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Cyber Security Threats


Cyber-crimes evolve every day and thus there is need to develop a mechanism to protect the users of cyberspace. As Hsu & Marinucci (2013) points out, globalization and the increased reliance on cyberspace have contributed to the complexity of cyber-crimes. In fact, cyber threats continue rising both in variation and frequency. Installation of better and tougher security measures to prevent further escalation of cyber threats is inevitable. Dunn (2008) notes that cyber threats fall under three broader categories including network attack, network abuse, and spread of malicious viruses. This paper analyzes cyber security and the ways to counter the threats to ensure the security of the users of cyberspace.


Hackers are the biggest threat to the internet users and not even the strictest security measures have been able to deal with them. According to Awan & Blakemore (2016), social media platforms are the easiest targets for this category of people although they keep on changing tactics. The attack on Google Company made security experts believe that hacking goes beyond the defense of complex organizations’ systems. Hacking is a big threat not only to the users of cyberspace but also to the general public. The hacking of Estonia’s entire country’s government systems and computer networks in 2007 is a perfect example of what harm the hackers can do. The emergence of new technologies without sufficient security applications increases the chances of hackers accomplishing their goals.


Cyber-terrorism is one of the most hazardous and a recent security threat. The increasing number of terrorist attacks has surprised security experts and made them concerned about how governments are with their information. Awan & Blakemore (2016) reveals that cyber-terrorism attacks are often politically influenced and lead to violence in most cases. Unlike other types of cyber-attacks, cyber-terrorist cause hefty financial damage to the country under attack. Potential targets of cyber-terrorism include financial systems, military installations, power generation plants, and much more. Notably, cyber-terrorists take a short period of time to access crucial information such as security in order to execute their goal. They leverage on a limited opportunity to gain access to a networked infrastructure. The development of new technologies which lack adequate security measures extending throughout the technology’s lifecycle gives the cyber-terrorist a chance to take advantage.

Criminal Gangs

It should be understood that criminal gangs also form part of cyber security threats. In most cases, they extort money from the users of the internet and the general public. They trick internet users and make them believe that they have won money online. They then trick them into providing their private information such as bank account details, email passwords, and other crucial information. According to Willson & Dalziel (2016), once the criminal gangs get information that could help them access credit card Pin or bank account, they drain all the money. Moreover, the moment the criminal gangs access email address, they use it to ask for money from friends and relatives of the user.

How to Avoid Cyber Attacks

To reduce the impacts of cyber security threats, countries must put in place tons of measures. To begin with, it is inevitable to spend billions of dollars in improving private and public defenses against cyber-attacks. With the increased reliance on computer networks worldwide, countries must collaborate in the fight against cyber-attacks. In particular, the United States should lead the fight against cyber-attacks and forge a global partnership. Willson & Dalziel (2016) reveals that by organizing a cyber-attack summit, the United States can lead in formulating an international cyber security policy that prevents cyber-attacks. Lack of awareness about cyber security threats among cyberspace users is what makes them vulnerable. To prevent this, countries need to come up with programs that educate users how to deal with cyber threats. Dunn (2008) recommends that for this to be effective, there must be the collaboration between the private and public sectors. Moreover, frequent cyber security conferences should be organized to create awareness among the corporate users and how to handle cyber security threats.


The above discussion demonstrates that cyber threats are not only dangerous to a country but also to the individual users. The fact that technology improves every day paves the way for cyber criminals. It has become very difficult to distinguish between the genuine users of cyberspace and those with bad motives. It is due to such issues that the government needs to do everything within its scope to ensure the security of cyberspace users. Given the fact that economies across the world are interdependent, it is important to have a global common purpose. Both the private and the public sectors must be committed to building powerful defensive measures to prevent further exploitation by cyber criminals.


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