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Compare and Contrast Strengths and Weaknesses.

The strengths and weaknesses of business plans are important in the dynamic field of business and management, where strategic development and additional efficiency are concerned. This essay delves into a comparative analysis of three distinct business plans: Sports Park Brownsville, BARC Batavia Activity Recreation Center, and Hillside Park Community Centre. Each plan is evaluated across five critical sections: Enterprise, The Industry, Product/Service Offering, Market Analysis, and Financial Plan. The paper aims to unveil every plan’s elements and points for improvement while offering a comprehensive look into their operational strategies, market positioning, and financial viability within the business environment.

The Enterprise

Brownsville Sports Park: The strengths of these resources are the detailed historical background and a relatively clear project process, highlighting different stages from data collection to stakeholder reviews (Brownsville Sports Park, 2015). On the other hand, a shortcoming is that there are no particulars regarding organizational structure and operational dynamics.

Batavia Activity Recreation Center (BARC): Its strengths are its well-defined core strategies, ensuring objectivity and market focus. A potential area for improvement is the limited exploration of how these strategies align with broader community objectives beyond indoor recreation needs.

Hillside Park Community Center: This plan details its origin, embedding a strong sense of community engagement. However, it lacks a clear, forward-looking strategy, focusing predominantly on its historical context.

The industry

Brownsville Sports Park offers a detailed market analysis, particularly a demographic and competitive analysis. However, there need to be more industry-specific trends, such as the evolution of national sports parks.

Batavia Activity Recreation Center: Shows comprehensive market and services analyses, but it might benefit from more in-depth competitive analysis, particularly concerning regional and national trends in recreation centers (Batavia Activity Recreation Center Business Plan, 2020).

Hillside Park Community Center: The plan’s market analysis is more localized, showing a deep understanding of community needs but needing broader industry trend analysis.

Product/Service Offering

Brownsville Sports Park: Strong in outlining diverse athletic facilities and programs, but it could further elaborate on unique offerings distinguishing it from competitors.

Batavia Activity Recreation Center: Excellently details its service offerings with a focus on community needs. However, the plan could be enhanced by highlighting unique or innovative program features.

Hillside Park Community Center: Its strength lies in community-oriented services, but it needs to discuss how these services will evolve or innovate to meet changing community needs.

Market Analysis

Brownsville Sports Park offers a robust analysis, including demographics and competitive environment, but could benefit from a more detailed customer segmentation.

Batavia Activity Recreation Center: This approach is comprehensive, yet it might enhance its effectiveness by incorporating more comparative market data.

Hillside Park Community Center: Focuses well on local market needs but lacks broader market trends that could impact its future operations (Hillside Park Community Center Business Plan, 2009).

Financial Plan

Brownsville Sports Park: Detailed in financial assumptions and projections, but a weakness is the need for more diversification in revenue streams.

Batavia Activity Recreation Center: It offers a clear financial forecast and operational pro forma, yet it could improve by including risk assessment related to financial assumptions.

Hillside Park Community Center: Highlights fundraising and budget management but needs in-depth analysis of financial sustainability and long-term funding strategies.


Each business plan reviewed showcases unique strengths tailored to their community and operational focus. Brownsville Sports Park excels in market analysis, BARC in operational planning and community engagement, while Hillside Park Community Center emphasizes its rich historical connection and community-centric services. The key lies in balancing comprehensive market and competitive analysis with innovative service offerings and sustainable financial planning to cater to evolving community needs and industry trends.


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‌ Batavia Activity Recreation Center Business Plan. (2020). Batavia Park District.

Hillside Park Community Center Business Plan (2009). Fiscal Year 2009-10


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