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Essay on Lifelong Advocacy

The Social Change Project upholds the social work profession’s mission as it enhances the human well-being of community members. By ensuring that they have access to healthcare facilities and resources, the well-being of the people is promoted, which results in the upgrading of their health and life. In the process, the basic human needs of all people are also met as they have access to food, shelter, clothing, and access to clean water. In the process, they are not prone to infectious diseases and other issues about their health.

As a social worker, I must lead and facilitate social change, as is evident in the Project that has a lasting impact on communities and people’s lives. The Project emphasizes creating social value and lasting social impact. At the same time, ensuring that the Project is sustainable and the organization promotes social good. The Project further includes new products, processes, and services addressing social issues and improving human life quality at macro or micro levels. The establishment of social entrepreneurship initiatives leads to the implementation of social innovations, resulting in social value and social change. Social workers focus on innovation and creativity, which transforms the way business is conducted by organizations and the creation of social solutions. In the end, social problems are eradicated in the community, which leaves community members satisfied, happy, and fulfilled as their primary health needs are met.

The Project has also seen social workers actively engage in research and discussion on practices relevant to solving social issues in the community (Jansson, 2018). The Project has innovative ideas addressing social issues that design and carve new relationships. The mission also teaches social workers to provide various services for organizations, including needs advocacy and assessment. Moreover, the mission is rooted in core values embraced by social workers founded on unique purpose and perspective. They include social justice, service, integrity, dignity and worth, competence, and the importance of human relationships. Therefore, the Project manages to uphold the mission as it has managed to promote human relationships’ importance when relaying services. Social work encourages communities’ responsiveness to meet individual needs and social problems.

The dignity and worth of the person is the most negligible evident core value in the Social Change Project (National Association of Social Workers [NASW], 2021). The ethical principle looks at respecting the inherent dignity and worth of people. How people care and respect each other is in a fashion mindful of individual differences and ethnic and cultural diversity. The clients’ self-determination is not promoted. Therefore, in my future advocacy, I will ensure that the capacity of clients’ needs is enhanced and an opportunity for change and addressing one’s needs is enhanced by social workers. The dual responsibility to clients is what I will promote for the client’s interests. The broader society will be met entirely consistent with the ethical principles, values, and professional ethical standards.

The additional steps that I will take to ensure advocacy work continues are listening and communicating. I would also speak to other social workers and enlighten them on the importance of advocacy for their clients. The values can also be promoted by having more social workers learn how they impact their work and environment. It is also essential for me to look at new ways of embracing advocacy using the latest technology, which will help accept and acknowledge that innovation plays critical roles in policy advocacy and social change.


Jansson, B. S. (2018). Becoming an effective policy advocate: From policy practice to social justice (8th ed.). Cengage Learning.

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