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Essay on Global Warming

There are various environmental as well as social consequences of global warming. It is also important to note that human values play a central role in shaping beliefs and matters of climate change. This is because; human values are considered appropriate trans-situational aims, which vary in significance and acts as a guiding principle in the life of an individual or social entity. Therefore, under the prevailing effect of global warming on social values, it is essential to take note of the following:

The poverty index has been on the rise, and this is due to low food production as a result of global warming. The reduction in food production has resulted in starvation because the food produced is no longer sustainable for the ever-increasing population (Ackerman 56). Primarily, the change in soil organic carbon, to a greater extent, stimulates the supply of nutrients and water to agricultural produce.

On the other hand, since almost all the constituents of the soil are at risk due to global warming hence climate change. It will minimize the capacity of the ecosystem to operate normally (Brooke 24). This only means one thing that, indeed, our ancestors will never be happy with our generation of today. They would wonder what happed to massive agricultural produce. Before this disease called global warming, there were no such cases of people dying of hunger. Why has humanity lost value? Today it is a norm, and it is never a surprise to hear people dying of hunger.

Matters of health is another core value that is alarming due to the effects of global warming. Just like poverty, the society we live in today cannot guarantee an excellent health care service (Akbari 132). The food we consume today is a threat to humanity. This is because the majority of the diseases people suffer from originates from plant and animal habitats. Conversely, a rise in pests and diseases as a result of global warming has a dangerous influence on human health (Brooke 29). Therefore, it is right to argue that global warming as resulted in some diseases, which are the greatest threat to humans, and they consist of malaria, yellow fever, dengue fever, and elephantiasis (Allan 45). It is sad indeed that in the current century, people lose their loved ones because of factors that can be controlled and reduced to a manageable level. Take, for instance developing world; it is quite saddening that children are left orphaned in the name of modernization.

Nature is slowly losing its value because of the intensity of deforestation activities; unless something is done, then we will not be able to arrest the situation. Some of these beautiful trees once were treasures by our ancestors because they symbolize various aspects of life. For instance, the Neem tree for a long time has helped in the medical field, and the Neem tree has saved many lives (Officer 73). Currently, we hardly see people treasure this kind of trees, which were valued by the ancient society.

On the other hand, it appears that our society is so toxic that what people can only think about is how they can make extra cash at the expense of our environment. Any nation, which is not concerned with matters of environmental conservation, must always be ready to feel the wrath of ecological hostility (i.e., extreme temperatures, unpredictable, rainfall patterns, and change in the soil organic carbon) (Akbari 19). The aspect of putting up multi-billion flats, especially on forested land in the name of urbanization, has eroded the culture and value of our water catchment areas. Most riparian vegetation no longer exists mark you; they used to act as tourist attraction sites (Brooke 62). The government used to collect a lot of revenue from the tourism industry, but that has since changed with the extinction of animal species such as birds, elephants, and gazelles and dry up of rivers.

Therefore, global warming is a threat to human life and compromises on the values we so dearly believe in. The world must come together to fight global warming. The pleasure we derive from making money should not override our thoughts of prosperity and environmental sustainability.

Many scientists have proven that, currently, global warming is a real mane, and it started escalating from the time of the industrial revolution. Most nations have made deliberate efforts to lower the rate of carbon-dioxide emissions. In order to solve the problems caused by global warming, it is necessary to minimize the energy consumption rate as well as use alternative energy resources. It is clear that the current energy price, which is the alternative energy, is more expensive as compared to fossil fuel (Adger 72). Conversely, if we contemplate the negative value, which comes because of global warming, the outcome might be dissimilar. Therefore, some alternatives that can cure or can reduce global warming include; use of alternative energy sources, reduction in the use of fossil fuels, sustainable agriculture and forest management practice, sustainable transport and infrastructure, and responsible consumption and recycling (Brooke 23).

Alternative energy sources should be earnest, although I would not recommend the use of nuclear power in this case because of the accidents associated with such plants. The use of wind power, solar energy, and tidal power will act as the best alternative for clean energy (Allan 72). One might wonder the cost of producing these sources of energy, comparing them with fossil fuels. I would categorically state that in most industrialized nations, the experimental power sources have proved to be cost-effective solutions. Therefore, it would be necessary to impose heavy taxes on fossil fuel to meet the cost we are going to incur in restoring our planet (Officer 159). Through that, most people will divert to alternative, environmentally friendly energy sources.

Responsible consumption and recycling of greenhouse emitting products will be another step towards offering solutions to global warming. Through the adoption of responsible consumption behavior, which is vital irrespective of the meal, clothing, cleaning materials, and cosmetics (Akbari 23). On the other hand, it is essential to note that recycling is considered an absolute necessity when it comes to a proper way of handling wastes.

In addition, sustainable agriculture and proper forest management are vital in dealing with the global warming problem. Forest vegetation is considered water catchment areas, and they should be preserved at all costs to ensure that our rivers do not run dry (Allan 91). The world reorganizes the world environmental day, which is celebrated every year. During this day, both the government and non-governmental organizations come together for a tree planting exercise. This is done to maintain the world’s minimum forest coverage (Ackerman 56). The planting of trees will help in carbon dioxide sequencing. Therefore, the positive use of natural resources, making agriculture sustainable, and stopping deforestation practices should be a priority in our society.

Bioremediation; is a potential means to reduce our footprint. Therefore, microbial metabolism is significant in enhancing and maintaining the fertility of the soil for the proper development of a plant. Bioremediation constitutes the application of microorganisms in eliminating pollutants. In order for bioremediation to be used as a clean-up technology for contaminants, it is important to display that the system does not consist of any form of a chemical mixture that can pose a threat to the environment (Adger 56). This process will ensure that we produce clean food that is human-friendly and free of any environmental risks.

In the world today, the effect of global warming is evident, and the situation might worsen if necessary measures are not put in place. Climate change interferes with our way of life, and this goes down to what we consume. Global warming is a real factor that should be addressed by every living being to create a conducive sustainable ecosystem for our future generation. Everyone should take it upon themselves that each tree you brought down two should be planted as a replacement. It is, therefore, suitable for us to take responsibility for the realization of a standard development goal that fosters a clean-living standard.

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