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Effects of Racial Discrimination on Students and Their Learning Environment.

The article “Racial Identity, Racial Discrimination, and Classroom Engagement Outcomes Among Black Girls and Boys in Predominantly Black and Predominantly White School Districts” is extensive research conducted by four scholars, namely Seanna Leath, Channing Mathews, Asya Harrison, and Tabbye Chavous. As the title suggests, the article focuses on the livelihood of black boys and girls in predominantly white and predominantly black schools, challenges they face in the form of racism, segregation and discrimination, physical and emotional bullying, and how all these aspects impact their academic performance. The research also delves into racial identity as both a promotive factor and a risk factor in relation to centrality or how an individual is connected to their racial identity. Gender variations and differences are also addressed in the article with regard to racial-based discrimination against both adolescent black boys and girls. All this information has been gathered through performing a comparative and extensive literature review of different pieces of work that have been done earlier involving racial discrimination in schools. And also a detailed data analysis of the information gathered for accuracy and actuality.

The extent to which this particular article contains a lot more relevant information that is well curated is what makes me attracted to it. Through researching the experiences of black students in predominantly black and predominantly white school districts, the article helps in addressing educational disparities, thus providing a deep understanding of the effects of racial identity and discrimination in classroom engagement between teachers and students and the academic performance of black students. Also, through creating awareness among the instructors of unique challenges and harrowing experiences faced by students of various racial backgrounds, the article promotes the understanding of the significance of cultural competence in education.

In the context of the subject addressed in the article, I would say racial discrimination is a sensitive matter just to be ignored or taken lightly. The difference in our skin colors should not provide a basis for disregarding and denying people their rights since no race is superior to another and n, and o one chooses where or what color of skin to be born with. Race is something everyone should be proud of as it provides a deep of belonging and fruitful connection with other races should always be promoted. So far, hatred among races has only brought death, nothing less.

Also, I believe education is a right that is entitled to everyone, it is not a privilege. Denying children quality education is a barbaric act and should be abolished. In our long journey to promote peace and unity, education is the only thing that can provide a basis to do so. What matters is the brain capacity of an individual who is getting educated and not their race. The continued discrimination, segregation of black students in schools, and ignorance do not benefit us in any way, and it only erases all the efforts put in place to reach where we are today.

Being a student comes with a number of challenges and responsibilities, which require a peaceful and accommodating learning environment. From the article I have learned the need for equality in access to quality education. I don’t identify as a racist; thus, I will use the information from the article to try and change the narrative of racism among my colleagues. If we channel that particular racist energy to something more valuable, I believe we could make a difference as a human society. Promoting a peaceful environment where everyone can access education free of discrimination will be my goal because the only difference between a black student and a white student is skin color; we are similar in many ways than we could comprehend.

In conclusion, as a future class teacher, I will be determined to deal with discrimination among students and the irrational ideologies about it by promoting equality. I am treating every student with the respect, attention, and understanding they deserve. My primary goal will be to build a meaningful connection with every one of my students where I will be able to understand and relate with them at a personal level. As much as we will try to fight racism, it will never be wholly dealt with. Students might be facing a form of racial discrimination outside school, but whenever they come to school, I want them to feel at home and safe. By influencing the way of thinking of the young people, there is a guarantee of a more prosperous and discrimination-free world. Lastly, I will also organize campaigns aiming at creating more equitable and inclusive educational environments that will influence policymakers, educators, researchers, and citizens at prominent to bring permanent changes along. The intention will be to drive policymakers into enacting policies that will abolish discrimination on all levels, educators to keep creating awareness in the public, and researchers to identify areas that still need improvement and go public with them. All these will be to improve the learning environment where everyone, regardless of their race, will be seen, safe, and knowledgeable.

With the willingness of a few individuals, anything can be achieved. Change starts at an individual level, leveraging effort, courage, and persistence. Education is the key; knowledge is power; if we can’t benefit from the knowledge we have, then there is no point in having it.


Leath, S., Mathews, C., Harrison, A., & Chavous, T. (2019). Racial Identity, Racial Discrimination, and Classroom Engagement Outcomes Among Black Girls and Boys in Predominantly Black and Predominantly White School Districts. American Educational Research Journal56(4), 1318–1352.


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