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Depression and Its Evident Role Concerning the Political, Social, and Cultural Topic or Agent

Depression is a primary and serious medical condition that negatively affects the way someone feels, acts, and thinks. The good thing about Depression is that it is treatable. However, it causes a feeling of loss of interest or sadness in what one enjoys carrying out or doing. It leads to various physical problems and emotions that usually decrease functioning at home and work. The different symptoms of Depression include the thought of suicide or death, difficulty concentrating, thinking or making decisions, feeling guilty or worthless (Chai et al., 578). Increased purposeless physical activity, loss of energy or increased fatigue, sleeping too much or finding difficulty in sleeping, changes in appetite, loss of pleasure or interest in activities once enjoyed, having a depressed mood, or feeling sad for the symptoms that stay for more than two weeks and must represent a change in the previous functioning levels for diagnosis of Depression. However, Depression can be caused by various circumstances that are loss of job and end of a relationship in difficult experiences for people to endure. Depression can affect the whole economy worldwide. Therefore, this paper aims to look at the Great Depression that occurred in 1929 related to social, political, and cultural events.

The role of social factors in Depression is that social interaction is part of the smallest locks of the interpersonal prerequisite and social networks formation of the functional social relationships. Bad social connections and bad decisions made by the social leaders could affect the economy leading to Depression (Robbins 45). As for effects of the symptoms of Depression are mostly examined by self-report friendship network, many procedures are argued in operation on a more fine-grained level of social effects. The research on the social processes on the interactions levels in helping people understand how depressive conditions like broke are caused as a result of lack of jobs(Chai et al., 578). It is argued that the depressive conditions are generally followed by the fluctuations of the economic and social conditions

The Great Depression was a bad time, mainly for people US. When the stock market crashed, many people lost their jobs and homes or did not do anything. This destroyed their social lives. Many Americans had nothing left with only their clothes and their family. Many businesses and banks had to become bankrupt since the stock market had crashed (Robbins 45). These times in 1930 were soo hard for most individuals. However, the American individuals did not just keep quiet and sit do nothing. Several new activities and fads came into existence in this time, and the different fads are still used around presently (Arandjelovic, 90). These times were difficult and challenging for the whole world, America being affected a little bit harder, but not everything was bad for the American individuals. In the end, however, everything went be better than it was in the depression period. The Depression has a large history and is a good one to know about. The Great Depression had a big impact on the cultural social impact.

The Great Depression, according to Elaine Landau, was the period the Depression began was in 1929 and ended in the 1940s.However, in 1900 as the Great Depression hit America and other countries nationwide (Robbins 45). The Great Depression caused an economic decline that was altered by the stock market and affected the government of America and its citizens. Herbert Hoover, the president, believed that the economy would recover by itself and had no interest in involving the federal state regarding the crisis. Moreover, many migrants and American workers were affected immensely by the striking poverty. Sadly, the Great Depression displaced many families of Americans due to poor weather conditions, ineffective federal aid, and unemployment. Supporting a single-family is more complex and complicated due to the Great Depression at its highest times. Therefore making it related to social and political events.

Social problems continued to suffer in other countries and the Americans. Between 1929-1936, there was a drought resulting from plowing, wind erosion, overgrazing, over-farming, a dust cloud roared various countries, including America (Calomiris et al., 70). The dust cloud s a name given by Dust Bowl in the Great Plains. This harmful dust was a disaster; this led to several conditions, that many people died by harmful dust that was all over the air. Most individuals exposed to the vigorous dust got dangerous diseases, commonly known as brown plague and Dustimonia. It was so bad that the people affected suffered death in different cases.

To deal with the calamity, many families started to evacuate by sending their families, mainly children suffering and affected by the brown plague, to other different cultural places where there were little or no dust storms (Calomiris et al., 70). However, Some people opted not to leave to stay and safeguard their homes and their cultures. Still, most men had allowed their wives to work in California on the western side, where there were good stories told that they had better farms conditions present. Many families from Colorado, Texas, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma were the people affected who had migrated to the California farms. However, little did the migrators know that the good place was not as great as the roomers had speculated. Since their arrival, farmers have been suffering due to low wages, the prices of the crops being high, and the shortage of farm products. The main purpose for the low wages was due to different cultures.

This situation had to be solved politically. Fortunately, Roosevelt had won in the elections. Roosevelt had become president of America, and he blamed Hoover for the Great Depression. He suggested that he never implemented good measures and policies regarding the Depression. Soon after, he got the seat as president. Roosevelt proposed a new idea by providing the economy with federal aid. The new ideas had several solutions that provided recovery, relief, and reform. Roosevelt wanted to involve the state in the economic crisis. Unlike Hoover. The measures gave aid to farmers that would help them socially avoid poverty. For example, the Southern Tenant Farmers Union and Farm Credit Act aided farmers. The (FCA) gave favorable loans to the farmers who were almost going bankrupt due to the Depression.

On the other hand, STFU lobbied the state in halting tenants in the eviction of giving farmers time and a chance to recover or for them to relieve themselves (Calomiris et al., 70). Civilian Conservation Corps was another measure that aided the jobless, this measure dealt with the unemployed. The measure assisted the young men looking for jobs and the poor. Civilian Works Administration also helped by making labor for jobless people. Therefore it can be concluded that many people suffer a different kind of Depression. But the Great Depression was dangerous for the economy since it affected the social, cultural, and political.

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