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College Completion Rate in America


The rate at which college students in America drop out is alarming. Consequently, there is a need to find the reason for this and thus come up with solutions to ensure that this is not the case in the future. Therefore, an experiment to determine how many students have dropped out and why. Furthermore, the main reasons that led to this eventuality will be discussed in an attempt to come up with a solution that would see 100% completion among college students in America. The data used will be factual and thus can be projected to the population for predictions. This way, it will be possible to keep track of the progress made in dealing with this issue.


It is hurtful to see brilliant brains waste away because they have dropped out of college. These brilliant usually waste away because they waste their potential doing things that are not even worth half what they can do. Education is not easy as there are many things that a person needs to sacrifice to be successful. Therefore, the factors fostering students to drop out of college should be dealt with before they go out of hand. This way, the Nation and the students, in particular, will reap the most out of their hard work through the wages they are likely to get. On the other hand, the Nation will benefit from the work that these graduates do. The stabbing issue of dropping out of college should be reduced and dealt with to ensure that these dreams are achieved.

Opposing views

It is common to find those who criticize those who drop out of college without truly understanding their reasons. Many people claim that those who drop out usually have themselves to blame. This is because they think students drop out. After all, they are too lazy to complete; they are indisciplined or fail to work hard and thus register poor grades. Consequently, they look down upon those who have dropped out and, in some instances, stigmatize them. However, they should understand that many reasons and factors lead students to drop out, many of which they have no control over.

Literature Review

Several factors have impacted student college dropouts. Among them is that entry points and the general points average are low. Additionally, it is normal and logical that some courses and fields are more complex than others. It follows that courses such as engineering, natural sciences and mathematics have many students dropping out compared to other courses (Wild & Heuling 2020). This phenomenon can be attributed to the fact that these courses have many students failing when they are supposed to be passing to maintain the morale to keep studying.

The problem of students dropping out from college cannot be solely based on academic causes and financial causes alone. Some outlying situations and experiences cause the students to have no choice but to drop out(Devi 2020). The cultural and socio-economic factors are some of the major couses that face students from minority groups, thus forcing them to drop out.

It is important to realize the different implications that the economy faces due to college dropouts. The labor force is deprived of potential workers, thus straining those who are there—additionally, narrowing down the probability of the different factors and how they affect the rate of college dropouts and thus should be curbed(Vardishvili 2020). Therefore, it raises the need to make sure that these dropouts are kept at a minimum to minimize these effects on the economy.


The data present in this study are from those students who have dropped out of college. A regression model will test how the different factors are named to be among those that course students to drop out of college. Once all these factors have been included in the regression model, it is possible to test the significance of each model using the split design model. This way, we can contrast the factors to see which has impacted the most number of students who have dropped out(Wild & Heuling 2020). Consequently, the factors will be addressed from the highest to the lowest, thus coming up with solutions and recommendations to ensure that this is not the case anymore.

The respondents were based across the country. Social media questionnaire was used to reach as many of them as possible simultaneously. They were subjected to questionnaires about the reasons they dropped out of school. They were asked to choose one among several questions to encourage uniformity, thus making quantitative analysis easy. The authenticity of the data is based on the fact that those who have not or did not drop out of college had no business engaging in the questionnaire.

Experiment Data

A total of 500 responses were taken for the study. The sample is large enough to establish a pattern that would be projected to the whole population. Additionally, truncation on the data was conducted to make sure that the sample taken was gender-sensitive to eradicate the factor of gender. The chosen population was subjected to a questionnaire with five factors where they were asked to choose the one they identified with(Devi 2020). These factors included: financial factors, general point grade factors, indiscipline, cultural and socio-economic factors, and personal decisions.

The purpose of using the social media platform was to minimize the cost while at the same time reaching as many people as possible(Dixon & Linardon 2020). Additionally, the aim was to get representation from every part of America to ensure that the data was not biased.

Findings & Future study

According to my study, my findings show that many students drop out of college because of financial strain. College tuition fee is expensive and thus cannot be afforded by everybody. Many students opt to look for jobs and start earning rather than be patient to finish their studies(Vardishvili 2020). Following this is the issue of grades. Many students have a lot of things going on in their lives and thus don’t put 100% concentration on their studies which has cost a lot of them good grades. Therefore, recording poor grades destroy the morale of most of them, and thus they opt to drop out to look for other lucrative things to do.

The government should roll out financial support to college students to ensure that they are not burdened to the extent of dropping out of school(Dixon & Linardon 2020). Additionally, emphasizing working hard to make sure that students record good grades should be done by showing them the importance of performing well.

The rate of college students dropping out should be arrested when we still have the chance. In the future, it is important to study the different environments that students have right now to make sure that the learning environment evolves at the same pace as that of the world. This way, they will have an easy time adopting(Vardishvili 2020). However, it is important to realize that the rate of college dropout is not the only education issue. Therefore, there is a need for more studies to ensure that we find out all the things that hinder successful education.


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