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Differences in the Authenticity of Chinese and American News Reports

In the current generation, news reports are found in various sources such as radio, television, newspapers, and other social media platforms worldwide. The primary intent of the news report is always to update readers on what is going on in the world around them. It is essential, and irrespective of the source, news reports in China and the United States have a specific structure that the public needs to follow. Nevertheless, with the emergence of different online opportunities where individuals can now write articles and earn a living, several people have taken advantage. They are now providing biased information to the general public. For instance, bloggers provide false information regarding different aspects to get followers and earn income. Some are using the news to gain political strength by tainting the image of their opponents. This has been experienced in different nations globally, particularly the united states and china. As a result, this report will focus on uncovering the differences in the authenticity of Chinese and American news reports.

According to Paul (2008), the authenticity of a news report depends on laws governing the report’s circulation in a given country. Compared to the United States, the news report in China is often more authentic. The Chinese constitution forbids media personnel, including internet users and bloggers, from printing, writing, and circulating forged news, misinformation, and propaganda associated with various aspects of the country, such as national security, terrorism, violence, and ethnic hatred, among others. Similarly, most private journalists in China are easily constrained to share their opinions and sentiments with the general public. This greatly helps to ensure the authenticity of information within the country.

Similarly, Thomas & Claudia (2011) claim that media organizations and their personnel, explicitly overseas media working in China, must fast acquire a license before participating in journalism compiled with ethics controlled by the foreign affairs authority. Besides, the Chinese authority, accounting to the Committee to Protect Journalists, is often contended to be tangled in reporter suppression. It is always denoted as one of the front-nations where liberty of mass communication and related individuals such as journalists insistently encounter predicaments. The United States, on the other hand, has put fewer restrictions on foreign media and has even granted them the freedom to attend press conferences and raise questions. Under normal circumstances, it is believed that the foreign media organizations have little or no knowledge of matters in the other nation, in this case, china and the united states (Paul 2008). As a result, the high chances are that the individuals might fabricate the information and provide a false report to their people to show them that they are working hard to make them informed. As a result, the Chinese government limiting foreign media in the country ensures people get authentic news reports, compared to the united states, which has provided excess freedom to journalists.

Furthermore, Chinese internet censorship is more inclusive and sophisticated than the United States and any other state around the world. According to Thomas & Claudia (2011), the Chinese government blocks website content and monitors internet access. The government requires the central internet dais in the country to create an intricate self-restriction instrument. The government has imposed numerous restrictions on journalism in the country, leaving no room for misinformation or propaganda. In a survey conducted in the united states by Thomas & Claudia (2011), the findings revealed that one-third of local journalists in the United States often relax the tone of a news report in line with their proprietor’s interest, and several reporters have been censured by their managers for news damaging to their corporation’s fiscal interest. This indicates that the individuals can offer false information, provided it serves the proprietor’s interest. Hence, the news reports in the united states are certainly less authentic compared to that of the united states.

Conclusively, news reports serve to inform the audience of what is happening globally. However, different countries have different stands on journalism explaining the authenticity of the information. As provided in this report, the Chinese news report is more authentic than the united states due to various laws and restrictions. As much as the united states offer total freedom to foreign reporters and news reporters provide information in the owner’s best interest, China has strict rules on news reports explaining their authenticity.


Paul, S. (2008). Making Europe news: How journalists view their role and media performance, Los Angeles, London, New Delhi, and Singapore) Vol. 9(4): 398–422 DOI: 10.1177/1464884908091292.

Thomas, H., & Claudia, M. (2011). What Shapes the News around the World? How Journalists in Eighteen Countries Perceive Influences on Their Work. International Journal of Press/Politics 16(3) 404–426.


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