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DoorDash System – HCI

Technological advancement has had a significant impact on human life. In the contemporary world, most people interact with technology in one way or the other. In the following design notebook, an analysis of the common food ordering technology DoorDash will be provided. It will also include essential features such as inclusivity, accessibility, and human values. For years, the system has been a crucial online platform that offers convenience food ordering services for most individuals (DoorDash). The technology has enabled different businesses to connect with their customers from other parts without moving.

Inclusivity is an important feature when it comes to human-computer interaction. Such a system should be developed to include a majority of the people. When it comes to the DoorDash system, the system has provided inclusivity partly. DoorDash is an application system developed for individuals who prefer convenience. It was designed for persons who prefer high-quality food delivered at the comfort of their workplace or home. Furthermore, the system is best for individuals who prefer quality meals delivered within the shortest time possible. Most consumers who use the system are high-earning individuals from the high and middle class. Although the system provides a variety of food, it primarily includes fast foods. On the contrary, the system does not include low-earning individuals. This is because a majority of its food is expensive and unaffordable to low earner individuals. Besides, the system does not provide local and cultural food (Zhang).

When it comes to accessibility, the platform is not accessible to most people. In most cases, the platform is only available to those with smartphones, thus limiting those without smartphones. The usability of the system is only efficient in major cities and towns. The system does not operate in the countryside. Furthermore, it might be challenging for individuals to place their orders during low network coverage. This is because the accessibility of its services highly depends on the network. DoorDash is not available to a majority of countries. As a result, it limits its application to a small percentage of people. The system might not be operational during bad weather conditions like heavy rainfall. Besides, in some circumstances, the order may take a long to be delivered (DoorDash).

DoorDash has both direct and indirect impacts on different stakeholders. First, the application impacts both the buyer and the seller directly. A majority of buyers depend on the system to sell. Consequently, most buyers rely on the app for their daily foods. Therefore, failure in the system leads to lost business (Zhang). On the other hand, the system has affected local food vendors negatively. It has reduced their sales as most people are now using DoorDash for their needs.

Values are essential features to a majority of individuals. DoorDash has incorporated several values in its functionality. First, the system promotes transparency between the buyer and the seller. This is achieved by availing all the information regarding the price quantity and other relevant information regarding the ordering process. Secondly, although the company operates in a large market, it has promoted efficiency by paying both the dasher and other stakeholders in time. It also provides customers with autonomy to choose from their convenient dealers from a range of products. On the other hand, it promotes accountability by providing receipts of the transactions. Lastly, the system fosters privacy by safeguarding customers’ confidential information (DoorDash). Given the opportunity, improving the automation of specific services will be essential.

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