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Community Resources – FEMA

Impacts of FEMA on health and safety needs of the local community.

FEMA has had a significant impact on the local community, especially on the education and training programs that they have put in place to support the people’s safety. The organization has been at the forefront to help patients and health care providers as they consider the health and the safety of every person as their top priority. The organization, in his doing, has managed to get the local state and federal government to work together in a common term, which is usually hard or achieved in struggle, to put the interest of the local people Infront. The organization is also partnering with the department of health and human service on the grounds that they all focus on addressing the needs of healthcare in the community. This helps bridge the gap on which the community members could reach the health and human service department, and also it boosts the effectiveness of the department in health service provision (FEMA, 2022). Through preservation, acceleration, expansion, and allocation, the organization has partnered with the medical team to ensure that the medical supplies and the needed equipment reach their destination on time. This partnership ensures that the health care service are high standards and eliminates chances of delays.

During this pandemic period, the organization has played an essential role in ensuring that the medical supplies reach their destination in time through prioritization and urgent resources have been supplied in time. As we are nearing normalcy, the organization has been of help in helping test the covid 19 to ensure that the safe reopening takes place and that there is no life in danger. An exciting effort by the organization was that they opened new alternate care centers to reduce pressure in the local hospital& (Haar, 2021). Additionally, the organization has a national distress line that has been made available to the local community. The organization also helps the community by looking at the prices of the drugs and preventing any hoarding that might occur when there are shortages of the needed medications.

Health promotion strategies by FEMA

FEMA’s mission is to reduce the loss of life and property. To also protect the institution from any disaster through the support of a risk-based emergency management program of mitigation, response, and recovery. Through this mission, the organization has had an impactful engagement with the community to improve the public health of the whole population. The organization has publicly come up with healthy public policies that are in play to protect the people’s general health. The mission is built on the ground that the organization supports the population’s safety through the protection of the environment. They have also come up with a strategy to reorient the health service because they want to protect people’s lives.

Health policies

The policies that govern the organization’s funding sources are that there exists pre and post-emergency and disaster projects. The funds are usually used under more critical cases, which will be carefully evaluated. There is jurisdiction on how and when the organization’s finances can be used, and these policies are the ones that keep the organization to be more effective and distinctive to achieve its mission. There are several policies to capture all worst scenarios, for instance, the state mitigation plan, local mitigation plan, and the tribal mitigation plan. These plans have a well-laid down procedure on how to handle the disaster.

Social justice principle of equity by FEMA.

In 2021 FEMA redefined equity to ensure healthy coordination in progress in the agency. The definition states that there will be an equitable and fair distribution of response to the survivors and the most affected in case of a disaster. The organization aims at helping people, and their first response will determine the disproportionality to capture equity by looking to the most vulnerable and marginalized in times of disaster (Peek). With this prince, the rate of loss of life will be reduced as the equity has been put in the center of the organization, and it is looking forward to being more resilient against disaster. These changes made by FEMA will primarily benefit the people of color marginalized communities as they will now get the responses that they deserve, and other Americans have been getting them all along.

The adopted definition requires that the organization assess equity to ethnicity, income, geographical locations, gender, race, and even the disabled community. The organization since 2021, when the definition came to be active, has affected principle in everything they do.

Communication strategies to promote population health by FEMA.

FEMA ensures that parallel communications enable coordination of the local, state, and federal governments together with the non-governmental organization. This government’s collaboration provides an effective disaster response; hence, it offers to support emergency management. The organization has installed, operates, and maintains telecommunication and logistics that help it effectively respond to a disaster. The organization has also segmented the communication, which supports the urgency in the organization’s mission and vision (Jung, 2018). Together with the community, the organization has enabled a system that connects local, state, and federal governments. The organization has also recently opened a social media account to enhance the response and recovery in times of disaster.


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