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Communication Strategy: Nike

Nike can improve its organizational productivity by achieving effective intercultural communication in its interactions with the stakeholders. The communication strategy that will enable the company to achieve the same is the multi-dimensional communication strategy. This initiative will aim to enhance strategic corporate communication within the organization.

The Strategy:

With the multi-dimensional communication strategy in place, the company will be rebranding the creative business ideas by making them appear smart and strategically sound through enhancing clarity while eliminating any instances of ambiguity. This is because the strategy is a reference plan for interactions with colleagues, managers, and clients who are basically from diverse cultural backgrounds (Liu et al., 2019). In this case, the multi-dimensional plan will ensure all parties involved provide adequate information, which will enhance the clarity of the message, ensure consistency is maintained, and prevent any form of ambiguity as far as the interpretation of the message is concerned.

Nike can implement the multi-dimensional communication strategy through a series of sequential steps. Firstly, it commences with identifying the purpose of the communication, i.e., what the company aims to achieve. Secondly, pointing out the targeted audience and then designing the message. The company will have to consider the resources available with the obstacles and emergencies in mind. The company can strategize how to link with the media to spread the designed message. The company can create an action plan with all links in place. In the case of Nike, the action plan will entail availing a variety of modes and platforms to facilitate interactions with parties from diverse cultural and geographical backgrounds.

Nike’s communications department is responsible for running, overseeing, and implementing the multi-dimensional strategy to ensure a strategic corporate image. The company has a department responsible for all sorts of communications. It plays a crucial role in establishing relations with consumers by coming up with approaches that will fuel creative processes, motivating the consumers, and luring them into making purchases (Liu et al., 2019). Corporate communication will thus ensure that the organization thrives.

The multi-dimensional strategy will enable Nike to reach a wide variety of critical audiences encompassing the employees, target consumers whom the company wants to convince into buying the products, members of the public, government officials, and other interest groups. Due to the cultural diversity, each group might have biased and conflicting opinions about the company, hence the need for the multi-dimensional communication strategy to prove them otherwise and thus enhancing its strategic corporate image.

Performance Indicators:

Determining the effectiveness of the multi-dimensional communication strategy is straightforward as it entails paying attention to the key indicators. The reason is that the indicators have a bearing on the established corporate image. For instance, one can tell if the target audience (consumers) changed their perspective about Nike’s corporate image by looking at the trends in the number of responses. They received it within the required timeline if they started responding in time. Furthermore, if the trends indicate that the targeted audience responds accordingly, they got the right message as designed. E.g., if Nike’s target consumers start purchasing their products in large numbers, it implies that they got positive information about the company’s strategic positioning and corporate image.


Liu, S., Zala Volčič, & Gallois, C. (2019). Introducing intercultural communication: global cultures and contexts. Sage.‌


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