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Designing a Customer Engagement Business Case for TVB

  1. Introduction

The purpose of this case is to advocate for an investment in a customer engagement program by The Vegetarian Butcher (TVB). This customer engagement program could take the form of economic rewards, symbolic rewards, or an amplified voice for customers, and would help to solve relevant problems such as customer interaction, content for each touch point in the buyer’s journey, customer satisfaction, product/service feedback, strong brand ambassadors, and a relatively high customer lifetime value.

  1. Problem Statement

TVB does not currently have a customer engagement program, and this is a problem because it is difficult to build customer loyalty and repeat business without some form of customer engagement. A customer engagement program would help solve this problem by encouraging customers to interact with TVB more regularly and providing them with incentives.

  1. Opportunity Overview

There are many potential benefits of implementing a customer engagement program. First, it could help to increase customer loyalty and repeat business. Second, it could help to increase customer satisfaction with TVB products and services. Customer engagement programs can increase customer satisfaction by fostering two-way communication between businesses and their customers (Davey et al., 2022). Customers can provide feedback, and businesses can use that feedback to improve the customer experience. Additionally, customer engagement programs can help businesses build customer relationships, leading to increased customer satisfaction. Third, it could help to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing for TVB. Fourth, with a customer engagement program in place, TVB would be able to interact with customers, get feedback on products/services, create brand ambassadors, and improve customer satisfaction.

  1. Assumptions

A few key assumptions have been made in developing this business case. First, it is assumed that TVB is willing to invest in a customer engagement program. Second, it is assumed that the customer engagement program will successfully achieve its objectives. Moreover, it is assumed that the benefits of the customer engagement program will outweigh the costs.

  1. Recommendations

A few different tactics could be used to implement a customer engagement program. One option would be to offer economic rewards to customers who interact with TVB regularly. There are a few ways that this could help the TVB. First, it could help increase customer loyalty and interaction with the brand. Second, it could help increase sales and revenues for the company. Third, it could help TVB better understand its customers and their needs. Another option would be to offer symbolic rewards, such as exclusive access to TVB events or product launches (Juanamasta et al., 2019). Symbolic rewards can help TVB by increasing brand awareness and creating a positive association with the brand. For example, if TVB offers exclusive access to events or product launches, this can help create a buzz around the brand and attract new viewers. The third option would be to amplify the voice of TVB customers through social media or other channels. This would help TVB to understand customer needs better and wants.

  1. Implementation Plan

If TVB decides to implement a customer engagement program, a few steps should be taken to do so successfully. First, TVB should decide what type of customer engagement program they would like to implement. Second, they should develop a plan for implementing the program, including a timeline, budget, and responsible parties. Thirdly, they should monitor the program’s progress and make adjustments as necessary.

  1. Conclusion

In conclusion, a customer engagement program could be a valuable investment for TVB. It could help to increase customer loyalty and repeat business, and it could also help to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing. If TVB decides to implement a customer engagement program, it should do so with a well-defined plan and clear objectives.


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