masculine characters and participate in alternative gender roles without limiting themselves that influence their sexual relations with other men (Williams 73-75). In the future, based on the perspective, the concept of the Berdache tradition requires a cultural review to ensure acceptance of the people is implemented as long their societal structures accept such behaviors. Communities can eliminate issues affecting traditions that handle their gender duties differently since such activities usually give people a unique sense of belonging and acceptance in society.

In African tradition, an ethnic group called the Maasai state that circumcision using a sharp knife is a mandatory rite of passage for men or women so that they prove to advance from childhood to adulthood effectively (Ole Saitoti 66). A display of bravery was a concept of circumcision as the author discussed how his event had taken 15 minutes, which was longer than expected, yet he remained steadfast on the operation to ensure his adherence to traditional regulations remained valid (Ole Saitoti 70). Traditional values of the Maasai tradition regulated people’s behavior during circumcision by causing them to persevere through different pain levels until their circumcised manhood healed, all to display bravery (Ole Saitoti 70). In the future, the impact of this study is that people can realize the strict regulation of men’s and women’s behaviors whereby they are all expected to integrate specific roles in their lives to conform to strict traditional activities. There is an issue here as the author narrated the painful ordeal he experienced yet could not complain since tradition dictated such events were mandatory for advancing into adulthood.

Heterosexuality has been accepted as normal sexuality that ensures men have intense sexual passions for women while women only integrate the same feelings towards men (Ambrosino). A review on why people considered heterosexuality as the norm was conducted, indicating how the structure was the one socially accepted while other forms of sexuality were a concept influenced by the type of nurture people were provided with (Ambrosino). Interviews of different people proved their perception that different forms of sexuality could be inherent factors that people are born with and then handle sex in ways that seem appropriate to them. In the future, varying arguments can occur while handling sexual adaptations, the persons involved attained unique adaptations in conjunction with the fact that sexuality is a concept people can be uniquely integrated into society so that they do not feel marginalized. Based on these concepts, the strict regulation of heterosexuality is acceptable due to Christian and Jewish scriptures with regulate ethics (Ambrosino). Change in the perspective different people integrate is valid to display how improvements in social acceptance for people with diverse sexuality can get accepted.

The concept of sex-reassignment surgery has been common, as proved by the case of Nicole, who was assigned the name Wyatt birth. Nicole was born as a boy with an identical twin, but as he grew up, he started wearing dresses and then seemed excited at the idea but became confused when his father initially admonished his behavior (Nutt). Influence of the topic 25 years from now can change how people perceive sexual anatomy since current stipulates that the world has genetic males (XY chromosomes) or genetic females (XX chromosomes) (Nutt). A difference between gender identity and genitals was explained clearly in the study since Nicole became a transgender who preferred wearing girls’ clothes all the time and then had his name changed officially by a court (Nutt). Future reviews of such an event can indicate how people can experience gender reassignment surgery in connection with their mental perception of who they are. Communities can be more accommodating to persons who prefer to change their genders since such activities occur based on unique acceptance of their preferred physiological structures.

Relevance of the Topics and Methods of Handling the Issues

The relevance of the topics today is related to the fact that people require an assessment of gender roles to facilitate acceptance of people into society in a way that does not cause them to feel marginalized. The world has already developed with a dominating perspective of gender identity, whereby people are expected to be men or women. Lack of consideration of different people’s feelings creates a marginalized society for people with different gender identities who are considered abnormal. I know of a young man in my community who decided to undergo sex reassignment surgery at fifteen, and his parents supported him. When people in the community learned about this, there were diverse arguments on whether such an action was acceptable based on Christian values and ethical stipulations.

Inherent religious and ethical beliefs cause people to find sex reassignment improper. Analysis of the concept of gender using the cognitive development theory and social learning theory all regulate how people validate their behavioral adaptations in ways that influence change in social acceptance. Using the unique approaches of different religions, there can be an accurate review of how people can change their acceptance of gender identities and methods of regulating behaviors so that an increase in freedom of sexuality can occur.

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