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A Day in the Hand of a Project Manager

A project is a set of outputs and inputs needed to achieve a specific goal and can be complex or simple. Management refers to the administration and coordination of responsibilities to achieve a certain goalmouth. Project management refers to the application of procedures, skills, methods, experience and, knowledge to attain specific aims of the project while a project manager refers to an expert in the field of project managing. The article entails the roles of a project manager. These roles include preparation and execution of tasks, leading the squad to achieve a mutual goal, effectively giving work, synchronizing with clients, formulating plan B and, handling reports and documentation.

A project manager must formulate a plan to achieve more in less time and resources. It is the obligation of a project manager to find the coolest and quickest pathway on the way to achieving whatsoever it is that the consumer wants to get to (Subba & Shrestha,2016). Making this strategy is necessary to the working of the whole team and the results of the project.

According to (Karlsen and Torvatn,2021) the project manager should keep the crew’s exertion affiliated with everything that the association wants to accomplish. This would necessitate the manager to deliver everybody with the needed inspiration so that they can do their job to the best of their capabilities. The manager might also manage present workers’ job tasks.

Delegating responsibilities to teams wisely in every project is critical and thus every project manager needs to abide and be good in it. This responsibility should not be altered by the managers by accusing or humiliating the members, instead, it should help the members to become more effective in their abilities. Also, the weaknesses and strengths of the teams should be well understood by the managers which aid in giving out tasks to them accordingly.

A project manager should also synchronize well with the consumers. This can be done by negotiating about the necessities of the projects with the stakeholders and the clients. The manager conveys clearness to the stakeholders about how they should go about the project and everything that the team can do for them. In addition, the manager helps the clients to evaluate all the work and determine what needs upgrading and what needs modification.

In addition to the manager roles, the manager should also plan for unlucky circumstances and unanticipated events. A plan has to be made risk-proof so that all development is saved when and if shit hits the fan thus the director has to be conversant with the fundamentals of risk as well as transformation management. They must know how to organize for extra capital, manage time in tough situations and, have an alternative plan to validate the prospects of the clients.

After completing the project on time, the project manager has to offer suitable certification to present the final reports to clients and recognize the parts where there is a need for future expansion. This is done to uphold a record of what has been completed in the project and who has been involved in it and to guarantee that the project meets its requirements.

In conclusion, a good project manager should have effective communication, should be a skillful speaker, should have good leadership skills and, should use their critical thinking skills to pilot through complicated projects. Poor project management may result in activities costing more than planned, delays in the project schedule and, also the team members may be demotivated.


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