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Ethics and Cultures in Leadership


Ethics and culture in leadership make the leaders consider the people’s background, experiences, cultures, and religions promoting good leadership qualities. A good leader must practice three important leadership skills that are having a vision, being motivational, and being able to communicate to the people. Vision makes a leader have something great in his mind about what he or she is going to offer to the people and helpful to everyone. Be a motivator by encouraging people in their daily practices and even doing good things to them as a model of motivation. Communicate on the projects in progress to avoid misunderstanding between a leader and the nation and inform them of all changes and it is enhanced through communication. Therefore this is a discussion entitled to discuss the ethics and culture in leadership and the main practices a leader should do for him to have a good rule era.


Strategic vision for a leader in an organization it’s important since it enhances transformation and makes a leader have a certain goal to achieve. Leaders now come up with their rules and plan the organization in a different manner that enables them to cut off the old practices and introduce new ones. Through this strategic vision, leaders are now able to connect with the people and create a strong bond between the leader and the people. Also, it leads to the distribution of leadership all over the organization. Distribution of leadership motivates the people since the leader is interacting with them and the people are able now to communicate out their problems and developments they want. Thus the strategic vision of a leader makes things easy since the people under him are feeling to interact with him through connectivity with the people (Fernandez, A. A., & Shaw, G. P. 43 (2020).

Communication is a crucial tool that makes leaders build a strong bond and a good relationship with their people. Leadership is a connection between two parties that interact in their daily courses and they mostly interact through communications. A leader’s communications styles show how his vision will be taken by the citizens and their listening capacity will always be effective. Through the use of verbal aggressiveness, this expresses the leader’s facial expression and the people can judge the leader’s vision whether it’s true or just propaganda. The emotionality of the leader when communicating about his/her vision the people can now determine whether the leader has a concern. Also through the questionings to make the communication like a debate and people are now going to be more listening to hear the proposals? Thus the leaders should use these ways to communicate their vision and use better facial expressions (Brown, O., Paz-Aparicio, C., & Revilla, A. J. 6 (2019).

Motivation helps people to have positive thoughts about your leaders since you’re making them also look forward to major issues. Motivating as a leader brings the effects of the people under your rule to have positive thoughts and job satisfaction. Leadership entails motivation as one of the issues that make a leader good since he/she will be able to direct, mobilize the people, and influence them to work hard so that they can achieve a certain goal. Motivation makes people work towards a certain goal (Paais, M., & Pattiruhu, J. R. 580 (2020).

High ethical standards make a leader be in connection and it maintains respect with the leaders since it avoids the use of biased words between the two groups. The practice of the three major aspects such as vision, motivation, and communication shows that there are higher ethical standards and higher leadership practices.


According to the major practices, good leadership brings proper understanding and cooperation within the people. Also, we can know that a good leader is the one who has a vision for his people, motivates his people while working this leads to better production and reduces dependence rate among the people, and communication to avoid rumors spreading which can lead to even fights wanting for another leader. Through this leaders can even rule for more terms without the demand for elections of another leader.


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