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Educated American 21st Century vs. an Educated American 100 Years Earlier

America’s scholarly scheme has changed significantly during the past 100 years. Being educated today involves having a depth of information and the ability to think critically and solve issues. The concept of a learned American has changed due to technological developments, increased materials accessibility, and a more institutionalized globe. In this essay, I will go over how the learned American of the middle of the twenty-first Century varies from the educated American of a century earlier.

However, the availability and accessibility of information are among the most significant contrasts between an educated American of the mid-21st Century and their equivalent of a century earlier. People may now quickly and easily access a multitude of knowledge with a few clicks from the internet (Bastedo, Altbach & Gumport, 2023). The internet has completely changed how people study, and the educated Americans of today must be able to browse and sort through mountains of data. To study, individuals had to rely on books, newspapers, and other conventional materials of knowledge from an era ago because there needed to be more access to data. A well-learned American had to rely on their expertise and proficiency to make choices 100 years ago.

The emphasis on conceptualizing and analytical abilities is another notable distinction between the learned American of the middle of the twenty-first Century and the learned American of a century earlier. An educated American of today needs to be able to solve complicated problems, critically examine and evaluate information, and come to informed judgments (Darity & Mullen, 2022). In contrast, education placed more emphasis on memory and rote learning a century ago. In America a century ago, an educated person was expected to retain knowledge and recite it verbatim when quizzed.

The way we see education has also evolved due to today’s worldwide society. Today’s educated Americans must be able to interact and work cooperatively with people from all origins and cultures (Meyer & Norman, 2020). People are more connected than ever because of globalization. Therefore, an educated American needs to grasp international issues and be able to interact with people from different cultural backgrounds. However, a century ago, national issues were the main focus of education, and the value of global understanding was understated.

Additionally, technology has changed how we learn and get knowledge. Today’s educated Americans must be adept at using technology for communication, collaboration, and learning (Meyer & Norman, 2020). The use of technology was less common a centenary ago, and individuals instead depended more on conventional means of conversation and data gathering.

To sum up, the definition of a learned American has changed dramatically over the previous centenary. We anticipate it will do so again by the middle of the twenty-first Century. Modern studies strongly emphasize conceptualizing, analytical, and innovation while maintaining the fundamentals of classic courses like articles, past, and mathematics. Expertise is now more widely available than ever, thanks to digital technology, and new technologies will eventually call for new abilities and expertise. The ability to adapt to a quickly changing global environment, intellectual fitness, moral alertness, and the capacity for teamwork will be crucial for a learned American in the middle of the twenty-first Century.


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