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Controversies Amid Wealth and Happiness

The question of wealth and happiness seems to be of the same context however, perspectives from various people end up distinguishing the two as totally different aspects of an individual’s life. Most people today work hard to become wealthy because of the belief that money is a problem solver, while others value happiness because they believe money cannot buy happiness. Arguably, either of the reasoning is sensible, but are there possibilities of having the two?

Wealth is the profusion of treasured assets or money and, in most cases, earned through hard work. Treasures and possessions guarantee success in life since everything desired will be within reach. On the other hand, happiness is a sense of contentment and is felt for different reasons. For status purposes, being wealthy is essential for achieving an individual’s interests. In the current society, a person with an abundance of properties is highly valued and respected, and so to them, being wealthy in life is all they need. Value is well depicted when an individual wants any form of power, for instance, a politician.

On the other hand, happy person values their well-being, and the fact that they can afford basic needs is enough for them. A good example is a person ranked among the middle class in society. The wealthy and happy people live on something and, in the end, are all satisfied with their decision.

The vulnerability of someone is also determined by the kind of lifestyle they lead. Being wealthy comes with quite a lot of susceptibility, especially from ill-willed individuals who are against you. Wealth exposes people to threats and poses a security risk to them, therefore, denying them peace of mind. Wealth attracts competition from other wealth seekers, and sometimes there is a shortcut to being wealthy than a fellow mate. Adversaries tend to make issues of their competitors their business, therefore, the fact that being rich comes with precautions. Nevertheless, happiness is the most peaceful state of mind an individual could desire because, in its definition, simplicity is the key therefore, the question of worries is the least of someone’s concerns. Nonentity makes the life of the middle class their fear therefore, happiness is more of a lifestyle than just a state.

Wealthy pledges sustainability, while happiness does not. Monetary and possessions in a person’s life offer second opinions on most occasions. For instance, in the cases of medical attention, being rich gives a wide range of chances because there is money that offers a second opinion in the event of a person’s health. Happiness covers the setting of inner fulfillment, but options are limited in the junctures of disasters. Therefore, surrendering to fate with the phrase “we tried our best” is the furthest an individual goes. Being happy comes with conforming to what life brings on the way and tolerating the impossibilities. The concept of happiness goes in hand with societal care therefore, in as much as sustainability as a person is not guaranteed, the fact that the community cares keeps the happy going.

Arguably, a query on the importance of happiness and wealth lies with the individual as the two results from picks. Hard work brings about wealth therefore, going the extra mile will bring about success in terms of possessions thus, being wealthy is a matter of choice. Happiness is a state of contentment whereby there is no need to have plenty. Enough is key when elaborating on the idea of happiness. Possibly, wealth and happiness can be acquired at the same time on rare occasions because wealth has a lot of demands that deny people happiness. There is no point in owning the world but lacking the zeal to enjoy what you have worked for, therefore, being happy and serene could be the best position one might ever long.


Kieny, C., Flores, G., Ingenhaag, M., & Maurer, J. (2020). Healthy, wealthy, wise, and happy? Assessing age differences in evaluative and emotional well-being among mature adults from five low-and middle-income countries. Social Indicators Research, 1-32.


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