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Curiosity and Skincare Brand Entrepreneurship


An entrepreneur sets up an enterprise and builds up a process that promotes business growth considering the risk involved and economic uncertainty with a vision of innovation or adoption of a trend that could make a difference in the lives of people. The cause of initiating such setups especially as women entrepreneurs are admirable because they are driven by a purpose of making a difference, curiosity for learning, and passion for leadership as a woman rather than becoming entrepreneurs for the sole purpose of monetary gains. The article about the entrepreneur like Evelyne Nyairo inspires and empowers women through her skincare brand developed out of curiosity for science leading her to an ultimate pathway of changing lives through her brand (Women of Influence, 2022). Her struggles, experiences, and consistency pushed her to engage herself in the challenging market of cosmetics and establish a sustainable natural beauty brand selling across 500 stores; the brand has connection with major natural product retailer stores across Canada.


Evelyne Nyairo from Kenya was initially chosen her career in science as a biochemist because of her passion and curiosity but her experiences drove her to make a different line of success for herself. As a child, Evelyne was very enthusiastic about chemistry and reactions looking forward to becoming a scientist but the future had different plans for her, while gaining experience in industries she has enlightened a reason to become an entrepreneur along with her curiosity. Along with her passion, she developed a direction for her life and that inspired her to establish a natural skin care product line with a vision to tackle gender inequality. Evelyne decided to establish Ellie Bianca a natural and environmentally sustainable skincare line with a business process involving multiple women in design, packaging, marketing, etc. providing a fair opportunity. Evelyne uses this opportunity to develop her first product a lip balm that was sustainable with a new formula using natural ingredients. The main ingredient used in her product, Shea is harnessed by woman run operation from Africa, to develop multiple products like oils, lip balms, bath salts etc. The work trip to chad in 2011 helped her make major changes in her career and focus on gender inequality and run a business operated by women. The story of a black Canadian who arrived in Canada from Kenya in 1996 enforced her to bring change in the society inculcating diversity and inclusiveness as Nyairo was the only back student in her university. These initial challenges become the strength of this businesswoman and helped her get recognition through platforms like Women Entrepreneur Knowledge Hub for Micro Business Awards which appreciate women with impactful micro business strategies. Her business enterprise is also a member of the REAP – Be Local association and she holds a position in the Association of Professional Engineers of Alberta with a vision to expand herself locally and internationally. She aims to reach out to people by enrolling herself in the Vital Voices Grow fellowship that accelerates women owners of small and medium businesses by providing necessary training of mentorship and focusing on long-term business strategies paired with execution planning guidance. A long experience as a biochemist and business owner encourages other for sustainable development that is kind to nature as well as kind to humans. Her products made it to the shelves of major natural product retailers and stores with names like Whole Foods and Hudson’s Bay.


I believe that entrepreneurs like Nyairo promote natural and sustainable beauty by setting up a product the line Ellie Bianca named after her daughter which reciprocates the love and passion for the business owned by the entrepreneurs. I think the Kenyan-born biochemist hopes to display a very meaningful message with her business skill about gender and the struggles of diversity in a foreign land. The highlight of her success story through major media channels and magazines of business-like CBC Vital Voices and women of influence showcase challenges and celebrate joys of success by the women immigrant entrepreneurs from the very beginning of their careers to the movements that reshaped their lives (CBC, 2022). I also admire her curiosity which was naïve but without which we wouldn’t have seen entrepreneurs with objectives that encourage multiple other young entrepreneurs and women trying to make living independently by sharing her struggles and experiences being an immigrant, black, and a woman who is truly inspiring for me.


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