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Evaluation of Services That I Consumed Last Week

Public transport service

The public transport service did not meet my expectation since the bus was being Overspeed. Though the bus was very comfortable they failed since they did risk our lives as during the high speed the driver had less control and in case of an accident we could have perished. The service failed probably because they wanted to increase the rate of productivity by serving many customers within a limited time.

If I was in charge of public transport, I would apply “Garvin’s 8 dimensions of quality” which include performance, features, reliability, conformance, durability, serviceability, aesthetics, and perceived quality which would improve the service competitiveness as its standards would rise (Syahrial et al., 2018). In my analysis, the service met aesthetics, conformance, and features but due to the high spend, it was not reliable, durable, having good performance, service, or good quality. Thus, I would set maximum speed limits to control the high speed and improve it.

If the service manager wanted to, they could lower costs and reduce prices by lean production. That is disciplined production for the purposes of reducing cost (Nicholas, 2018). Such include where the bus does not transport half capacity but the full capacity to effectively lower fuel consumption. They should also examine the cost structure to find out the potential for reducing costs such as laying out extra labor.

When something goes wrong the service copes by exchanging buses since there are many buses for use. However, if it’s something serious like breaking the law there is a delay of services.

The supplier of the transport system in the automotive industry. They supply them with the automotive vehicles used to transport the public.

When there is a fluctuation of demand the service copes by reducing the prices to gain a competitive advantage over the day, weak, or year. They also employ fewer people on off-peak months during the year.

To deliver the service effectively the transport service system should concentrate on improving its strategy and operations. That is, they should be consistent in their decisions such as not speeding and it will enable the organization to move in the right direction. The organization should also be united, move in one direction focusing on goals and objectives to achieve all its mission.

Restaurant service

The service did not meet my expectations as there were a lot of delays. They failed as they consumed lots of time before serving me probably because there were lots of customers and few waiters to serve them.

If I was in charge of managing the restaurant services, I would manage it by positioning the service appropriately via cost, speed, quality, and flexibility to improve the service delivery. I would apply the value-based quality where the restaurant’s products would satisfy the customer’s needs at acceptable prices (Bozic et al., 2014). I would prioritize the customers and make sure they receive quality services and food that is beyond their expectations. That is, instead of relying upon order qualifiers where is meet the minimum characteristics, I will focus on order winners where the enhancement supersede the minimum characteristics (Pavlyukovich & Geshtaryova, 2019).

If the management wanted the service could be delivered at a lower cost and the service and product lower the prices by reducing the wastage. The restaurant should prepare meals based on appropriate estimates of output so that they could only use the required input and not excess. They should compute their output and input ratios and determine the right input to avoid overproduction and wastage.

When something goes wrong in the restaurants there are lots of delayals. For example, when the payment system fails the customers have to wait till their payment is processed. Also, if there are power disruptions the customers wait till an alternative source of backup is connected. Thus, the restaurant in case of hiccups is characterized by delayals.

The restaurant’s suppliers include the local people and some imports from neighboring regions such as Mainland China. Most of the products being cooked are imported from Mainland China and others are supplied by local farmers. The electronics being used in the restaurants are imported from Taiwan.

The restaurant copes with demand fluctuations by reducing production rates. Some times of the day such as the early morning when people are taking breakfast, mid-day while people take lunch, and, in the evening, when people consume dinner. Other times the demand for the restaurant services and products is likely to be low and there are low productions. During the month and year when there is reduced production, the restaurant provides outside catering services to sustain its income and profit margins.

To deliver the service effectively the restaurant should focus on speed. It should employ enough staff for fast moves to reduce customer waiting times. That will also increase customer response speed and be flexible to customer’s needs, tastes and preferences. In that case, it will gain competitiveness as the quality and standard of the restaurant services will rise.


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