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Deca Program for Dreamers

Millions of people are living in The United States illegally. The flow of these people comes into the country through different means, and at long last, they find themselves among the citizens. Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DECA) is a migration plan in The United States that gives some persons who got to the country illegally when they were kids, to get a two-year time to live in The United States, which is subjected to renewing. Within this time, they do not face forceful deportation and are given employment. The program was availed in 2012 under the then-president Barrack Obama to give the illegal immigrants a chance to study and work in the country temporarily. These people who had an opportunity to be protected by DACA are referred to as dreamers. To get this chance, someone must be between sixteen and thirty-one. Everyone never welcomed the program; the process to make persons living under this plan permanent residents was refuted by different authorities. In Congress, the process failed to be enacted; this was through the bipartisan act in 2001. During the president Trump era, he promised to cut the DACA from functioning and even sworn to deport all the immigrants after the expiry of the policy in 2018. His process was cut short when there was a blockage of homeland securities from starting the process of deportation. This state put two cases in place, the people who are against and those supporting the idea. Some authorities term it as unconstitutional, and people under the policy are threatening the social lives of the citizens while the other party opposes the idea entailing that they are forcing their hand on the law-abiding dreamers.

The dreamers are the people who came into the country illegally. Millions of these people exist now in the country trying to mend their lives into better people in society. The government has been trying to ensure that they receive the care they need to achieve their dreams in the future. There have been reasons that the people who came up with the DACA idea identified and therefore decided to find help. Those supporting the concept, like the Attorney generals of states and some politicians who defended the dreamers from being deported, saw it unnecessary as it hurting more than doing good. Dreamers came with different reasons, including finding a better place to start a living, escaping poverty in their countries, finding better health care, educational reasons, searching for employment, and many other reasons that justify people from moving to other countries. These reasons entail that the people had different agendas, and most of them are of valid reasons. Their deportation and being denied access is humanity because they are trying to do all they can to achieve. Due to this, the government should have a place for these people and give the necessary support.

In most cases, the immigrants support the country’s economy, while some end up building the country’s leadership. Their denial, therefore, is a rude act and is unnecessary. The former president did an excellent job including some attorney generals and politicians in ensuring that they found reasonable solutions to availed the concerned parties from suffering.

The undocumented people came out in the application for DACA residency after the then-president Barrack Obama gave them a chance to live in the country temporarily. These people came out with valid reasons to live in the country, like they wanted to go to school, needed to be American citizens, and even be employed in the country. Giving them this opportunity was the choice they had been living and hoping to get. Most of them have no ill-nature concerning living in the country; therefore, considering their needs, they show that giving them an opportunity will be the greatest gift in life. These illegal residents, just like the rest of the citizens, are also paying taxes hence generating income for the government. Since most of them were brought into the country when they were young, they have no clue about their former homelands and even ties connecting them to where they came from. Their parents risked their lives to make sure that they landed in a place that would make their lives pretty. According to Fernando Stein, M.D., president of an association The American Academy of Pediatrics (APP). Punishment of the persons who are now living their dream and landed in the country with the help of their parents, who faced difficulties with being here. Some of them ended in the country while babies; hence they know America is their home and the people around are their families too. Deportation of this kind of people means that they will be separated from the families they know and taken to an alien land. The country should instead assure them that the government is their home against the issue of making them live in fear, nervousness and subjecting them to discrimination.

The status of being unequal from the immigrants to the citizens exists in The United States society and is therefore linked to health issues. When compared to the documented migrants and natives, the undocumented immigrants differ from what they are going through. Undocumented immigrants go through many health problems, including stress and poor well-being results as to the other parties. The deportation of these people worsens the situation leading to worse mental conditions and self-health situations. Furthermore, the worst outcomes in areas that do not support the illegal immigrants live in fear of the consequences of the community around them since they might act hostile to them. In 2012, during the tenure of President Obama who announced Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DECA). The policy was given temporary support to the concerned parties from being taken back to their countries, admission to employment, and other benefits to be enjoyed for two years. During this period, progressive results existed, including enhanced school graduation levels, employment effects and diminished rates of poverty, reduction in teen pregnancies, improvement in well-being, and a solid sense of attachment and belonging. According to Patler, C., Hamilton, E., Meagher, K., & Savinar, R. (2019), DACA’s outcomes could affect many generations, especially in children, which portrayed reduction in anxiety ailments to the immigrants eligible for DACA. This was according to Oregon’s findings in the area. For the happiness of these people existing under DACA, they should be considered and even given full attention to be full citizens of the country or continuation of the renewal of the citizenship.

According to Wong et al. (2017), approximately the undocumented size eight hundred people were registered under DACA due to the conditions they met. These people are protected by the law and can be equated to the normal citizen; hence were secured from deportation. They were also eligible for different services like schooling, health care, employment, among other benefits. Some years into the policy, Trump disrupted the program to bend to his strategies. This meant all the services provided were halted and back to the initial state of being undocumented citizens. The data given entails that immigrants born in different countries and have been living in the country, paying levies for ages just like any other citizen. The situation provided some of the ability to question the deportation policies that make the families separate. This brought the issue of uncertainty with moss businesses knowing about low unemployment risk putting their businesses into a threat as they were to lose employees. In order to protect the future economy of the country, undocumented citizens can be considered since the work they do, and the offering of the necessary services in the country should be made the permanent residents of the country. Their deportation, for instance, in countries torn of war means that they are subjected to a situation they cannot recover from. Some will end up losing their lives while others become refugees. To avoid all these unnecessary conditions, according to the law, their parents should be forgiven and the children should not be subjected to the law-breaking of the parents.

Different statuses of people worldwide live under balancing their lives; this is for instance from going to school and working. The reason people apply this kind of life is to ensure they accomplish what they are targeting. The job might provide school fees, rent, food, and other expenses. The person, therefore, may not make leaving the additional task to pursue one agenda. Mainly education will make someone climb the ladder later in life while the work assists in bridging the idea. When DACA was initiated, undocumented citizens explored more opportunities and schooling while working. Before its introduction, undocumented citizens were barred from employment and even going to school. Getting that rare chance meant that they had to maximize. They had to work so as to afford education. According to Crouse V. (2017), most of the DACA beneficiaries were employed in different companies, unlike the undocumented citizens. The latter work in lower jobs, availing higher chances of getting pretty jobs with better pay. Therefore, availing that the policy did more good to the concerned parties. The government has supported these people by providing them with the necessary documents like permits or to the extent of making them full citizens so that they can be allowed to build their lives.

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals made the participants pursue what was good for them and the development of the nation. It was enabled since they filled the spaces and helped in the growth of the workforce and employment industries. In business, they existed as consumers and laborers, helping to revive the homegrown markets. According to the Institute of Taxation and Economic Policy (ITEP), the DACA persons contributed about two billion dollars in a year. Since their permits are expected to expire, it will lead to a drop in the country’s income compared to some amount of employees in a particular state. The lost capital will come with difficulties due to adjustments, impacting investment in different departments in the country like hospitals, schools, and many other departments concerned in the country. If they were given a chance to be citizens, it would enable them to search for better-paying jobs hence increasing the contribution of taxes. The taxes institute entails that they will contribute to a total amounting to six million extra in each state and local levies respectively in a year.

The deportation of Dreamers is termed to be cruel and inhuman. The persons who arrived in the country while they were young do not know well about the country they came from, the language spoken to seems strange to them, and no person related to them is known. According to Obama’s response to Trump on ending DACA, he will feel the people who are working to better the society or the neighbors being deported. Yet they have been in the country for many years? Where was he to send them? All these people were contributing to the country and hence could not stand seeing them sent away. The DACA community is well absorbed in the county like the other citizens. Obama was supported by the former attorney of Maryland Thiru Vignarajah, who voiced that deporting of immigrants who were raised in the United States. At the same time, they were kids for the imaginary offenses performed by the relatives was a painful and unfamiliar treatment.

Although there is goodness in DACA, its dark side is also available. President Trump might have projected his ideas on the negative side more than the buoyant sector. He even referred to the immigrants be the people who are immoral in society. Nobody can agree to be called nasty names without observation into what made them give you such names. Trump went ahead to enact a stoppage of DACA, which had a lot of opposition from different people, including Obama, politicians, attorney generals, and the court. Most people who benefited from this felt the fear and lived lives with uncertainty. Any time could lead to their deportation, and since they were registered, they had in mind that such data could be used to be found easily. The attorney generals stopped the deportation and succeeded with the court’s involvement. The challenges that DACA came hand in hand include encouraging more illegal immigration into the country, the lawbreakers should not being rewarded, and the presidents should not act in putting laws into their hands.

Every country is governed by laws that should be followed to the latter. No person is above such law. The immigrants came into the county illegally, bringing with them their children. Since it is not allowed to enter a country and reside without permission, then it is never fair to give them care. Coming into the country illegally, the same parents know that they are subjecting their children to risk.

Furthermore, the Dreamers act in questionable ways concerning forgeries of documents and work-related misconducts. These crimes include frauds on social security funds, falsifying Identification Cards, and falsification concerning employment forms. In connection to this, most of the Dreamers have are being banned from getting Dream status due to crimes, activities like robberies, being a thief, sex predation, and failures to pay taxes. It, therefore, shows that no matter the help is given, the same people continue frustrating the county instead of obeying the law. Such Dreamers should be deported to be a lesson to the rest.

Illegal immigration in most countries are not given the necessary care they need it is because it is coming with severe results that a country may be hard to handle. The DACA and Dreams act in the United States gave necessary support to undocumented citizens, which others viewed from far. This gave them the encouragement of landing in the country, many families accompanied by the young ones were reported to be forcing their way into the country. According to Karl Eschbach, Ph.D., the policy brings many undocumented citizens into the country since not all of them qualify for it. Historically there is a repeat of events where was amnesty of the immigrants 1986. It was an act to reduce the undocumented immigrants but instead of lowering it increased since it encouraged them into the country. There was a rise from five hundred thousand immigrants to twelve million, two hundred thousand immigrants between 1990 to 2007. With this information, it avails that the country will have a high number of immigrants in some years to come, which a country may find hard to handle.

In conclusion, undocumented immigrants are always found in every part of the world, no matter how hard the authorities strike hard. The only thing to hope is that they do more good than bad. Some of them need to be welcomed while others are punished depending on the validity of the information at hand. For instance, the citizens who found themselves since at age less than seven might not explain how they ended up there but just follow their parents; therefore, they should be understood. While on the other hand, immigrants who come into the county with no valid reasons have to be punished or deported. Examples of invalid reasons include the spirit of adventure and escaping crimes in their countries. Several of these people have been found to make the matter worse found in the crimes act in the country. They are arrested and charged on entering the country illegally, and on top of the charges located in, it sounds severe when found. The government, therefore, should increase more security in border points to combat illegal immigrants; also, before issuing of permits and citizenship, there has to be a proper investigation on the life of a person to ensure they are a law-abiding citizen.


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