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Costco and the Power of High-Quality Relationships

Is Costco continuing to do well?

Customers who acquire membership at Costco’s wholesale retailer are eligible for discounts on various items. The shop is designed to resemble a warehouse. In 1976, still known as Price Club, Costco started in San Diego in a building converted into an aviation hangar. When they established their first warehouse in Seattle in 1983, they decided to change the company name to Costco. The revenues for the corporation totaled three billion dollars in under six years. PriceCostco was established in 1993 due to the merger of Costco and Price Club. At that time, the business had 207 locations and generated seventeen billion dollars from sales. In 1998, they shifted to Costco as the company’s official designation (Timm, 2021). They reported total revenue of 126.2 billion u.s. dollars for the year 2017. Their typical stock price is currently at $318.94, which has risen steadily over the past few years to reach this point. In the previous year, the price of one of their shares increased from $189.61 to $307.54 while maintaining a price-to-earnings ratio of 36.71.

Costco is a business that is doing relatively well for several reasons. For instance, Costco’s warehouse club business model has attained unprecedented levels of success in the United States. As of March 17, 2022, the firm had 119.8 million subscribers and was running about 823 outlets, most of which were located in North America. It is reasonable to assume that the overwhelming majority of these members who pay dues are also frequent purchasers of Costco’s products in the jumbo size (Timm, 2021). In addition, the sale of goods accounts for just a tiny portion of Costco’s overall income; instead, the company generates the majority of its money from the fees paid by its customers. At Costco, customers may only shop if they are members.

Furthermore, Costco can undercut its rivals by delivering more significant quantities at cheaper rates because of its membership business strategy. In addition, Costco spends nothing on advertising since its members consistently shop there and spread the word. As a result, the firm has gained an edge over its primary rivals, who must bear these expenses but cannot. Hourly earnings at Costco are higher than those of the federally mandated minimum wage and most other businesses.

The connection between Costco’s external customers and its internal customers (employees) in terms of customer service

Costco can service both its internal and external consumers most efficiently because the company has developed regulations that consider the similarities in their requirements and preferences. The organization’s goal is to keep expenses as low as possible and distribute the resulting savings to its members (Why become a member, n.d.). Additionally, on the company’s external consumers, they provide a more limited selection of items while still providing those consumers with goods of the most incredible possible quality at the most economical price. The company does this to prevent the consumer from being perplexed due to having plenty of options when it comes to alternatives to those things, which can cause the customer not to purchase anything whatsoever.

The company’s employees also benefit from this because they are not required to present the customer with a wide variety of options based on available products. This enables the employees to provide the customer with a satisfaction guarantee for any product they recommend to the client because they are not required to present the customer with a wide variety of options.

Consequently, the staff members can act as advocates for the many brands the store carries, and they can provide the consumer with a truthful and objective assessment of the good. Because the business can generate revenue from the sale of the things it does stock, it is also in a position to provide a higher level of remuneration for its workforce (Why become a member, n.d.). Compared to its rivals, Costco offers the most competitive salaries on the market. They can do this because they can provide their customers with discounts, which enables them to buy more of their items.

Critical differences between Castro and Sam’s Club

More than thirty years ago, Costco began selling bulk products in its warehouse-style locations, and they have continued this practice. Costco has a policy of keeping its shops simple by stocking no more than 4,100 different items, all of which are available for purchase in quantity; in addition, the aesthetic design of their stores is quite simple. As a result of its expansion, Costco now carries a wider variety of products, including significant gadgets, autos, and even package deals. They are a publicly listed business that, since around March 2019, has had a market price of more than one hundred billion dollars (Bryant, 2019). In addition, they operate several wholly owned companies, including Kirkland brand and Costco Travel goods. Costco charges its members an annual fee of $60, which grants them unrestricted access to all of the warehouse club’s locations and the fantastic discounts that can be found there. The membership cost is below $5 monthly. It is designed to instill in the buyer that they are a part of an exclusive community just because they own the membership and are thus eligible to get exclusive discounts. In addition, Costco has a more significant number of stores than Sam’s Club does.

On the other hand, Sam’s Club is a department store owned by Wal-Mart with annual revenue of approximately 60 billion dollars. Sam’s Club opened its doors in 1983, making it about the same age as Costco. They also have a shop that resembles a warehouse and sells bulk items to the people who are members of their organization, even though their membership is less expensive than that of Costco at $47 annually (Bryant, 2019). The primary distinction between the two warehouse clubs is that Sam’s Club has not expanded into the same geographic regions or product categories as Costco has, which restricts the kind of items that its members may buy from Sam’s Club. Sam’s Club made the shocking announcement in January 2018 that it would be shutting sixty-three of its shops and laying off thousands of employees. They did not justify their decision. One of the issues with Sam’s Club is that many consumers would prefer to purchase at Wal-Mart rather than deal with the hassle of getting a membership to take advantage of the same prices available at Sam’s Club.


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