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Essay on Veganism

The shift of human habits into eating food plants away from animal products is a healthy activity for the planet. When people are engaged in eating the vegan, and vegetarian diet, the likelihood of reducing the gas emissions to the atmosphere increases, the shift to the vegetarian diet could lower the mortality rate by 10% and lower the green gas emission by 70% (Pollakova, et al., 2021). The animal products in production may require more resources, resulting in high greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the rearing of livestock would help lower methane production, which is among the major contributors of carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere. The idea of shifting towards vegan eating makes people stay healthy and lower the negative impacts on the environment. In addition, it supports most of the efforts put in place to lower gas emissions. While most factors have contributed to the destruction of the environment, the most prominent negative impact on the environment is the consumption of meat and dairy products.

Eating dairy foods and meat are the major causes of deforestation (Kustar, 2021). The food production of animals products is among the major impacts that cause deforestation. Meat especially has a great impact on the land. Most of the animals that are raised for slaughter are large in number compared to wild animals. Meat production accounts for about 14.5% of the greenhouse gas emissions. If the entire globe wants to lower greenhouse gas emissions, it will have to lower the production of animals used for meat purposes. In addition, the fluctuation of diet to the people may be necessary if the globe wishes to address climate change issues. When animals such as sheep consume food like grass, they tend to emit the gasses such as methane which are more powerful than carbon dioxide. The production of beef produces twice a carbon emission as sheep. The reason is that the cows take too long to mature and feed on more crops. The conversion of land for feeding animals makes the people engage in deforestation that severely impacts the environment.

Animals consume too much water, and the wastes from the animals can create water pollution. Wang, Sun and Lin state that “livestock and poultry are the major source of water, air and soil pollution” (Wang, Sun, & Lin, 2017). During heavy rainfall, the water waste and animal waste from the animals are always drawn into the sea, and they cause water pollution. When animal waste floods, it can easily contaminate the environment. Such wastes may contain pathogens, hormones, antibiotics and ammonia that contaminate the environment. When such waste comes across the drinking water, it can easily contaminate them. The animals consume much water compared to any other household water consumption. They require water for drinking, feeding activities, and farming for animal foods. Some other activities, such as animal sanitation, also create water loss. The activities around feeding animals create high water consumption while the animal waste results in water pollution.

Veganism helps in lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Anna states that “veganism reduces greenhouse gas emission by 21-70%” (Kustar, 2021). What people eat is among the major contributors to climate change. Eating a vegan diet is the biggest contributor to reducing carbon in the environment. Planting more crops for eating could help take more carbon gases emitted by cars and other animals. When more and more people shift to vegan consumption, the amount of carbon will reduce in the atmosphere and in the end; it will help curb the problems of climate change. Animal waste creates too much havoc in the ocean and creates water pollution. Besides, it affects aquatic lives. The importance of veganism is that it increases plant production, lower animal production and damages the environment in greenhouse gas emissions.

Veganism has a great impact on conserving land and lowering deforestation. According to Anna (2021) vegan diet reduces land use by 50-86% (Kustar, 2021). It takes too much land to rear animals used in meat and dairy consumption. Most people tend to clear large acres of land to grow crops for the animals and for the animals to stay. In return, they cause deforestation. The plant alternatives used in growing crops for consumption do not take as much space, and therefore there will be no need to cut more trees to create room for rearing animals. Further, more land for farming will be created. Moreover, the curbing of deforestation would help preserve the habitats for the wild animals and preserve the environment.

In conclusion, meat and dairy products consumption are among the major contributors to environmental problems and high climate change. The consumption of meats and dairy products makes people destroy the forests and even the habitats for wild animals. Consumption of the vegan diet proves to be the best alternative to protecting the environment and supporting healthy living. People should put maximum effort to avoid destroying the environment, including changing their eating habits and using foods that are friendly to the environment. Unless all individuals take action, the change in climate initiatives can only remain to be a dream.


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