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Essay on Servant Leadership


Egocentric leadership has shown to be one of the world’s most serious challenges, with self-serving leaders who believe that it is in their own interests for people to exist, rather than departing for the good of the people. The sharp contrast, on the other hand, portrayed Jesus as a servant leader who led by example after his death. For example, he was cited as stating, “I can serve, not to be served.” Jesus commanded respect from almost 2.1 billion followers throughout the course of history, establishing him as the greatest leader of all time as a consequence of his actions. It is for this reason that humans must emulate the methods in which Jesus led his followers. For this reason, the purpose of this group project is to expound on lessons acquired about selfless leadership and to put those teachings into practice in our everyday lives, including how this talent will affect future generations.

Servant Leadership

My core role was to explore biblical records to decipher why is important to read the Bible in depth so that one may better understand how Jesus would have led others and utilize this information to improve their leadership skills, as Googer (2017) remarked. The book “lead like Jesus” goes into great detail on what it means to be a servant leader in the way that Jesus taught his disciples to be. Studying and practicing servant leadership may have a positive influence on your own life and the lives of others you touch. Reading Spears’s work (2010) gives you the opportunity to get guidance from God. Deciphering Jesus Christ’s model of servant leadership via Gene has made it possible for today’s Church to thrive and for generations to come. It is safe to assume that Tyndale House’s (2004) revised version had a substantial impact on government officials, educators, businessmen and religious leaders. The “Jesus on Leadership” edition, which represented Gene’s lifestyle and professional talents and was focused on serving all leaders who had spent their lives seeking to serve and please God, is more proof that God’s enabling presence had resulted in a matching of spiritual gifts (Prime, & Salib, 2014). To recapitulate, if you want to emulate Jesus Christ’s servant leadership style, you must seek God’s guidance and favor. According to Gene’s testimony, God is able and willing to increase a person’s ability to understand and apply God’s servant principles in the course of daily life.

God deserves credit for his influence on Gene throughout the writing process of “Jesus on Leadership,” particularly because the subject of spiritual growth in churches has shown to be the most difficult to address in the church. As a result of the lack of actual spiritual vigor among many leaders in Christian congregations and organizations, there is an obvious need for spiritual oneness in most churches (McCallum, 2013). By ensuring that he would rectify most of what we see claiming to be Christian leadership, Gene confronts the issue.

As described by Somke (2017), a service culture is one that focuses on providing excellent customer service in a collaborative effort. Kokemuller (2016) explains how service culture may encourage employees to adopt a more customer-focused approach to their job while they are conducting their usual duties. For example, employees in the service and sales divisions highlight the demands of clients when giving aid or recommending a solution. To ensure that customers have a great experience with their purchases, several staff members work behind the scenes. On the other hand, building a service culture takes time and consistency, which is a lesson that should be taken into mind by everyone in the firm. Customers aren’t happy with McDonald’s according to an annual American Customer Satisfaction Survey. In the last two years, he has observed a 9 percent drop in consumers, which is the reason for his resignation. When McDonald was not happy with the results, he made a shift in his business strategy to include client input. He was able to handle consumer concerns about things like incorrect orders, lengthy lines, unfriendly personnel, and so on after realizing his faults as a result of their feedback.


Finally, in addition to demonstrating superior servant leadership, as Jesus did, to your workers, customers, and surrounding community, it is important to consider the following in order to establish a service culture. The first stage to take into consideration is soliciting input on the company’s services and goods, and then presenting performance data and changes as a result of that feedback. Next, learn to communicate effectively and consistently at all levels of the organization’s structure, beginning with the top management and working your way down. Learn to respect, reward, and recognize workers via service levels in the job description, salary, and assessment in order to push them to work more in order to further their professional development and advancement. You may also enforce regulations and training, set high standards and demand nothing but the best from your employees, retain the right to deny service as well as the authority to change, and support the right to freedom of expression in order to be a better leader and boost company.


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