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Disaster in 2022

A problem or an event that occurs over a short period and causes severe damage to people, economically, or the environment, is known as a disaster. For damage to be a disaster, the impact should be so significant that it cannot be controlled by the natural normal available. Natural and artificial factors can cause disasters. Examples of natural disasters are floods, droughts floods, hurricanes and tropical storms, earthquakes and tornadoes, and severe storms. Unnatural disasters include explosions, nuclear blasts, train accidents, plane crashes, and biological and chemical attacks. All these types of disasters are highly hazardous and affect people’s lives negatively(Yigitcanlar et al., 2022). Mostly, Disasters lead to the loss of lives. Due to these adverse effects caused by Disasters, more analysis and understanding of disasters is needed. Hence this paper focuses on analyzing the tornado disaster in January 2022.

On January 16th, 2022, a tornado took place in Fort Myers. Tornado is a significantly spinning column of wind originating from the base of rainstorm to the earth. Countrywide weather service forecasters confirmed the Myers Tornado. The forecasters stated that a tornado touched down in cape town, spreading across the highland road. Luckily, this Tornado caused minimal damage. However, the Tornado that touched in the Iona region of south Fort caused several injuries. Several home structure damages and a few casualties were reported. In all these events, it’s important to note that high violent air from above came down and touched several structures on the earth, causing adverse effects.

Impacts of Tornado disaster

The tornado disaster had several effects. The first effect was the several waterspouts and tornadoes that struck the southwest part of Florida. These spouts lead to destroying of more than 25 homes. The people who were affected by their families were left homeless. Their fundamental rights were affected because they had no place to shelter. Children being more vulnerable were affected. In addition to these affected families, more than 200 people were forced to migrate to other areas because their places we believed to be unlivable. There was a high disruption in the usual way of life. The other effect of this Tornado is semi and serious injuries. Several people, including drivers, were injured and hospitalized for treatments. The above are the direct effects of the Tornado. However, there are several other effects like the increased government expenditure in curbing the adverse effects caused by the Tornado. The government had to incur increased budgets to make the affected people live better. The Tornado disaster brought about much tension. People highly feared and predicted that the worse could happen. This anticipation made people live in tension, and at first, they deviated from the usual way of living to save them if the worst happened.

Lessons learned

The first lesson learned is that disasters are not only artificial, like explosions and fire outbreaks, but also natural disasters occur and may sometimes affect us adversely. The other lesson learned is that people should be cautious in places they live. In this scenario, the people mainly affected are those living on the island. Before settling in some places, people are advised first to carry out risks analysis and any future anticipated risk. People learned that it is always better to prevent than cure. The last scenario learned is that even nature and the environment can cause disasters. Hence it is the responsibility of all persons to take care of and protect the environment.

Preparation for future

This incidence brought and affected the usual way of living considerably. The scenario has hence called for preparedness for such incidences in the future. One of the things is that the government should develop and start up weather research institutes. The institutes can advise if there is a severe change in weather patterns that can result in calamities (Seara et al.,2022). The advice will make people take appropriate measures before the worst happens. Another lesson is that the government should have an emergency budget. Since most times, it is not known when a disaster will occur, any government needs to have a kitty of quickly restoring to normal the lives of those affected by disasters. Lastly, safety is the responsibility of all people. Each person should report to relevant authorities in case they observe any strange thing happening not only in the sky but in places around them. By so doing, many disasters are prevented from occurring in the future.


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